Daily Escape – Mykonos, Greece


In the words of the photographer Gaye Gerard:

“It’s [Mykonos, Greece] like walking through a painting where your camera becomes the brushes as you get lost in the quaint colorful laneways and streets. Red and magenta bougainvillea flow off the balconies and contrast with the crisp white-and-blue domed houses.”



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  1. Omg I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Mykonos. It is at the top of my dream destination list ever since I read about it in some teen fiction novel when I was probably in 9th grade (maybe it was the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants? I know they go to Greece in that book, but I can’t remember if it’s Mykonos. I digress…) Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to go there :)

  2. Aghh I love Mykonos! I went there for a girls trip about 5 years ago and fell in love. Seeing your great photo makes me miss it.

  3. I want to go there so bad!!!!!

  4. mykonos really is that breathtakingly beautiful. everywhere you turn is postcard-quality sights (same for santorini). get there one day, you wont regret it!

  5. Rachel 08.16.2012

    Girl, get yourself to those Greek Isles! You will fall in love with every single bit of them :)

  6. Kristen 08.16.2012

    Was just in Mykonos on my honeymoon in June. It really does lend itself to postcard-worthy pics. Wonderful baklava that was swimming in honey, and honey ball/fried donuts that were made fresh for us. To Santorini next!

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