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Happy Friday, all!

Another week gone in the blink of an eye – I can’t believe December starts tomorrow! With it comes the kickoff of my 4th (!) annual Month of Holiday Giveaways (excited to share some awesome products with you this year) and my favorite holiday of the year, Christmas, which will be here before we know it.

In preparation, my Mom and are heading up to Minneapolis tomorrow morning for our annual mother/daughter trip to the Mall of America, to get all of our holiday shopping done in one fell swoop. My brothers and I decided to do a sibling swap this year – each sibling picks another sibling + their spouse, if applicable, out of a hat to get a gift for rather than buying 5+ gifts for everyone, which helps. Time to focus on the babies of the family, you know?

I’ll be working furiously today to get all my duties done before we hit the road. I hope you’ve got some fun plans in the works too, and in the meantime, ENJOY your day, and please also enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite treat: White Chocolate Peppermint M&M Cookies. Two of my faves – white chocolate and peppermint – in one cookie! Love the chewy, gooey center too.

Favorite fashion: J. Crew Crystal Collar Herringbone Sweater via JWK Style. Preppy perfection! I hope it comes back in stock soon.

Favorite foodie gift: Boiled Apple Cider Syrup. If you pass on Puppy Chow (which, don’t,) try giving homemade Apple Cider Syrup for holiday gifts. Looks really yummy, and easy too.

Favorite bite: Antipasto Skewers. I am so drooling over these – the perfect salty bite.

Favorite find: Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots. I have been lusting after these boots for about 3 years now. Think I’m going to pick up a pair at Nordy’s this weekend!

Favorite app: Shrimp & Chorizo Bites. Totally craving 2-bite apps this week, obviously! :)

Favorite place: Knaresborough, England. Knaresborough is a historic market and spa town in North Yorkshire, England, located on the River Nidd. How perfectly quaint!!

Favorite breakfast: Peanut Butter Cookie Oatmeal. Love the beautiful, simple presentation of this yummy oatmeal, which I bet just melts in your mouth.

Favorite furball. Dad! DAD! Let’s go play! ;)

Favorite slurp: Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili Soup with Bacon. This sounds PERFECT!

Favorite spot. Sigh! So cozy. :)

Favorite dunk: Make it Mine Cheddar Dip. An easy base recipe for Velveeta-free cheese dip, with a ton of different variations to jazz it up. YUM!

Favorite fitness: Tracy Anderson Arms. Attempting this workout this afternoon – I don’t know if I’m more excited, or scared.

Favorite fresh: Fruit, Nut, and Goat Cheese Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette. I almost made something similar this week…then made Puppy Chow instead. HA! Looks so delish. :)

Favorite style. I’d rock every piece of this outfit.

Favorite sip: Boozy Salted Caramel Mocha. Oh yeah! Definitely keeping this on file for cold, winter nights.

Favorite flavor: Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies. December marks the busiest cookie-baking month of the year. These babies are at the top of my list!

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  1. I can’t decide if I like to boozy salted caramel mocha or the apple cider syrup better- both sound amazing!

  2. Those salted caramel chocolate chip cookies are calling my name!! YUM! I’m currently living in MPLS – enjoy the Mega Mall :)

  3. Kristina 11.30.2012

    If this is your first time doing a Tracy Anderson workout, you will not make it straight through! Don’t beat yourself up when your arms start to feel like wet noodles a couple of minutes in!
    I have her post-pregnancy workout and it has a brief arm segment. Love the whole workout! Well, now I do anyway. :)

  4. That Favorite Spot looks sooo cozy…talk about a dream home!

    I cannot wait to make (and EAT!) those cookies..yum :)

  5. Brie 11.30.2012

    I have been absolutely OBSESSED with all things salted caramel lately, so those cookies caught my eye.

    Proof of my addiction:

  6. Lori 11.30.2012

    How do you find so many great Friday favorites? Impressive!
    Have fun up here in the Twin Cities this weekend. The weather will be great!
    We also draw names in our family for Christmas gifts among siblings/in-laws and it makes it sooo much easier. We also have 11 nieces and nephews so had to start just buying for the godchildren as it was getting a little out of control (and expensive!)

  7. Ginny 11.30.2012

    Those Carmel chocolate chip cookies look amazing!

  8. Jack 11.30.2012

    Headed to Minneapolis and IKEA this weekend. Can’t promise not to reenact the escalator scene from Soapdish if a sighting occurs.

  9. Now I’m craving me some cookies! I don’t know which ones I want first…the salted caramel or the peppermint white chocolate. Love the puppy picture! Have fun shopping!

  10. Amy 11.30.2012

    Have fun in Bloomington,MN at the Mall of America! Try to stop at IKEA—-so close and so many great things too!

  11. Alyssa 11.30.2012

    I bought the Joan of Arctic boots last year after seeing them on your page! I’m a midwest gal myself and these babies are totally up to the task. Warm, sturdy and totally adorable. I can’t wait for the first big snowfall so I can break them out again this year!

  12. Kate@Framed Cooks 11.30.2012

    Thanks so much for including my little antipasto skewers in this glorious post! Between the salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. the boozy caramel mocha and the ADORABLE puppy picture my head is just spinning with happiness! Happy Friday. :)

  13. Ed 11.30.2012

    Wicked bulldog pic—-sooo cute!

  14. Lainey Stahle 11.30.2012

    That Tracy arm workout is seriously the hardest arm workout ever…arms were sore for a week! Never knew you could work your arms like that without weights!!! Kristen will you be doing a holiday workout challenge this year? I always enjoy your posts about it….

  15. Jill 11.30.2012

    MOA has really stepped up their game in the last year or two, some really good stores have gone in! Welcome back to Minne :)

    Pinning those cookies! Definite keepers.

  16. Molly 11.30.2012

    1. Go eat at Masu (the new sushi restaurant) when you are at MOA. You WILL NOT regret it!
    2. I am in love with my Sorels I got last year. The one perk of lots of snow in Minnesota :)

  17. I LOVE the fireplace photo, so cozy indeed!! Have a fun trip to MOA!!!

  18. Erin 11.30.2012

    enjoy the MOA! smart move coming up in early december, as a local i avoid it like the plague after that! (and those sorels are amazing…i want some classics so bad.)

  19. Tommy 11.30.2012

    Funny that you mention the sibling gift swap…this is the first year we’re going that route as well! With seven sibs/significant others, the shipping costs get pretty outrageous. Great minds think alike I guess ;) Safe travels to MOA!

  20. I don’t know how you manage to find all these week after week!! So good! I especially love the looks of that jalapeno popper soup and velveeta-free cheese dip! Maybe I’m a little hungry :P

  21. Trisha 11.30.2012

    The Sorels & the salted caramel cookies WILL be mine this weekend. It’s my birthday weekend soooo, I do what I want. ;)

  22. Molly 11.30.2012

    Those Sorel boots. Those.Sorel.Boots. They haunt me. I passed up on a pair last spring at an outlet store. They were 75% off. I know! What was I thinking?? I think it was 60 degrees out and I couldn’t imagine wearing them right then and I am A FOOL. Sigh.

  23. Kristina 11.30.2012

    awwww, PUPPY!

    salted caramel on and in EVERYTHING, please.

  24. Bek @ Crave 11.30.2012

    That outfit is so you! Defs rock it ;) Um those last cookies, drooling..

  25. I absolutely LOVE those boots, but sadly I no longer live in the Midwest.. I don’t think I could rock those in Florida :(

  26. Maria 11.30.2012

    Thanks for featuring our cookies! Wish I could share them with you! xo

  27. julia 11.30.2012

    the tracy anderson arm workout is awesome! i love how you don’t have to count reps, no weights are required you & can just follow along … killer tho!


  28. Kristen 11.30.2012

    Must. Make. Cookies. My husband did not disagree :) Thanks for sharing, I love the Friday Favs

  29. Peanut butter cookie oatmeal? Yummmm!

  30. Wendy 12.01.2012

    I live 20 minutes away from Knaresborough in Harrogate. It is beautiful and I’m quite sad to be moving back to the states next year!! I love the states, just not ready to leave all the beauty and history!

  31. Kara D 12.01.2012

    I love those Sorel boosts! How was the arm workout?

  32. I miss MOA! But, ironically, not this time of year! I always tried to go in the middle of a week day when I was going to school in the cities.

    PS. Just busted out that arm workout and now I’m a little shaky! Thanks for the great video!

  33. Erin 12.02.2012

    I have the sorrel Joan of Arctic boots-it is going into my 3rd winter w/ them and they will not disappoint. They look every bit as good this year as the day I bought them. I wear them a lot in the snow, not just for style like my uggs-so they have taken some abuse. I live in Northern NY and we get a long, hard winter. Love mine:)!

  34. Foodess 12.03.2012

    Thank you for the shout out, Kristin!! :-)

  35. Kristen Waby 12.03.2012

    You are my hero with the white chocolate recipe. I’m so making these for my cookie exchange! Love you Friday Favorites series, I look forward to it every Friday!

  36. […] help but keep my eyes peeled for a few items I’ve been eyeing online, including my beloved Sorel Joan of Arctic boots, which I spotted from 50 yards away as we were coming down the escalator at Nordstrom’s! I […]

  37. This week was particularly amazing with favorites!

  38. Megan 12.03.2012

    Friday Favorites have become my new favorite thing about Fridays! You always find such great things!

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