Lazy Girl’s Ravioli Lasagna


Lazy Girl’s Ravioli Lasagna uses frozen cheese ravioli in place of boiled noodles and cheese filling. Total time saver, and nobody will know the difference!

Lazy Girls Ravioli Lasagna via Iowa Girl Eats

Growing up I had the same hobbies and interests as other kids my age like dance, soccer, reading, gymnastics and the like, as well as some, well, nontraditional hobbies.

Hobbies like collecting anythingandeverythingrubberstamps in herds of caboodles, including one just for my embossing powders which you could sprinkle over wet-stamp ink, then hold over a hot burner causing it to melt and solidify into a 3-D shape of the stamp. Yeeeah.

Lazy Girls Ravioli Lasagna via Iowa Girl Eats

Hobbies like imagining different career paths for myself than researching everything I could to learn more about them. FYI if you ever need to know what it takes to become an astronaut-dentist-phone switch operator at the White House, I’m your woman.

Lazy Girls Ravioli Lasagna via Iowa Girl Eats

Hobbies like writing fan mail to “celebrities” like the Queen of England, Arsenio Hall, and, wait for it, Dave Coulier from Full House. Uncle Joey! Like, couldn’t I have at least written to hunky Uncle Jesse? And Arsenio Hall? What did I even say in his letter? I like your fist pump??

LazyGirls Ravioli Lasagna via Iowa Girl Eats

The craziest part is that “they” all wrote back. That’s right, I definitely had signed headshots of Uncle Joey, Arsenio, and the Royal Family taped to my closet door, right next to Jonathon Taylor Thomas and Kirk Cameron. Didn’t you?


Anyway, I have a new fan letter to write, and it’s addressed to Lazy Girls Ravioli Lasagna. The letter shall read something like this:


Dear Lazy Girls Ravioli Lasagna, Hi. My name’s Kristin, and I’m your biggest fan. The way you layer marinara sauce, frozen ravioli, seasoned ground beef, and cheese, then come out tasting like I slaved over a traditional lasagna all day tickles me pink.


See, lasagna is one of my favorite comfort foods, but sometimes I just to don’t wanna take the time to boil a box of noodles, mix up a batch of cheese filling, then get all messy layering everything together. Your muss and fuss-free shortcut of using frozen cheese ravioli to bypass these steps is not only time saving, but absolutely delicious.


Nobody knew the difference and I took all the credit. You’re the best.


Write back soon! Love, IGE

Lazy Girls Ravioli Lasagna via Iowa Girl Eats

Lazy Girl’s Ravioli Lasagna


Lazy Girl's Ravioli Lasagna uses frozen cheese ravioli in place of boiled noodles and cheese filling. Total time saver, and nobody will know the difference!


  • 1lb lean ground beef
  • garlic salt
  • pepper
  • 24oz marinara sauce
  • 1-1/2lbs frozen mini cheese ravioli (Do not thaw. Could use normal sized ravioli)
  • 6oz shredded mozzarella cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Brown ground beef in a large skillet over medium-high heat, seasoning with garlic salt and pepper, until no longer pink. Drain then return to the skillet and set aside.
  2. Spread 1/4 cup marinara sauce in the bottom of an 8x8 baking dish. Add 1/3 the frozen ravioli, ground beef, sauce, and cheese. Repeat layers two more times.
  3. Cover with a sheet of non-stick sprayed foil then bake for 1 hour. Remove foil then bake for 10 more minutes, or until cheese is golden brown and bubbly.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,

Lazy Girls Ravioli Lasagna via Iowa Girl Eats

Hearty, easy, and so, so yummy!

Lazy Girls Ravioli Lasagna via Iowa Girl Eats

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  1. Lauren 01.22.2013

    Haha I’m cracking up right now as you take me down memory lane.. Caboodles! JTT! Full House! My daily wardrobe consisted of stirrups and Umbro shorts with my hair in a big ol ‘scrunchi’. Thanks for this delicious-looking easy Italian dish! Perfect for a cold weather day!

  2. Maggie 01.22.2013

    I love this recipe, we make it at our house often and I love experimenting with different kinds of ravioli. Costco has great options. I remember writing a fan letter to Alyssa Milano in the early Who’s the Boss days. I was convinced the letter I received back meant we were destined to be BFFs!

  3. YUM.

    Pasta + cheese + baked = guaranteed winner

    I might be inclined to sprinkle a little cayenne powder in there too:)

    P.S. I totally wrote to Jodie Sweetin AKA Stephanie Tanner from Full House. I never got a signed head shot though – “How Rude!”

    • April C 01.22.2013

      Well pin a rose on MY nose. Seriously? Not to make you jealous or anything, but I got 7 postcards from her. All identical. Because she obviously needed my life story or something to write to her 7 times.

  4. Caylie 01.22.2013

    Uh… this looks amazing! And so yummy. Definitely something I could make easily with two kids wanting all my attention. My hubby would appreciate a warm meal (especially after the sub-zero temps we’ve been having).

  5. What a fun twist on lasagna! Looks great!

  6. Sara 01.22.2013

    Do you think this could be assembled, frozen, and then cooked when ready to eat?

    Freeze it raw or cooked?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.23.2013

      I’d freeze it uncooked, then maybe let it defrost on the counter for 20-30 mins before baking!

  7. Meg O'Brien 01.22.2013

    Love that these comments all remember the same oldie but goody TV shows!

  8. Kristen 01.22.2013

    Looks great!! I would just like to point out that on Full House there was Uncle Jesse. And then there was Joey. He was not Uncle Joey. Just Joey. Remember, he didn’t even have his own room for the longest time!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.23.2013

      Ahhha you’re right! It’s seriously been 15 years since I’ve last seen that show!

  9. Rubber stamps? That’s hilarious. I remember having every single Babysitters Club book ever written! Not as cool as a melting 3d stamp though.

  10. That is GENIUS! Pinning!

    Also, I definitely had a box full of rubber stamps and scrapbooking tools. Next to my collection of pogs and troll dolls. Yup.

  11. What an awesome idea! My kids would go crazy for this recipe!!

  12. Now this is SERIOUSLY genius! What an awesome and creative idea. Thanks for sharing :).

  13. Steph 01.22.2013

    Looks delicious!!! Will definitely be making this in the near future

  14. Jv 01.22.2013

    Now I have no excuse but to make my husband “lasagna” — he has you to thank! Perhaps I’ll suggest he write a letter to you? Have any signed headshots!? Ha

  15. Tina B 01.22.2013

    Oh I had to giggle over your signed pictures! I had one from the cast of Remington Steele (Pierce Brosnan)! Okay so it shows I am a little older then you, but still didn’t we all do stuff like that! I love the recipe!! This will be a no-brainer on busy school nights :)

  16. Truly cever idea! I love that you wrote Uncle Joey!!! That is too funny! I also was totally into stamps… stored in caboodles! I also was way too into rock and geode collecting. Yep, nerd alert.

  17. Jennifer 01.22.2013

    “I like your fist pump” – you crack me up! Too funny! I love your log not just for your fantastic recipes, but for your freaking awesome writing style, as well. Keep it up, girl :)

    • Jennifer 01.22.2013

      Blog, of course, not log…..yikes :)

  18. Diana - Highland, IL 01.22.2013

    Oh, I have used this recipe for years.. only I use meat ravioli (three sons!) and meat sauce.. whatever cheese floats your boat… and call it lasagna.. We all love it and it comes together so fast!!!! I am dating myself, but the only fan club I was ever a part of was “The Monkees”… ahhh,, I was sooo young!! :-)

  19. Amanda 01.22.2013

    Haha your autographs reminded me that I wrote for them from Andrew Keegan, Cristina Ricci, and Tim “the toolman” Taylor! Wow.

  20. Lauren 01.22.2013

    I’ve made lasagna using ravioli before and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. So simple and delicious!

  21. Cut. It. Out.
    Obvious Uncle Joey reference, yes, but also an homage to how I feel after reading that recipe. I definitely just had one of those “why didn’t I think of that!?” moments :-)

  22. Hahaha… you crack me up! I totally forgot about caboodles but I’m pretty sure my daughter could use one about now. And by the way you weren’t the only one with a thing for the goofy uncle on Full House. He was engaged to Alanis Morissette you know and she wrote that crazy bitter song about him… how rude!

  23. Suzanne 01.22.2013

    Holy cow, embossed stamps AND celebrity letter writing…that was the story of my tween years! I loved holding that piece of paper over the burner, waiting for the gold powder to melt together (the simple things). My celeb pen-pals were Bette Midler & John Candy. Bette said I was the wind beneath her wings, ha!

  24. Oh yum – this looks easy! I want this in ma belly!
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  25. Karen 01.22.2013

    Love this idea for a quick lasagna. And I think we could have been best friends as children, you crack me up! :)

  26. ColleenB. 01.23.2013

    Awesome……..easy and quick and Looking mighty good I may add.

  27. Megan 01.23.2013

    Hi Kristin,
    Question for you – have you heard from anyone else that all of your images don’t appear in Google reader in Firefox? I have no problems in IE, but Firefox won’t load the majority of your pictures. I was curious if this is just my issue? Thanks!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.23.2013

      Hey Megan! I haven’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening – thank you for letting me know! I’ll email you to get more details!

    • Tiffany 01.24.2013

      I use foxfire and I see all images…I was having problems with pdfs for awhile and found out there was a new version of foxfire…everything seems to work great now that I’m up to date on the version. Hope that helps.

      • Tiffany 01.24.2013

        Firefox*…it’s just been one of those days! ;)

  28. Michelle 01.23.2013

    This looks great. I made the skinny italian chicken last night and my kids even loved it. They kept coming through the house saying how good it smelled while i was cooking. I just wanted to say thanks. They are picky eaters and you make everything so easy.


  29. Can I have your rubber stamps and embossing powders? I still like to play with them.

    I have made a spinach alfredo ravioli lasagna, but not a tomato sauce based one. I think my hubby would like yours better. I suppose I’ll add it to the menu next week.

  30. adrianne 01.23.2013

    this looks fantastic! can’t wait to try it. :)

  31. Alisha 01.23.2013

    You are hilarious! I was dying laughing about your uncle joey part! haha! And once again, genius recipe! So simple, yet so divine!

  32. Oh goodness – caboodles! I haven’t thought about those in years. :)

  33. Becki C. 01.23.2013

    I totally did the rubber stamping AND wrote for autographs–I was just a ‘little’ bit older than you ha! This recipe sounds delicious! I do a stove-top version–add browned beef to jarred sauce, bring to a boil, nestle in some frozen cheese ravioli and a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese mixed with a beaten egg. Simmer until the raviolis are done, sprinkle some shredded cheese on top pop the lid on to melt. Skillet Raviolasagna!

  34. Sara 01.23.2013

    Oh my gosh, this is too funny! My husband was flipping through channels last night and I saw that Who’s the Boss was on – made him turn that on for a bit! Then a little later we found Full House was on another channel, so we watched a little bit of that. Ahh, the memories :)

  35. nancy 01.23.2013

    Realize that I am old and have had a bag of ravioli in my freezer for a long time. I never use them as I always overcook those little things and they get pretty slimy. How ingenious to layer them frozen and make a lasagne with them. I am seriously impressed and wonder why I didn’t think of that!! Oh you young women out there – so funny. As I relive my memories with my daughters, I remember the Full House period of oohing and ahhing AND the stamps and stickers. My Dana collected all of the Strawberry Shortcake mini-dolls. I have them in a old purse she used and they still have a wonderful fruity smell. Thanks for a trip down memory lane! I’m making the lasagne tonight – but will get a fresh bag of ravioli.

  36. What a fabulous recipe! :) Thanks for sharing.

  37. Betsi 01.23.2013

    Sounds like a yummy recipe.

    Regarding traditional lasagna….I never boil the noodles. Simply go straight to layering uncooked. As long as they have enough of a sauce coating they will cook while the lasagna bakes. It doesn’t even require no boil noodles. Regular will do! A secret I learned from an Italian family. Keeps your squares nice and intact as well. Try it!

  38. Lisa 01.23.2013

    Not only does this recipe looks incredible (it’s added to my meal plan already!!), your post just cracked me up. Love it!

  39. Lisa 01.23.2013

    I’m dying to try this famous Gino’s marinara sauce. Do they sell it online?

  40. Theresa 01.23.2013

    Dear IGE,

    Just moved from my lovely home state of Iowa to Indiana… & you bring me right back. From reading and dance competitions to BEING MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOUR SUPER-EASY LASAGNA! Can’t wait to make it!!!

    A little bit of IA love,

  41. Love this lazy lasagna. I used to collect all kinds of things. Mini ceramic animal figurines, stickers, pogs (YES POGS!), stuffed animals and lipsmackers. I had an entire kaboodle full of them!

  42. emily 01.23.2013

    this is the only way I make lasagna now – read a recipe in Real Simple years ago. SO YUM

  43. I TOTALLY had a caboodle! And I’m a huge fan of “lazy” dinners – cool idea!

  44. Sadye 01.23.2013

    Dad used to make this with tortellini … that cheese on top is the best!

  45. Gretchen 01.23.2013

    This is my favorite post ever. On so many levels.

    I collected autographs of baseball players. I guess because my older brother liked baseball and he did.

    I would have cut you for the JTT autograph.

  46. HAHAHA I love that you wrote fan letters. I definitely was a part of a few fan clubs of my own, except I daydreamed about Taylor Hanson coming to my house in his tour bus and being my boyfriend. Errr….

    This is the coolest idea for lasagna ever! So easy! Plus, I have frozen ravioli on hand all the time :)

  47. Lindsay 01.23.2013

    I STILL have my old Caboodles – I use it to store medical supplies now, instead of lip gloss, Love’s Baby Soft, Aqua Net and Jean Nate haha!

  48. JennP 01.23.2013

    Next time you make traditional lasagna, use egg roll or won-ton wrappers in place of noodles. It’s just sheets of fresh pasta, so no need to pre-boil, and it makes the noodle layer much less dense and chewy. Easier and better tasting = win, win!

  49. Michelle Naomi 01.24.2013

    ok first of all that looks AMAZING.

    secondly I just bought embossing tools and I can’t stop embossing things. please send help.

  50. Stephanie Long 01.24.2013

    I made this last night for dinner. It was sooo goood! My husband said he liked it more than regular lasagna and I agree!

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