Daily Escape – The Great Blue Hole


The Great Blue Hole located in Belize’s Lighthouse Reef is considered to be one of the Top 10 diving destinations in the world. At 1/4 mile across and, gulp, 400 feet deep, I can’t help but curl my toes at the thought of swimming out into the center!


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  1. Mollie 07.27.2012

    I soooo want to go here someday!

  2. Kelly V. 07.27.2012

    I went several years ago & it was beautiful … and I was just snorkeling! Probably the best site I’ve ever been to, we went twice in the week :)

  3. Diana 07.27.2012

    My friends and I went to Belize after graduating from college. This was my first scuba diving trip and it was absolutely amazing! I would love to go back!

  4. tom h. 07.27.2012

    This is on my bucket list…but I don’t think swimming in it would do it justice. I would most definitely need to see it from above, via helicopter or plane (or hot air baloon, perhaps??) tour!

  5. Trisha 07.27.2012

    Yep. We were supposed to go here on our honeymoon to Playa del Carmen. Belize is a 4-hour drive but we were advised no to make the trip due to the crime at the border. :( Next time for sure!

  6. Stephanie 07.28.2012

    I think they did this on the bachelor!! Super fun, beautiful.

    So glad to see you on TV, I follow your blog and you really have great ideas. You should get PAID to do this!

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