Friday Favorites + Custom Knife Block Giveaway


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Oh, hi – happy Friday! :)

Our gorgeous week is supposed to turn into an even more beautiful weekend, so I’m hoping to resurrect Ben’s and my summer routine of finding a cool spot to head out to, and explore in the next couple of days. Picnic in tow, perhaps? It’s been years since I’ve had a proper one!

I hope you’ve got something fun in the works too. In the meantime, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites, and don’t miss the custom knife block giveaway from a family member at the end of the post!

Favorite splurge: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake. I love the looks of this dense and fudgy peanut butter cake. YUM!


Favorite pooch: Baby Frenchie! CAN I TAKE HER HOME?!


Favorite sight: Peonies. Besides lilacs, peonies are one of my favorite things about spring/early summer, and they’re currently out in full, fragrant force around the neighborhood.


Favorite refresh: Peach Queen – A Magic Mocktail Recipe. Ginger ale + fresh OJ + fresh peach juice = the ultimate in refreshment.


Favorite funny. BAHAHAHA. Why?!


Favorite flavor: Key West Grilled Chicken. A fresh and super flavorful way to spice up plain ‘ol chicken.


Favorite find: Slim-Leg Crop from Land’s End. Soooo adorable, and from Land’s End. Land’s End!


Favorite twist: Margarita Bars. Totally getting into all the cocktail-themed desserts I’ve been seeing around the web these days.


Favorite tip: Brush pesky corn silk hairs off with a new, soft toothbrush. This is just genius. Those pesky hairs are the bane of my summer grilling existence!


Favorite frock: ASOS Multi-Colored Stripe Dress. Totally cute for a summer get together. Throw a cardigan on top for cooler nights!


Favorite travel find: On the Way App. Plug in your starting and ending destination, and this website will find a bunch of cool and kooky places to stop at along the way. This will make road trips so much more fun!


Favorite house: Queenstown Home. Hooooly buckets – you have to check out this house in Queenstown, New Zealand. Can you imagine waking up to this view every day?


Favorite ‘Q: Chicken Beer Sliders. Saucy, scrumptious, and perfect for a summer BBQ.


Favorite view. Are you smiling? Me too. :)


Favorite cocktail: Strawberry Watermelon Cooler. Meet ya’ on the porch swing with a couple of these, mmkay?


Favorite place: Stara Fuzina, Triglav National Park, Slovenia. This image was caught on an autumn day in Slovenia. Absolutely stunning.


Favorite Style: Manhattan Bedroom Makeover. I knew this was a cute, city apartment the second I saw the picture. Love the bright splashes of color to cheer up a small space.


Favorite weeknight meal: Spicy Chicken Rigatoni. Apparently this is a Buca Di Beppo copycat recipe. It looks incredibly creamy and satisfying.


Favorite nibble: Raspberry Lemon Scones. Perfectly light and nibbleable for summer. 8)


Favorite fun: “Where I’ve Been” Scratch Map. So, so, so cool! And great for kids, don’t you think?


Favorite reuse: 54 Uses for Binder Clips that Will Change Your Life. Ok, check these out. If you don’t have an a-ha moment, at least you’ll laugh! ;)


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Knife Block Giveaway

Ben and I were both lucky to marry into families whom we both adore – extended family included. Ben’s cousin, and our good friend, Jeff Faine, lives in Denver, CO where he owns his own furniture design studio called avenuetwo:design.


Jeff is an extremely talented designer and builder, and expertly hand crafts kitchens, bathrooms, wine racks, hutches, cabinets, and so much more.


He’s also building the kitchen and bathrooms in our future dream home. He just doesn’t know it yet. HA!


Recently Jeff built a beautiful, custom walnut knife block for Ben and me, and offered to build one for an IGE reader too. How sweet, right?!

Block3 Block2

The inside of the block is filled with wooden skewers to hold any type of knife without harming or dulling it, and is perfect to corral your collection in one place.


Enter to win a custom built knife block by leaving a comment guessing how many wooden skewers fit inside the knife block (inside dimensions are 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 9.25″) by Sunday, May 12 at 12PM central.

Good luck, and TGIF! :D

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  1. Mindy 05.12.2012

    I would guess 682 skewers.

  2. Kara 05.12.2012


  3. Barb 05.12.2012


  4. Sarah B. 05.12.2012


  5. Barbara Leckstein 05.12.2012


  6. Molly 05.12.2012

    i guess 900!

  7. Sarah 05.12.2012

    I am going with 891

  8. Heather 05.12.2012


  9. Candie 05.12.2012


  10. Kathy 05.12.2012


  11. Erin T 05.12.2012


  12. Amber 05.12.2012

    First, LOVE the Friday Favorites posts!!

    Second, I am going to go with….1300.

  13. Theresa 05.12.2012

    My guess is 1,147. Happy Friday!

  14. teresa 05.12.2012

    my guess is 1001

  15. Kathy Stroeh 05.12.2012

    930 skewers
    Great idea!!

  16. sara 05.12.2012


  17. lacey b 05.12.2012

    682! fingers crossed!

  18. Jill Sullivan 05.12.2012

    My guess….1024

  19. Melissa 05.12.2012

    1,246 :)

  20. Lisa Drinkert 05.12.2012

    I’m guessing…1213.

  21. Vicki F 05.12.2012

    I’m guessing 1,054 skewers inside that very slick looking knife block. Thanks for the opportunity and for a great post!

  22. Amy Steenhoek 05.13.2012


  23. Leslie 05.13.2012


  24. I’d say about 1080. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  25. Lisa K 05.13.2012


  26. Sarah L 05.13.2012

    I guess 1225. He does wonderful work!

  27. Megan Z. 05.13.2012

    My guess is 1800…what an awesome design!

  28. Jane 05.13.2012


  29. Jenn F 05.13.2012

    I’d say there are 1,015

  30. Nichole 05.13.2012

    I’ll guess 913

  31. Kim 05.13.2012

    My guess is 960

  32. Kat 05.13.2012


  33. Lauren 05.13.2012


  34. Christina 05.13.2012


  35. Kristen 05.13.2012

    9 knives

  36. steph 05.13.2012


  37. Michele 05.13.2012

    My guess would be 700

  38. Kelli 05.13.2012

    I’m making the margarita bars in honor of mothers day today! :) My guess is 967!

  39. ChristinaL 05.13.2012

    Great Friday faves post! I guess 1542 skewers.

  40. Ashley 05.13.2012


  41. Jeri 05.13.2012

    I’d quess about 1400 :)

  42. Shane 05.13.2012


  43. Elisabeth 05.13.2012

    My husband and I calculated 1020!

  44. Sandy in Iowa 05.13.2012


  45. Susan 05.13.2012


    Also, that bbq looks amazing!

  46. amy 05.13.2012


  47. Kathee McCright 05.13.2012


  48. Cait 05.13.2012


  49. Jill gentile 05.13.2012