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Hello, hello – welcome to the weekend!

I am feeling particularly bright and sunshiny today because, well, this weekend is supposed to be particularly bright and sunshiny! We’re talking highs in the 60s and 70s, even climbing into the 80s by the beginning of next week.

Can I get a collective, WHEE?! Goll, so ready for this.

I told Ben that I want to do something especially fun this weekend to celebrate our first warm weekend of the year, so he’s been sweating it trying to come up with something good. I know he will. He always does. Some people have all the best ideas. ; )

Anyway, wherever you are, and whatever you do, I hope you have a great weekend, and please enjoy my favorite finds from the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite sip: Watermelon and Mango Agua Fresca. Ahhh, so refreshing, and nice to find a fun mocktail to enjoy in the hot spring and summer months!


Favorite outfit. This top is so out of character for me, but I’m just loving blue these days. Plus those shorts? Adorbs! (PS if anybody knows where I can get a decent-looking pair of maternity shorts, I will forever grateful.)


Favorite crunch: Chopped Thai Chicken Salad. I have been drooling over this salad all dang week. Crunch, freshness, and peanut sauce. What more do ya’ need?


Favorite reminder. This print is intended for a child’s room, but I kind of want to plaster it all over the world.


Favorite bite: Coconut Crunch Chicken Strips with Creamy Honey-Mango Dipping Sauce. Obsession alert! Can’t you practically feel the crunch, and taste that sauce through your computer screen?


Favorite fashion: Jade Boho Rings. I’ll take one in every color, mmkay? Thanks.


Favorite refresh: Tropical Chia Smoothie. Basically a super-fresh, virgin pina colada with healthy chia seeds in the mix. Great for deck sailing or a morning treat.


Favorite furball. Hey y’all. Awww… :)


Favorite dip: Easy Feta Dip. This would be such a hit at BBQs and get togethers. I know my Mom would love it.


Favorite find. I don’t know when/if I’ll ever need to skewer Mike & Ike’s with toothpicks to mimic mini popsicles, but OMG HOW CUTE!!!!


Favorite homemade: Homemade English Muffins. I always forget about English Muffins, then when I finally have one I want to slap myself for waiting so long in between sessions. They are so good served hot and crisp then slathered in a little salted butter and sweet jam. Mmm.


Favorite fitness: Jillian Michaels’s 45 Minute Treadmill Workout. I’m all but done with running until after the baby is born, but I could modify this to be all walking and it’d still be a great workout with those inclines.


Favorite mini: Blackened Chicken Sliders with Warm Mango Salsa. What a fantastic flavor combo, and I love the fact that these mini burgers are served on tiny little slider buns. So cute.


Favorite find: How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea. This video makes me happy. :)

Favorite sweet: Brown Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my number 1 favorite cookies of all time. These babies are made even more wicked by browning the butter in the dough first. I could pop about 87, me thinks.


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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lindsey 04.26.2013

    Aaaand I just pinned basically everything in this post. Hope you have a great weekend, my local summer farmer’s market starts tomorrow, and I am beyond excited!

  2. I need to know where to find a cute pair of (non-maternity) shorts that don’t make me feel like I have pancake butt or showing my butt!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.26.2013

      Over the past few years I’ve grown to love Old Navy’s shorts. None of their other clothes fit me right, but the shorts are spot on. They have several different lengths too which I love because I don’t like my booty falling out either! ;)

  3. Avery @ SBLW 04.26.2013

    I (hopefully) have a date with the gym later, so Jillian’s workout might be used today!

  4. Lindsey 04.26.2013

    I agree about the maternity shorts! I cannot find any cute ones either, however I have seen a few pairs that were a lot better than ones in stores on Zulily – check it out they have different stuff daily :)

  5. Rachel 04.26.2013

    Loved Old Navy shorts….that was over a year now though. Maternity shorts are difficult! They always made my butt look wide and flat, which was of course the shorts fault…NOT my butt’s! :) whatever you do, don’t go for the shorts with the stretchy “tube” for around the tummy. Horrible! I ended up doing lots of capri’s. Good luck! Love your blog!

    • Betsy 04.26.2013

      Agreed! I was preggo last summer and the stretchy tube only results in wedgies! You’re uncomfortable enough!

  6. i love everything about this week’s favorites. especially that salad. gah. i think it might hit 70 here this weekend, so i will be outside as much as possible! inches of snow to 70 in less than a week…where am i?

  7. YAY! We’ve been pelted with snow off and on all month here in Denver. I’m so excited for a weekend full of warm weather and sunshine. We’re going to have a dress rehearsal for summer playing at the park, riding bikes and laying out on the deck and making mini Mike and Ike popsicles for my daughter’s American Girl doll. (Be glad you’re having a boy, those suckers are expensive!)

  8. I absolutely love the look of that feta dip! What a perfect and very easy to make party appetizer…..pinning that now. That favorite furball pic is too cute!

  9. Adrienne 04.26.2013

    Not related to this post, although I always love all the good ideas in the Friday Favorites :), what happened to the Spanakopita bites post??? It’s not at the bottom of page one or the top of page two, but I can find it listed on april 17th if I google search that particular post. Is it just me or did it really disappear?!

  10. Kelly 04.26.2013

    Living in Texas and being pregnant during the summer I lived in shorts and sun dresses. I found the best ones a Pea in a Pod. Spent too much money on them, but wore them ALL the time! Don’t waste the $ on ones from Motherhood Maternity, the material is awful! Congrats on the baby! Our little miracle guy just turned 7 months old it’s so hard to believe that time fly’s so quickly! Enjoy the belly!!

  11. Amanda Ogden 04.26.2013

    I think mine were from Target…I didn’t wear them long since my youngest was born in May and it was cold here in Nebraska forever!!!

  12. Leah 04.26.2013

    I found great maternity shorts at Gap. Better fit and quality than Old Navy. I wore them all summer!

  13. Tieghan 04.26.2013

    Those Drink from jessica are calling my name and so is the thai salad!! Love everything this week!

  14. Alyssa 04.26.2013

    If you’re ready to drop some cash- check out a Pea in the Pod. Also, you can’t go wrong with a cute maxi dress when you’re rocking the bump!

  15. I have to try that watermelon drink. Holy refreshing and yummy! I don’t eat chicken but that coconut coating with honey mango sauce…shut the front door! Great finds!

  16. I’ve been all about blue recently too! I love that outfit :) Have you tried Target for maternity shorts? They seem to have pretty on trend maternity apparel!

  17. Motherhood Maternity has great shorts. Hope you are feeling fab!

  18. Dena 04.26.2013

    I fell in love with the Boho ring and was going to order it for my Bahamas trip, but the turquoise/aqua one isn’t available. POUT. Thanks for the tip, though, $22 is a great price! I was afraid to click thinking it would be $125!!

  19. Amy D 04.26.2013

    I’ve been making that feta dip for a year or so and it is ALWAYS a hit. I always liked Gap maternity shorts but I bet Loft would have a good pair. I’m in Cincinnati and it looks as if the warm weather may be moving towards us, also!

  20. JennP 04.26.2013

    I live in Florida and both of my kids were late summer babies, so I definitely wore the heck out of my maternity shorts! My favorites were actually the linen ones from Old Navy (the ones with the elastic waistband, NOT the full panel). They aren’t the highest quality and they sort of expand around the legs if you wear them too long, but they were so darn lightweight and comfortable that I really didn’t care.

  21. young c 04.26.2013

    Those cookies look delish!

  22. The cookies and the sweet dog – those are great Friday favs! :)

  23. Julia Jolliff 04.26.2013

    Cheers to 70 degrees, that’s for sure! I am loving that agua fresca! A must try.

  24. I am absolutely LOVING that outfit (how perfect is royal blue for Summer?) and those rings are fabulous! Yet again, another great week of favorites :).

  25. Oh what a good roundup of favs! I’m making at least three of these! Coconut chicken! Tropical chia smoothie! Blackened chicken burger with mango salsa! Yum! I also detect a tropical theme. :)

  26. Kate 04.26.2013

    My maternity shorts were from Old Navy and the Gap. I only had one pair (and wore maternity clothes all summer long) because the sun dresses were much better. I just bought maxi non-maternity cotton sundresses from Target and Old Navy and lived in those. Good luck!

  27. Kathryn 04.26.2013

    Ann Taylor Loft was my go-to for maternity clothes. The line is adorable and often they have the same styles from their regular line in maternity sizes too. Plus, they always have huge sales via their email list.

    The one drawback is that maternity is sold online only but I found returns and exchanges to be easy via mail. Good luck!

  28. Pulled out the flip flops yesterday and cannot wait for the 70’s to arrive!!! Have an awesome weekend:)

  29. I love the sweet puppy picture. Coconut chicken sounds great! I always used to love coconut shrimp when I would go out to seafood restaurants.

  30. Those sliders and cookies are sorta kinda killing me right now! Thanks for sharing the workout plan, too – sounds tough but perfect for getting bikini-ready!

  31. Jane 04.26.2013

    You might for fun, look at consignment shops as well for maternity clothes. You would be surprised at what you could find. That or plunk down some money on a couple of good quality staples, then hang onto them for later!! You could also find some of your old jeans, cut them off into shorts and modify the belly’s on them!

  32. Mandy 04.26.2013

    I love that outfit! So cute! And those cookies look kind of ridiculous…in the best way.

  33. Amanda B. 04.26.2013

    OMG Thank you for posting the Chopped Thai Chicken salad! That looks so good and it’s my favorite kind of salad at Panera. I can’t wait to try the at home version. :)

  34. That Thai chicken salad looks great as do those cookies.

    Loving the rings and that outfit with the blue colours.

    We are just leaving warm weather here in australia and heading into autumn.

  35. Rhonda 04.27.2013

    Getting that sunshine and warm weather a day later than you over here in SE Wisconsin. It’s going to be a great weekend! And this was a great Friday post because I think I’ve clicked on just about all the links and haven’t got any work accomplished since I sat down at my desk!

  36. Courtney 04.27.2013

    Hi Kristin! I was out shopping today and while I was browsing through skin care products I remembered one of your posts about a moisturizer that saved your skin when you were dealing with acne.. it wasn’t the Cetaphil brand, but another one. I can’t remember the name and I have no idea what post it would be under. Haha, sorry for such a random question, but just thought I would ask! Thanks :)

  37. Debt girl 04.28.2013

    Love the Friday finds!

  38. LJCM 04.28.2013

    I cannot WAIT to make that mocktail. It’s still a little cool here in NYC, but as soon as I can find some fresh watermelon I’m making it. Great recipes in this post, Thank you! :)

  39. Jeri Wendzel 04.28.2013

    I got my maternity shorts at Target and my sister-in-law loved them so much (she is smaller than I am) so she bought 2 pairs in her size when she was pregnant!

  40. Christy Denney 04.28.2013

    Thanks for including me on this. Wait? You’re pregnant too! I missed the memo. How far along? I’m 22 weeks. I wish I could find some cute maternity shorts too. My husband just showed me that my current ones have a hole in them. Awesome.

  41. Tammy Burks 04.29.2013

    Thanks for sharing the link to the Chopped Thai Chicken Salad, I made it tonight and this one is a keeper!

  42. Thank you for linking to my “Mixed Blues” outfit moodboard. I’m right there with you…I can’t get enough of pretty blues lately!

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