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Happy Friday, everyone!

Well I survived another segment on KCCI. :)

Katie Ward (who’s back from maternity leave – love her!) and I made Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups with Mango Salsa, which I introduced in the segment as Thai Turkey Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Fail. That doesn’t even make sense. Other than that though, I think it went ok?!

Click here for the video >


After doing several of these segments I totally get why people on reality shows say they stop noticing the cameras after awhile. After the intro I seriously zone out while cooking and talking, then finally come to when I see a producer frantically waving her arms out of the corner of my eye to wrap it up, as I’m just babbling away. Oh blerg. ;)

At any rate, tell me you have some amazing plans for the weekend?! My Mom and I were supposed to setup a raised garden bed in the backyard, but we’re supposed to be back down in the 50s again with rain. I mean. It better clear up before next weekend because the FARMER’S MARKET starts next Saturday – wheee!

</lame weather talk>

TGIF, all, and please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites. :)

Favorite photo: New Zealand Style Pavlova. The colors! The fresh fruit! All the things!


Favorite frock: Floral Tank. I love the pretty design and long length of this tank. Great for summer.


Favorite sip: Texas Margaritas. Lemon lime margaritas with a sweet orange twist. Ahhhh, the ultimate refreshing drink.


Favorite RRR: Re Purposed Etched Glass Spice Jars. Take empty Starbucks drink bottles, and etch spice names onto the outside. So cute. :)


Favorite easy dinner: Creamy Ravioli with Peas and Salami. Confession: I adore salami. My Mom  bought it for my brothers and I all the time growing up, and I’d stack about 15 slices between soft, squishy white bread and chow down. Oh-so-yum!


Favorite funny: Grandparent’s Wedding Toast. You have to watch this video of grandparents who have been married for 72 years give wedding advice to their grandson, who’s about to tie the knot. HIGH-larious!


Favorite summer bite: Moist Blueberry Cake with Light Lemon Icing. Sweet, light, and summery.


Favorite place: Lighthouse Cove Cottage. I’m kind of obsessed with lake houses right now. How fun would it be to have an adorable, summer retreat like this?


Favorite edible art: Edible Rubik’s Cube. Um, stunning. I wish I had the patience to make something like this…


Favorite DIY: Homemade Corona Bottle Glasses. Corona bottles + yarn + fire = Corona Bottle Glasses. Do I dare give it a go?


Favorite inspiration. Every other day I threaten myself with chopping my hair short again. This picture keeps me going for the gold though!


Favorite no-bake bite: Mediterranean Garlic Wraps. Light, and garden-fresh.


Favorite look. Floral + gold + LEOPARD. I would never think to put all these together. Send help.


Favorite find: Pottery Barn Shelby Accessory Tower Dresser. I love old printer’s cabinet type furniture. This is amazing. But also like, $5,000,000.


Favorite flashback: Cassette iPhone Cover. Goll, I can’t even tell you how many cassette tapes I have in boxes at my parent’s house. I used to dub like a pro!


Favorite decadent dinner: Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken. Ohhhohoho, my gosh. I need this! Just once!


Favorite inspiration: Summer Arms Challenge. My arms inexplicably doubled in size the day I turned 27, nearly two years ago. Thinking about giving this challenge a whirl to show my metabolism who’s boss.


Favorite bite: Thai Chicken Bites. You know I love me some spicy Thai flavors. What a great looking meal.


Favorite Etsy find: Shut The Front Door Sign. So cute.


Favorite truth: Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Know. Fellow nearly 30 year olds: read this and nod the entire way through. Gosh, it’s all so true!


Favorite sweet: Cookie Butter Cookie Dough. Make edible raw cookie dough with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, or Biscoff Spread, then stud it with white chocolate chips. YES PLEASE! (Locals: FYI Trader Joe’s just got a new shipment of cookie butter in!)


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Have a fabulous weekend everyone! :D

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  1. love that summer arms challenge!

  2. LizAshlee 04.27.2012

    Amazing job on the segment…you are too cute! The wraps sounded awesome!!

  3. I miss KCCI!

    Love your Friday favorites!

    I’m off to Costa Rica for the week!

  4. MichelleR 04.27.2012

    My favorite of Friday Favorites, yet!! Love your blog and it is currently set as my homepage. Thanks for sharing. My weekend plans: heading to Fredericksburg, Texas for the Wine and Music Festival. Tonight I’m doing a wine pairing and food tasting. So excited! Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Gardening!

  5. Em 04.27.2012

    Way to go! You rocked it with the recipe on the news this morning. :)

  6. Emily 04.27.2012

    I’m totally with you on the summer arm challenge! Also, those Starbucks spice jars are the cutest. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. It’s so great that you’re on the morning show! So fun!

    That blueberry cake with lemon frosting looks amazing!!

  8. Emily 04.27.2012

    I look forward to your Friday posts! When they turn up in my Reader, I know it’s clock out time for me in my time zone too :) Thanks for sharing – especially that summer arms challenge – I need that! I was just making stuff up this past week, now I have some guidelines! Have a great weekend :)

  9. I’ve GOT to try TJ’s Cookie Butter. I went there a few weeks ago and they didn’t have it :( BTW, love the lake house…but I’d live there full time!

    • Jess 04.27.2012

      Biscoff spread is good too, and easier to find :)

      • Robyn 04.27.2012

        Biscoff spread is the bomb!!

  10. Kirsten B 04.27.2012

    Thanks for the linkup! I love your blog. Your Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Mac and Cheese is still one of my favorite recipes! :)

  11. Charlene Austin 04.27.2012

    Oh my word! You are just too adorable.

  12. Nancy 04.27.2012

    Enjoyed the Friday Favorites. I’m taking my mom to a local orchard just opening today for the season — strawberries are in season here!!! That Rubik’s Cube looks delicious, but putting it together would be really something to do. Have a great weekend.

  13. Kristin from MN 04.27.2012

    I am very excited to hear more about your raised garden plans! I am contemplating doing that in my backyard too. I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons of a traditional garden versus raised so I’m hoping you can provide insight! Do you know can you till a raised garden?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.27.2012

      Sadly I have no idea what tilling a garden is! Fail. :/ My Mom, the experienced gardener, will be my guide, and I’ll keep you posted on our progress!

  14. I would love to make poster prints out of the pictures of the Pavlova, Blueberry Cake, and Rubik’s Cube. They are so lovely, they make me hurt for summer! Happy weekend!

  15. OMG – i did the yarn, wine bottle fire thing 4 years ago w/my husband for an over the sink light…it worked on the 1st try..then the 5000 tries after didn’t. So we used the 1st one. :-) Good luck!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  16. Jen 04.27.2012

    Yum! Pavlova! My boss is a Kiwi (NZ native) and we are always asking him to bring it for our food days. :)

  17. Nicole G 04.27.2012

    Awesome job this morning, girl! I love that lake house dearly!!!

    And I have to ask, where did you find that cute orange shirt you wore in the segment? So pretty!

  18. Robyn 04.27.2012

    I love your Friday Favorites! It always give me something to make or try on the weekend! I just tried the yarn bottle trick, it was the coolest! I used a large Yellowtail bottle and to my surprise, I can use to top as a funnel!! The bottom made a very nice vase that I will use for Mother’s Day. I have a feeling a I going to be setting many bottles afire in the next few days! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Lauren 04.27.2012

    Thanks for the link! xoxo

  20. kellyo 04.27.2012

    Really good job on the cooking segment. You are a natural!

  21. Marie B. 04.27.2012

    As a grandma, I so enjoyed and appreciated the grandparents advice and toast for their grandson! I’ll have to keep that in mind for one of my grandchildren’s wedding! By the way, that floral tank would look great on you!

    Have a good weekend!

  22. Jeri 04.27.2012

    Please tell us more about your raised garden. My husband is thinking of doing one for me because where we were planning on putting a garden has a bunch of utility wires buried. GRRRR. I was so looking forward to fresh produce of my own this summer. We are still exploring options.

  23. Alyssa 04.27.2012

    Pavlova is truly delicious! I had it when I visited NZ :)

  24. Kelly 04.27.2012

    Amazing weekend plans? Of course! It’s prom weekend baby!!! I love, love, love your blog and that’s why I started one too!

  25. Celeste B. 04.28.2012

    I always love reading your Friday favorites. You can get some Coronita shot glasses here. Also other cool things made from booze bottles.

  26. I’m with you. To have a lake summer house would be a dream…or even live there year around would be fantastic!

  27. Claire K. 04.28.2012

    I like that Summer arms challenge. I did the first segment today. I made your Jamaican red beans and rice and it was delicious! We’ll see what my hubz has to say about it when he gets home from work, as he doesn’t care for beans.

  28. Amy 04.28.2012

    Great job on tv, you’re very natural, way to go!

  29. i have the SAME iPhone case! but i got it for free from a nice man at the laundromat! odd encounter, but fun i suppose!

    see it here:

  30. Great post once more! I really like the floral-gold-animal print detail! Bold!

  31. Dream Mom 04.28.2012

    Great job on the cooking segment! You definitely look more relaxed and comfortable and the food looked great. Your arms looked amazing and so tan! Jealous, lol.

  32. Claudia S. 04.28.2012

    Congratulations, Kristin!!! Such a delish recipe, wish summer would have last longer herea, in southern hemisphere. Now I’m so cooking your fall recipes from last year!

    You look so prety, btw!

  33. lisa 04.28.2012

    Oh Trader Joe’s cookie butter! Why you hide from me?? Sigh.

  34. Stephanie 04.29.2012

    That video of the grandparents is hilarious! You do so well on KCCI, and I LOVE your blouse!

  35. liz 04.30.2012

    Loved your KCCI video!! And I, too, can’t wait for the DSM farmer’s market on Saturday!! yay for fresh produce!

  36. Linda 04.30.2012

    I had to giggle at the article, Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Know
    I am well past that, and I think they should have an article, “What the heck to expect in your 30s, the things other women never tell you about.” Seriously I cannot believe the changes in my body, and you all in your mid-30s know what I am talking about.

  37. Jessica 05.01.2012

    Hi! in response to the etched glass bottles – which I thought was a neat idea… I had to take a 2nd look because at first I thought it was Uppercase Living…vinyl decals you can stick to your wall or just about anything – including bottles like this. It would be much easier than actually etching it. One of the color choices is ‘etched glass’ and looks just like this, but like i said much easier and customizable! Just thought I’d share. Check it out if you’ve never heard of it! (

  38. […] then, I saw this from […]

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