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Ok I know I use the word “ultimate” a lot, but seriously, this giveaway pretty much defines the term. This Ultimate Blue Diamond Almonds Giveaway is HUGE!

I’d say I really got into almonds in 2012. I’ve always read that almonds are a good snack to have around for, well, snacking, but never really made the leap for whatever reason. Now I can’t keep my hands off of ’em and Ben and I keep at least 3 different kinds in the house at all times for variety’s sake.

I really like almonds because they’re so satisfying. I could eat an entire bag of chips, but am good with 1 handful of almonds. WINNING! Anyways, prepare to join the almond-lover’s club, because one reader is going to win this entire prize package, including:

BOLD Almond Gift Pack (6oz containers)

  • Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds
  • Habenero Barbeque Almonds
  • Jalapeo Smokehouse Almonds
  • Lime ‘n Chili Almonds
  • Salt n Vinegar Almonds
  • Honey Dijon Almonds

Almond Variety Pack (6oz containers): 

  • Toasted Coconut Almonds
  • Whole Natural Almonds
  • Rosemary & Black Pepper Almonds

Oven Roasted Gift Pack (8oz containers): 

  • Oven Roasted Butter Toffee Almonds (8 oz container)
  • Oven Roasted Dark Chocolate Almonds (8 oz container)

*** PLEASE NOTE: the widget may take up to a minute to load and may not work in Internet Explorer. Winners are chosen randomly via Random.org and will be contacted directly via email. ***

Enter to win The Ultimate Blue Diamond Almonds Giveaway by clicking on the “+1″ button then clicking “Enter” by 11:59pm central time on Saturday, December 29. Good luck!

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  1. Amy M 12.28.2012

    Trying to figure out how long these almonds would last in our house…..uhhhhhh, not very long!

  2. Good think we don’t have to pick a prize pack because I don’t think I’d be able to make up my mind!

  3. Erin 12.28.2012

    my husband would totally steal all of these and keep them in his car for his work trips haha. i would maybe see one tin!

  4. kimi 12.28.2012

    i had no idea there were so many different flavors! i’m currently hooked on a combo of raw almonds and cocoa roasted. mmmmmm.

  5. Sara 12.28.2012

    I got into almonds this year as well. Didn’t realize that Blue Diamond had so many different varieties! Will have to keep my eyes peeled next time I go to the store :)

  6. Lindsey 12.28.2012

    Ooh those are delish!

  7. I loooove almonds and am totally with you on how they fill you up. Such a better snack than a bag of chips or cookies :)

  8. Amy 12.28.2012

    love this giveaway! Almonds are great and especially happy with Blue Diamond brand.

  9. Elle 12.28.2012

    Dark chocolate roasted almonds…I may have just died and gone to heaven. Must find out where to buy them!

  10. ErikaMC 12.28.2012

    That is totally the “ultimate” giveaway. I love the dark chocolate ones. The black pepper rosemary ones sound really good too.

  11. StarvingBitch 12.28.2012

    I hope there is still a Friday Round up. I love them!

  12. Yum! I like the chocolate dusted ones!

  13. Susan 12.28.2012

    Blue Diamond’s flavors are always just right, not overwhelming. I’ve been looking for the Salt ‘n Vinegar for months; they’re my daughter’s favorite flavor.

  14. The toasted coconut is my new favorite! I buy them almost weekly they are so good!

  15. tammigirl 12.28.2012

    How terrible is it that I know I would hide some of these if I won them?

    Almonds! What an amazing thing to giveaway/win!

  16. Lena 12.28.2012

    Love almonds, what a great giveaway!

  17. This is seriously an epic giveaway. Almonds are so good!!

  18. Candy 12.28.2012

    Just got the hubby hooked on raw almonds a while back…would love to try the dark chocolate! Thanks for an awesome give-away.

  19. Andréa 12.28.2012

    We love Almonds! They are the of choice in our home.

  20. Sandy w 12.28.2012

    Omg. These almonds all sound delicious. What a great give away.

  21. nosogirl 12.28.2012

    butter toffee! really? sounds delish!

  22. theresa 12.28.2012

    what’s not to love about any of these almond options?!?!?

  23. Sarah 12.28.2012

    Love the dark chocolate over almonds.

  24. Laurel 12.28.2012

    Wow, this really is the “ultimate” giveaway! I was hooked on the wasabi and soy sauce almonds when I was pregnant; they are unbelievable! In would love to try the other flavors, I bet the lime and chili flavor is awesome!

  25. ColleenB. 12.29.2012

    What a great variety
    Thank you for this opportunity

  26. Donna 12.29.2012

    Sounds great! and a fun way to mix it up with a healthy snack :)

  27. Would love to win this! Happy New Year to you!

  28. Kristina 12.29.2012

    The Wasabi and Soy almonds were my saving grace while I was on Atkins! Totally replaced chips for me. I need to get my hands on the salt and vinegar now – havent’ seen that one yet!

  29. Oh, man…this is a GOOD one!! I hope I get super lucky and win! ;)

  30. Maria W. 12.29.2012

    I’d love to try toasted coconut almonds. Thanks for a nice giveaway!

  31. Tracie Trump 12.29.2012

    Rosemary black pepper almonds sound delish, tracietrump@yahoo.com

  32. Cathy 12.29.2012

    Does this count as entering? I love the cocoa ones,

  33. Lisa 12.29.2012

    Have you tried using almond flour (meal) rather than wheat flour in recipes? I’m finding it to be an pretty good low-carb substitute. Almonds are the best!

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