Kitchen Decor Tour

Ben and I are not art critics, but we know what we like and have thusly decorated our home together in perfect harmony over the past four years, with photographs and prints that remind us of special times, events, people, and places we’ve been.

Ok, that’s a lie. If Ben had his way the walls would be filled with Space Monkey prints, so it’s basically up to me to decorate the place – save for the basement/man cave where monkeys roam free.

Anyway! Let me give you a little tour of what we’ve got goin’ on around here!

The geisha photographs by my favorite photographer Lisa Kristine hanging in the front entryway reminds me of my epic times in Japan.


While the hallway contains a print of a lonely kite flyer in an exaggerated Midwest setting that reminds me of home, and a photograph of a boat taken by a friend of mine in Thailand which encourages me keep traveling far.

DSC_1532 DSC_1533

Another one of my favorites is this Victorian-style postcard I picked up at the Laura Plantation and placed in an ornate frame. Not only was it inexpensive, but it also sparks the memory of Ben’s and my unforgettable trip to New Orleans a couple years ago, every time I pass by.

DSC_1515 DSC_1518

Things really start to get fun around the kitchen though! I spend so much time in here that I went a little crazy and filled it with funky pieces that I just love, including this cool spice plaque Ben got me for my birthday a few years ago from Roux Royale.


A beautiful, hand painted plate we picked out in Praiano’s famous pottery shop reminds me of our trip of a lifetime to Italy, while a giant spoon and fork hanging on the back wall serves as an awesome conversation piece.

DSC_1514 DSC_1509

Always looking to add a new, fun, and fresh element to the space, I was pumped when Jayna at Bellabyte – a graphic design artist whom I featured on Friday Favorites a few months back – offered to send me the modern kitchen tools print I had featured, AND extended the offer to one IGE reader!


I chose this bright and funky kitchen tools print, but Jayna is offering to give away any print in her shop, in any size, and any color. She has designs for every room in the house from the kitchen to the kids’s room, and even vintage-style art prints!


Enter to win one print from Bellabyte by tomorrow, Wednesday, July 18 at 4pm, by leaving a comment on this post telling me what color your kitchen is. I need some inspiration to paint the truly heinous orange left by the previous owners that I’ve been complaining about for, cough, 4 years, cough.

Good luck!

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  1. Katie 07.18.2012

    Being in an apartment, my kitchen walls are white. But I have livened things up with lots of yellow, purple and blue. I have one blank wall though that could really use some jazzing up!

  2. Jessica P. 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is a light beige/brown. We just moved in and I’m looking forward to add pops of brightness!

  3. Ali 07.18.2012

    Mine is a light gray with white wainscotting and accents in blue. My adjoining dining room is a dark gray with white accents so it looks very nice together.

  4. Misty 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is modern county as I’d like to call it :) So its a red wine color with tans, rustic oranges & some sage green

  5. Marcia 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is orange with green and yellow accents! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Renee 07.18.2012

    I think the popular choice would be to paint it a blue/grey. However my kitchen is a warm mustard and I love it!

  7. Sarah T. 07.18.2012

    Our kitchen is coffee themed so we have a mix of yellow, light orange and coffee brown mixed throughout! Love that print!

  8. Margaret 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is maize and a true blue.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I recently found your blog via a pin in pintrest and am loving it.

  9. Erin 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is bright yellow and red. My Nana always had a cheerful red kitchen and I have carried it on in all my kitchens.

  10. Jess S 07.18.2012

    Our walls are unfortunately white (apartment living!) but all the accents/decorations are in red and black.

  11. We rent a condo, so the kitchen is uber exciting eggshell off-white ;)

  12. Miranda 07.18.2012

    Terra Cotta

  13. Megan 07.18.2012

    My kitchen color is Cayenne Red by Behr. My cabinets are off-white and I have some vintage looking black and white pictures (coffee cup, salt, pepper,spoon, knife) hanging throughout.

    Megan :)

  14. Kristin from MN 07.18.2012

    I just repainted my kitchen shades of tan with an accent wall. On two walls I have a medium tan (jackson tan by BM), one wall is a lighter tan and my wall dividing the kitchen and living room is an orangey, red color (audubon russet by BM).

  15. Natalie Werts 07.18.2012

    My kitchen gets tons of natural light so I opted for a dark color, eggplant. I have white cabinets so it really pops!!

  16. Abigail 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is a nice deep grey. It’s great for lots of bright colored accent pieces.

  17. Kristin from MN 07.18.2012

    Where did you get the plate holder for your hand-painted plate from Praiano? I have a shallow hand-painted bowl from Mexico that I would love to hang up! Thanks!

  18. Noelle 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is a really pretty light coffee color. This print would be the perfect accent!

  19. katie 07.18.2012

    We just painted ours preserves–Its dark purple. Love it.

  20. Abby 07.18.2012

    Our kitchen walls are a very pale yellow. We haven’t painted anything in our house yet in the 3+ years we have lived there, I am definitely planning on changing that soon! Might have to start with the kitchen….

  21. Sarah 07.18.2012

    Mine are currently tan, but we are trying to work a sage green into. Painting is on our list of To Dos!

  22. Robin 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is a darker tan/gold? The color continues into the great room and informal dining as we didn’t know where to make a stopping point on the walls. Love your blog!

  23. Sara 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is COMPLETELY gutted at the moment! By this weekend it should be grey!

  24. Marnie 07.18.2012

    We JUST repainted our kitchen. We recently remodeled and decked out the kitchen with gorgeous brown/caramel colored cabinets from Ikea and then painted the walls an avocado green and grey. It looks amazing! Now if I only had a super awesome print to hang in my beautiful new kitchen…. :)

  25. Jean 07.18.2012

    Mine is an even more hideous red (it’s a rental). But I do like red (& yellow) kitchens. Just got to get the shade right!!!

  26. Katie 07.18.2012

    my kitchen is purple & yellow! :) it makes my time in the kitchen even more fun.

  27. Megan Joy 07.18.2012

    Unfortunately, just white. We still rent our house and can’t do much about it. But, I would love to have a yellow or orange color.

  28. Megan 07.18.2012

    Our kitchen is grey and black with bright red accents! I love it!

  29. indiansummer 07.18.2012

    I actually like the color of your kitchen!

    Ours is off-white for now, but I’ve actually been thinking of painting it a yellow-orange color, LOL, or very pale aqua.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Shannon 07.18.2012

    My kitchen was remodeled by the previous owners just before we moved in. I think it’s pretty funky and cute. The lower cabinets are a dark eggplant purple, the walls are the same as the living room (a peachy color with a bronze color “washed” over it), there is burnt peachy-orange bead-board as the back splash, and cream upper cabinets. The tile on the counter tops has brown colors, eggplant, burnt orange, tan– and it really ties all the kitchen colors together. Oh and the back splash behind the stove is a metal piece that is made to look like tiles, and has grapes embossed into the center (in a cute way… not cheesy)! Good luck re-doing your kitchen, I’m sure it will turn out great!

  31. Kathleen R 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is painted a boring tan color, but it is fun because it is a blank canvas! We have black accents and tons of ‘fun’ things that are only appropriate in a space as fun as the kitchen.

  32. Shari 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is a sunny yellow which makes it bright no matter what the season or weather!

  33. Krystal 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is beige/browns and most neutrals…just moved in so still deciding what to do!

  34. Mine is white so I need something to fancy it up!

  35. Ann 07.18.2012

    When you first look the walls are what has been called the color of “puddy” but when you get into the kitchen there largest wall is bright romance red! It makes me happy to have the color, and my husband happy it isn’t too loud from the rest of the house.

  36. Jessica 07.18.2012

    We rent a house, so our current walls are a yellowish-cream (which is a nice break from the traditional white). In my dream home, however, I would love some light green walls (kinda like the “yellow-green” that was in the traditional Crayola 24-pack), with a lot of natural light, white cabinets and pops of color.

  37. Lori 07.18.2012

    Our kitchen is red with dark gray tiled floors. It is too dark for my taste but was well done by the previous owners and it looks nice.

  38. Jenn H 07.18.2012

    We are leaving a cantaloupe colored kitchen (that oddly, I love) and about to try to make peace with some ridiculous wallpaper that is yellow and pink. Wish us luck!

  39. Rachel F 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is white with black/white tiled floors. It needs some sprucing up!

  40. Kari 07.18.2012

    Actually my kitchen walls are a warm Terracotta, but it’s wearing on me after 5 years. So I’m thinking the next color is going to be something in the muted grey/green family. Something understated, cool, and easily accessorized.

  41. Nicole 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is painted latte… which matches the rest of the open concept dining/living room. I want to paint it a different color, but I’m waiting to do a backsplash first and go from there.

    We built 3 years ago and I had no idea what to paint it so we went boring…

  42. Jill Huettich 07.18.2012

    Love your decorations! My kitchen is a pale yellow.

  43. Kim B 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is a dark sage color

  44. Tiphaney 07.18.2012

    Oh, I hear you on the new kicthen front… I am begging and pleading to have my kicthen redone at this very time. I am hoping to paint my kitchen Olympic Mountain Mint… I know random color but honestly I based my color idea off of Tiffany & Co. I just feel with white cabinets that color will really give my kitchen a zen feeling.
    Also, just recently picked up a can of spray paint to start my kitchen remodeling by painting my stand-up mixer ;O) Hoping that will convince the hubby to let me remodel the rest of the kitchen
    Best OF luck

  45. Rhonda 07.18.2012

    I’m looking for paint colors in the kitchen too! Currently all of the walls are the plain jane BORING off white. DRAB! The kitchen extends to the dining room and is a brighter version of the same heinous orange you want to get rid of! I know exactly how you feel about that orange.

  46. Yvonne G. 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is builder tan. We just moved into our new house, so we need decorating ideas.

  47. Tracy 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is a straw/mustard/goldish color. I like it ok. It’s pretty neutral so I’ll probably keep it that way for a long while and accessorise with color.

  48. Sarah 07.18.2012

    My husband and I bought our home and did some extensive remodeling 3 years ago. The last room to be painted was the kitchen. 3 years and 2 babies later, our kitchen is still only partialy painted! Most of the kitchen is white, and only a small amount of wall space is painted a yellow-tan color (the same color as the living and dining areas).

  49. Paige 07.18.2012

    Love that print! I am moving in a couple of weeks so my kitchen color options are totally open. A new print for my tiny space would be perfect to build inspiration from!

  50. Allyson Smith 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is currently a green/blue color, but i’m hoping to paint it a lighter green in the future. (and paint my cabinets too!)

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