Our son, Lincoln.


What can I say about parenthood that hasn’t already been said? Except that it’s all true. Every squeak, smile, sigh (and yes, scream!) makes me infinitely happier than I was the moment before. Even though it’s only been 2 days since he was born, I can’t picture our lives before he came and made our little family complete.


Loves: snuggling with Mom and being swaddled by Dad. Hates: being cold and getting burped. : )


We are heading home early this week and will continue to take ALL the help from the amazing nursing staff here at the hospital until then. Ben and I both looked at each other today and said, uhhh, what happens when we have to go home and do this all by ourselves??


We’ll figure it out, of course, but for now we’re off to go practice, practice, practice. Thank you SO much for all your well wishes. The three of us love feeling the love. Can’t believe he is ours to keep! : )


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  1. Tammy 08.03.2013

    Congratulations to you and Ben! Little Lincoln looks just like Ben!

    • Kathy 08.12.2013

      Lincoln is precious. Enjoy him and sleep whenever you can!

  2. Jess R 08.03.2013

    Beautiful boy! Congratulations to you and Ben!!

  3. Haley 08.03.2013

    Oh my!! He is so beautiful! Congratulations!!! (:

  4. Elyssa 08.03.2013

    My heartfelt congratulations!! Best wishes as you adjust to being a family of 3:)

  5. Angie K. 08.03.2013

    So precious! I was just wondering if you had your baby since I didn’t see your Friday Favorites in my feed reader (love that!). So glad everything worked out and you are enjoying your blessing. Treasure those cuddles.

  6. He is beautiful! Congratulations<3

  7. Linda 08.03.2013

    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Molly 08.03.2013

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy your time as a new family!

  9. Courtney 08.03.2013

    He is so beautiful! Congratulations!!

  10. Trish 08.03.2013

    Congratulations! ! He is so beautiful.

  11. Congratulations to you and Ben! Lincoln is beautiful and adorable! You are so blessed.

  12. Susan 08.03.2013

    Oh what a joyous time in your young family’s life!! Many blessings to each of you! Don’t sweat the small stuff, try to look at the big picture, and cherish each and every moment!

  13. sandra mc combs 08.03.2013

    He’s adorable. He picked some awesome parents. I’m sure Grandma will be available to offer some help!!!

  14. Lisa 08.03.2013

    OMG – he is adorable! Congrats to you both for such a sweetie!

  15. He is precious and BEYOND adorable! Congrats to you and Ben!

  16. Susan 08.03.2013

    Sending congratulations to your sweet little family! You guys are going to love this new chapter in your lives!

    Ok, Can I please hold him now? lol

  17. KC 08.03.2013

    Congratulations! What a handsome boy.

  18. Laura 08.03.2013

    Congratulations! Enjoy your new little one!

  19. Eve 08.03.2013

    Congrats and welcome to parenthood. LOVE THE NAME LINCOLN.

  20. kelly e 08.03.2013

    Congratulations on Lincoln’s arrival! He is SOO handsome!

  21. Tina 08.03.2013

    Gorgeous baby boy!! Congratulations!

  22. Courtney 08.03.2013

    He is SO cute! Congratulations to you both! Enjoy your little one!

  23. Aww! Love his sleepy little mug…the biggest congrats to you and Ben. Such a strong name too – great choice :)

  24. Trista 08.03.2013

    What a sweetie pea! He looks just like your husband! Congratulations and may you continue to soak it all in and enjoy your new little bundle.

  25. Congratulations!! He is SO handsome!

  26. Debtgirl 08.03.2013

    Welcome Lincoln!!! Best wishes! Xxxooo to you all!!!

  27. Kristin 08.03.2013

    So beautiful. Congrats.

  28. Kristi 08.03.2013

    Congratulations!! I’ve been checking your page almost daily to see if he had been born yet and I’m so glad the day finally came:)

  29. Rebecca 08.03.2013

    Congratulations!! He is adorable! We have an 8 year old son, and his name is Lincoln!! Glad to hear everything went well.

  30. Elyse 08.03.2013

    Congratulations on your beautiful family of 3! What a sweetie!

  31. Sarah 08.03.2013

    Congrats! Enjoy this special time with your family!

  32. Kristin W. 08.03.2013

    He’s lovely! Congratulations! Happy motherhood!

  33. Kristin 08.03.2013

    Congrats! He is beautiful! Enjoy your time at the hospital, things get harrier once you get home, haha

  34. Ali 08.03.2013

    Congrats!! He’s precious!

  35. Kelly B 08.03.2013

    YEA! He is here! Welcome to Iowa Lincoln! Tell your mom to take it easy after a C-section, just when you think you are doing better it hurts. Congrats to all three of you!

  36. Katie 08.03.2013

    He is so sweet. Enjoy every minute!

  37. Laura Stano 08.03.2013

    CONGRATULATIONS!! He is so precious! Little boys are the best! Enjoy his first everythings!

  38. Michelle 08.03.2013

    He looks just perfect! Such a wonderful and emotional time I am sure! Congratulations!

  39. Lauryn 08.03.2013

    What a beautiful baby!!! Congrats girl!!!! I am soooo excited for you!!!

  40. Julie 08.03.2013

    Oh yay! I knew that something was up since you hadn’t posted! :) Congrats! Love the name!

  41. Vicky 08.03.2013

    Congrats to both of you! Lincoln is beautiful!

  42. Congrats! Lincoln is adorable!

  43. Urban Wife 08.03.2013

    Congrats y’all! It is the beginning of an amazing journey. Enjoy your sweet little man. I love the name y’all picked – it fits his countenance perfectly. :)

  44. Joan S. 08.03.2013

    Congratulations, Kristin & Ben! He is a sweetie!!

  45. Amy 08.03.2013

    CONGRATS you guys! Lincoln is the spitting image of Ben! PS – love the name :)

  46. Jason Bradley 08.03.2013

    Congrats Kristin and Ben! Maybe I will see the little guy sometime at Starbucks :)

  47. Lisa 08.03.2013

    What a sweetie pie!! So, so happy for you and Ben!

  48. Rachel 08.03.2013

    Congrats!! He’s so handsome and I love the name!

  49. Amanda 08.03.2013

    Congratulations…what a precious little guy.

  50. Sara 08.03.2013

    Totally awesome! He’s beautiful. Big congrats to you an Ben! :)

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