Kitchen Decor Tour

Ben and I are not art critics, but we know what we like and have thusly decorated our home together in perfect harmony over the past four years, with photographs and prints that remind us of special times, events, people, and places we’ve been.

Ok, that’s a lie. If Ben had his way the walls would be filled with Space Monkey prints, so it’s basically up to me to decorate the place – save for the basement/man cave where monkeys roam free.

Anyway! Let me give you a little tour of what we’ve got goin’ on around here!

The geisha photographs by my favorite photographer Lisa Kristine hanging in the front entryway reminds me of my epic times in Japan.


While the hallway contains a print of a lonely kite flyer in an exaggerated Midwest setting that reminds me of home, and a photograph of a boat taken by a friend of mine in Thailand which encourages me keep traveling far.

DSC_1532 DSC_1533

Another one of my favorites is this Victorian-style postcard I picked up at the Laura Plantation and placed in an ornate frame. Not only was it inexpensive, but it also sparks the memory of Ben’s and my unforgettable trip to New Orleans a couple years ago, every time I pass by.

DSC_1515 DSC_1518

Things really start to get fun around the kitchen though! I spend so much time in here that I went a little crazy and filled it with funky pieces that I just love, including this cool spice plaque Ben got me for my birthday a few years ago from Roux Royale.


A beautiful, hand painted plate we picked out in Praiano’s famous pottery shop reminds me of our trip of a lifetime to Italy, while a giant spoon and fork hanging on the back wall serves as an awesome conversation piece.

DSC_1514 DSC_1509

Always looking to add a new, fun, and fresh element to the space, I was pumped when Jayna at Bellabyte – a graphic design artist whom I featured on Friday Favorites a few months back – offered to send me the modern kitchen tools print I had featured, AND extended the offer to one IGE reader!


I chose this bright and funky kitchen tools print, but Jayna is offering to give away any print in her shop, in any size, and any color. She has designs for every room in the house from the kitchen to the kids’s room, and even vintage-style art prints!


Enter to win one print from Bellabyte by tomorrow, Wednesday, July 18 at 4pm, by leaving a comment on this post telling me what color your kitchen is. I need some inspiration to paint the truly heinous orange left by the previous owners that I’ve been complaining about for, cough, 4 years, cough.

Good luck!

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  1. Allison 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is your favorite color – ORANGE! Haha. Actually, I must admit, that is a pretty atrocious color in your kitchen. My orange is more of a rusty color.

  2. Crystal 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is tan right now, but I hope to switch it up soon!

  3. Jody Dummer 07.18.2012

    Hi Kristin
    Our kitchen is a very neutral tan. To bring in color I’ve hung plates (similar to yours from Praiano)of all my adventures, above the kitchen cabinets on 3 of the 4 walls.

  4. Amanda 07.18.2012

    The color of my kitchen is white, but I have red and black sprinkled in there with various appliances and tools. One day I’ll be brave enough to paint!

  5. Liz 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is a medium khaki color – not too dark and not too light and not as boring as all khakis. :) It provides a great backdrop for all of our fun art!

  6. Andy Green 07.18.2012

    Tan at them moment but will be changing up soon.

  7. Melissa 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is brown with red accents!! Love the print!

  8. Jen 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is appropriately painted Latte by Sherwin Williams. I love it because it is a neutral beige/taupe and it goes with everything I choose to hang on it!

  9. Whitney 07.18.2012

    Our kitchen is a light yellow. It’s very calming and inviting and the pictures and items we hang really stand out on it.

  10. Sarah 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is a bright lime green and white.

  11. Carla 07.18.2012

    My kitchen is barn red. I’ve had it this color for way too long, but I really do like it and would have a hard time swapping it out for something else.

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  13. […] morning I woke up early to put the decor back on the walls, and get to everything I hadn’t done all weekend – laundry, […]

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