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Happy Friday, everyone!

The weekend is so close that I can practically taste it. Right now it’s tasting rich and chocolaty…that is to say, I made Brownie Mix Truffles on KCCI this morning!

I may or may not have gotten so excited about the cute Valentine’s Day-themed sprinkles on top of the truffles that I temporarily forgot where I was and what I was doing and said I wanted to hug them…on air. I don’t even remember saying it! Take a look for yourself, if you please!

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In other news, it should be a fun weekend around here! My Mom and I are heading to the Home and Garden show to get some good ideas for, well, our homes and gardens. I’m going to really switch up the landscaping in my front yard this spring (who am I) so I’m excited to get some good ideas.

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, have a great weekend yourself (stay safe & warm east coasters!) and please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites. And don’t forget to check out the chocolate giveaway at the end of this post!

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Favorite treat: Red Velvet Puppy Chow. Looks perfectly sweet and poppable, and what a fun treat for Valentine’s Day!


Favorite spot: Alcazar Leather Armchair. I’m fairly certain that if we had this chair in our home I’d never, ever leave. It kind of reminds me of the chair Aidan made Carrie, no? Starting a savings account for it…NOW!


Favorite photo: Strawberries and Cream Cake. Ali @ Gimme Some Oven has totally outdone herself with this cake. First of all I can’t wait to make the fresh strawberry cake inside, second of all the Valentine’s Day heart outside is the CUTEST!


Favorite accessory: Jemma Cake Stand. Isn’t this country-chic cake stand the sweetest? That cake would look so adorable on it.


Favorite furball. Melting.


Favorite ‘wich: Spinach & Artichoke Melts. My mouth is watering at the site of this hand-held twist on one of my favorite dips.

SpinachArtichoke Melts_mini

Favorite place: Emerald Lake. Just 20 miles or so west of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, this lake is absolutely breathtaking. I would rent a house here for a week in the summertime in a heartbeat!


Favorite DIY: Crate Wall Storage. Finally, a crate project that I could actually do, and would actually be useful! Love this idea for creating towel storage in the bathroom.


Favorite dessert: Vanilla Cream Filled Double Chocolate Cake. Trouble. Delicious, delicious, trouble.


Favorite fitness: 5-4-3-2-1 Workout. I can’t remember if I’ve posted this workout on Friday Favorites before. Either way, I really like that you can do the whole thing at home!


Favorite fish: Salmon Honey Teriyaki. I’m always looking for new ways to cook salmon and this looks absolutely delectable. Not very many ingredients, either!


Favorite project: Stackable Fruit Crates. LOVE these!! So great for saving valuable counter space, and much cheaper to make, than buy.


Favorite fresh: Grilled Kale Salad with Beets, Figs, and Ricotta. All. The. Things. Especially the figs – Ben and I have been craving figs like crazy lately.


Favorite idea: Lazy Girl Fitness. This blogger has tons of clever ways to fit fitness in throughout your day – no gym required.


Favorite splurge: (Black Bean) Chili (Sweet Potato) Fries. Great spin on chili fries. Add a healthy drizzle of homemade nacho cheese sauce and I’m so sold.


Favorite outfit. Perfect for spring break!


Favorite devour: Vanilla Bean Cookie Butter Cup Cupcakes. Vanilla bean cupcakes swirled with cookie butter, stuffed with Salted Chocolate Cookie Butter Cups, then topped with Vanilla Bean Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Frosting. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Come to Mama!


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  1. Lindsey 02.08.2013

    Lake Louise is only a couple hours away from me! It is beautiful for sure :)

  2. Julie 02.08.2013

    Made the Kung Pao Chicken Burgers, AMAZING, thanks for sharing your recipe!!

  3. I love your Friday Favorites! I want to eat/make everyone of those recipes, especially that salad, YUM!

  4. Hugging sprinkles might be a bit difficult! lol
    I’ll take that double chocolate cake and the lake, at the same time.Kristin, what do you use to get your hair so shiny? It always looks so pretty, I just had to ask!

  5. Maria in NJ 02.08.2013

    that salad looks amazing, all the things I love too…

  6. Red velvet puppy chow exists? My life may have new meaning. I also get very excited about anything that involves cute sprinkles. :)

  7. Love that workout! Just wrote it down and will be doing it this afternoon. And those cupcakes…OMG….

  8. Trisha 02.08.2013

    BAHA! Hugging the sprinkles…that’s awesome! My mom & I are also hitting up the Home & Garden Show here in Madison tomorrow morning. Paired with some errands with the hubby after & going to see The Avett Brothers with the girls tomorrow night, I have a pretty nice little Saturday lined up! Of course I need to convince the house to clean itself today before I can enjoy any of that, but I think I can do it. ;) Happy Weekend to you IGE & Fam!

  9. Dena 02.08.2013

    OMG, this is creepy because as I was reading the Friday Favorites, I was munching on none other than “Dark Chocolate Pomegranate” candies. From Brookside. From my splurge at BJ’s Wholesale Club. And I didn’t buy just 1 bag. I feel like I was just BUSTED. hahaha. So, since I already have two giant bags, what did I do? Enter anyway. I mean, because I’ve never tried the other flavorrrsssss….. ;)

  10. Haha! Who doesn’t want to hug sprinkles? I feel that way about glitter and my husband hates it because he usually wakes up looking like a showgirl from Vegas. Today is my free day so I think I’m going to have to make the spinach artichoke sandwiches… YUM!!!

  11. Kacey 02.08.2013

    Just wanted to leave you a comment to say how much I love your blog. I’ve been a follower for a while now and thought you should know your growth in writing and photography does not go unnoticed.

    And of course I love your Friday favorites!


  12. erin z. 02.08.2013

    there is so much chocolate up there and now i’m drooling. my husband is on a work trip and won’t get home until tomorrow…lame, but i am going to a work party with one of the mockler girls, who i feel like you might know? she is the one who introduced me to this blog, which has paid off in the kitchen big time!

  13. thanks for featuring my sweet potato chili fries! They are SO SO good–highly recommend you give them a try :)

    ps. i’m going to be in your old neck of the woods this weekend (twin cities!)

  14. Jet Woods 02.08.2013

    What a nice bunch of Friday Favorites!!!

  15. Thank you so much for featuring my DIY Stackable Fruit Crates. Such a nice surprise. :)
    Big smiles!

  16. Kristin 02.08.2013

    I am drooling. Everything on this post looks sinfully delicious.

  17. Chantal 02.08.2013

    Emerald Lake is a couple of hours from where I live, in Calgary. It is even more beautiful in person if you can believe it. I have a photo from a wedding there on my fridge and everyone asks if we are standing in front of a poster. They don’t believe it is real! If you ever come, make sure it is in later July or August otherwise the lake might be frozen! It’s one of my very favourite places to visit as well.

    Love your Friday favourites every week!

  18. Ari @ Ari's Menu 02.08.2013

    Kristin, first of all your video is so great, and I want to eat like a million of those truffles. Second of all, I’ve been reading your blog forever, and I always love the Friday Favorites. When I opened my reader this morning and saw my picture, it was better than Christmas morning!! Thank you so much for featuring me! :)

  19. Sam 02.08.2013

    You are just adorable! So great on camera! I will have to try those truffles, they do sound super easy!

  20. ANOTHER amazingly delicious looking sandwich on the blog this week. YUM.

    Love that chair, definitely reminiscent of Aiden’s.

  21. There are so many good looking recipes here that I don’t even know what to comment on!! ;) Those cupcakes, though….WOW!!

  22. Bek @ Crave 02.08.2013

    Omg that cupcake at the end! And the heart covered cake is adorable :)

  23. kari 02.08.2013

    This is awesome! So love these. Our daughter gave us a bag last year!

  24. Lisa Frank 02.08.2013

    You were so cute in your on-air video spot! But I’ve gotta say, that kitchen set needs a makeover STAT! Paint the cabinets, put out some cute accessories…and that lighting is simply horrible. It looks like you’re standing in front of a cave. I’m not trying to be mean towards the station, but they really should recognize how bad it looks on camera.

  25. Julia Gulia 02.08.2013

    You were so cute on tv I could hug a sprinkle!

  26. Tammy 02.08.2013

    the salmon recipe looks great

  27. That last picture…..oh my!

  28. laci 02.08.2013

    wonder why my comments keep being deleted?

  29. Michelle 02.09.2013

    Drooooollling over those cupcakes. And lovin that bag featured in the spring outfit!Dr

  30. Love the red velvet puppy chow!

  31. Marlena U. 02.09.2013

    The pomegranate ones are delicious!!!

  32. Stephanie 02.09.2013

    I just read this post tonight, and I SAW you and your mom at the Home and Garden show, I was so excited haha, my husband gave me a weird look. “That was the girl from the Iowa Girl Eats blog!” I’m a newer follower and I love your recipes, they are a hit in our house!

  33. I absolutely love your Friday round ups. So many fun new things to check out. That last cupcake has me dying! I want those so bad!!!

  34. Kristen 02.10.2013

    If I could only have one sweet treat ever again, I just might choose Brookside chocolates! The dark chocolate and fruit combo are a match made in heaven, so decadent. I LOVE raving about them to people. If you’re a fan of those and haven’t tried this raspberry dark chocolate fig bar: you’ll have to seek it out (available at some Hy-Vee’s with the nutrition bars). The flavor is reminiscent of the Brookside bites but the nutritionals are quite impressive. I’d choose this over a candy bar any day!

    Also, I’m curious how you choose your Friday favorites?? I love looking through them and often find things I want to pin for future reference. I follow handful of food bloggers (you as my fav, of course) but am not sure how to seek out others that are a little more diverse in their topics. Any tips would be appreciated!

  35. […] wish I had a better fashion sense. Well, yesterday I open my reader, and there at the bottom of the Friday Favorites post are MY CUPCAKES!!! My favorite ones I’ve ever […]

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