Daily Escape – Outer Banks, NC


Ben and I have been talking about renting a house with family in North Carolina’s Outer Banks next summer. With amazing properties, fishing, water sports, golf (for Ben!) light houses, and wild horses running on miles of sandy beaches, it’ll be hard to wait another year to go!


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  1. shutupandrun 07.31.2012

    I’ve spent a lot of time at the Outer Banks (Corolla) – it is one of my favorite places in the world. Not very built up, miles and miles of beaches. Renting a house with 8-10 people is the way to go. Splurge and go ocean front!

  2. Our family loves Ocracoke! It is quiet, you can ride bicycles, has a great little coffee shop, and a beautiful lighthouse!

  3. tom h. 07.31.2012

    Yes. I know I’ve mentioned it to you in the past, but if you guys ever need any tips or advice, Missy and I are more than willing to help out! I grew up going on vacations to the OBX, and Missy has been a few times as well now too. I LOVE Duck (less built up as well), but we’ve also stayed in Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills. But there are so many other choices as well…I’m sure you’ll find something that fits your tastes!

  4. Laura 07.31.2012

    Popping up from lurkerville to say the OBX are fantastic, and when you go, you MUST eat at Kill Devil Grill. It is fantastic, fresh food. A couple times a year, my boyfriend and I drive down from Norfolk (90 minutes away) solely to have lunch there, then drive home. It’s that good.

  5. Seaside Vacations 07.31.2012

    Hi Kristin.

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  6. Yayy!! Finally a Daily Escape where I have actually been :)

  7. Lori H 07.31.2012

    Love the OBX! If you go, you need to go to Tortuga’s Lie. A dive restaurant frequented by locals on the beach road near Milepost 11, I think. Yum! The Bite of the Day is wonderful.

  8. Chelsea Robbins 07.31.2012

    OBX is everything you said and so much more! I have been going every year since I was a kid and have stayed in all different places. Kitty Hawk/Nags Head/Kill Devil Hills is my personal favorite because it is right in close near the restaurants and stores but the beaches are still not crowded. I second what another poster said about Kill Devil Grill, I was in the OBX last week and we made sure to stop there for the awesome greasy burgers and fries eaten outside. Renting wave runners from Kitty Hawk Watersports is a MUST, but go to the one up at the Tim Buck II shopping center.

    I have spent 22 summers there and love it, would not think of vacationing anywhere else!!! It is still really nice and the water is warm through the end of September at least (plus the houses are cheaper) so you might still be able to fit a visit in for this year! I just got home from there Friday and am already trying to find a long weekend in September to go back…

  9. dawn 07.31.2012

    Check out “the lost colony” (outdoor thaeter), a winery (carolina is know for their scupernog (spelling questionable)) wine, so yum…and my resturant pick while there is “the brewing station”….awesome food and beer of course wth a local laid back atmosphere with live music on many nights!

  10. Guess where I’m on vacation right now…?! yup. You guys definitely have to come down here and check out the OBX. I’ve been coming here since I was a kid and still can’t get enough! Third visit this summer actually ;) If you need any tips on must0visits while you’re here you better let me know girl, I’ll definitely help you out! :)

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