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Hello everyone!!

Well it’s been 2-3 days (depending on when you read this!) since we got home, and we’re all doing ok!


Visions of waking up in the middle of the night every hour, on the hour, have only partially come to fruition – mostly because of Mom’s ability, well non-ability, to swaddle correctly. Lincoln is too small for the standard velcro swaddles so we’re using hospital receiving blankets in the meantime. I’ll get there yet! ; )


Otherwise, baby is acclimating well to being at home, and us to having a child to take care of. My heart is so full. I never in a million years thought a love like this exists. I miss him when he’s sleeping, the scent of him makes my heart ache, and I could stare into his eyes forever – even when they’re teary eyed. Now I know why people say they want to have 100 babies!!


It’s not all fun and games, of course, and Dr. Google and Nurse YouTube have been a Godsend to look up everything from how to sponge bathe an infant to how to soothe the hiccups, but I’m really proud of the way we’re working as a team to take care of Lincoln. Ben, as I knew he would be, is an incredible Dad.


The first night home he was on monitor watch and happened to turn on an episode of The Office, which happened to be the one where Jim and Pam had their first baby. He rewound and recorded so he could show me in the morning as it was basically the exact same experience we had just gone through 48 hours before. I laughed until I nearly exploded. Oh, love it!


We’ve been very lucky to have some delicious meals delivered to us from friends and family. I have NEVER, let me emphasize this – ever – been a person who “forgets” to eat (you know those people – Mom and little brother, I’m looking at you!) but it’s just the last thing on my mind right now. Thank goodness for ready made Maid Rites (demolished…)


And Caprese Lasagna Rolls from Mom. So delish!


This morning we went out for our first walk as a fam. Up until today I had been outdoors exactly three times since we delivered last Friday morning, so I was more than ready for some fresh air. We covered him all up then took a quick zip around the block. It’s a hot one today!


I’ve so enjoyed taking this week off to be with my family, and I know you understand, but when you run a small business it’s hard taking time away. At the same time I am cherishing every second of having a newborn – I’ll never get these moments back. ALL that being said, this Friday I have a fun (well, I think it’s fun…) survey for you to take, with a $100 VISA Gift Card Giveaway as an incentive to take it. This is a great time to refocus and make sure IGE is going in the right direction in the future, and the survey has some questions about what you like about the site, what you’d like to see more of, etc. I do hope you’ll take it! In the meantime I’m hoping to get back on a regular posting schedule sometime next week.

At any rate, sorry this post is full of random thoughts and reflections – there are just so many things that are running through my mind right now! Feels good to write again though, so thank you for reading. : ) Talk to you soon!

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  1. BC 08.07.2013

    That little nugget is so cute… my ovaries ache looking at him! And you look great!

  2. Megan 08.07.2013

    Your little Lincoln is absolutely adorable — and so, so handsome! Congratulations on your new little addition.

  3. CJ 08.07.2013

    Your family cannot get any more adorable. You’re fabulous. Congratulations on your beautiful baby.

  4. Bridget Miller 08.07.2013

    i cant get over how awesome you look and how DARLING little Lincoln is. Oh my… one of thee cutest babies I’ve ever seen. ever!

  5. Emily 08.07.2013

    He is so so cute!

  6. Jesse B. 08.07.2013

    Congratulations Kristen and Ben! We miss you around IGE, so thanks for keeping us updated with adorable photos and posts!

  7. Carrie 08.07.2013

    Congrats on your beautiful baby! Enjoy these moments–and don’t worry about the blog–as they are fleeting.

  8. So, so CUTE! Lincoln is adorable!

  9. He is absolutely beautiful!! Such a unique name, too. I think it fits the IGE family perfectly. Enjoy and take care, mama!

  10. Colene 08.07.2013

    Your little guy is so adorable! I’ve been obsessed with all TV episodes that have to do with pregnancy and The Office is my favorite one. Cherish each moment with your little one because (as people have been telling me too) those moments go by fast.

  11. Alexis 08.07.2013

    oh my gosh, i am dying. he has the sweetest little face and! you, ben, and lincoln make a beautiful family. enjoy this time!

  12. Morgan 08.07.2013

    Swaddle blankets aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Invest in some Swaddle Me thingies (that’s the technical term ;)) or a Miracle Blsnket. They’re AWESOME.

    • jennifer 08.07.2013

      Ditto on the miracle blankets!! LOVE them so much!

  13. Margo 08.07.2013

    Ditto, Cutest Baby Ever!!!! Enjoy your new bundle of joy & share a pic now & then…

    Thought of you when I saw this

  14. Andi 08.07.2013

    He is SO beautiful! But, looking at picture #3, you seriously need to shave your legs… :P


  15. Catherine 08.07.2013

    Congratulations! Happy to hear things are going well – enjoy the time with your family!!

  16. Donna 08.07.2013

    Lincoln is absolutely precious and I LOVE a random posts:). Any new Mom knows that feeling of a zillion thoughts and it’s fun to hear what others go through in those precious/wild first few days/months! Keep us up on all of the details that you want to share WHEN YOU CAN (aka-no rush:)

  17. So adorable! You look perfect as a mom, seems like you are getting the hang of things right away. Enjoy your time with your new little one, you’ll never get those moments again so forget working and cherish every second while you can, we’ll be here when you return :) Congrats Kristin!

  18. Lincoln is precious and you look great! Congrats to you and Ben!

  19. Karen 08.07.2013

    So so cute. Congratulations!

    Just a suggestion, even though you didn’t ask for it. Aden and Anais blankets are THE BOMB for swaddling,and are awesome for summer babies. Get yourself some, stat.

  20. Simply too cute for words! Love that first pic!

  21. Jamie 08.07.2013

    He’s adorable! Yes having a baby is truly the most amazing experience! Everyone tells you that & then when it happens it is so much beyond that. Enjoy this experience. They grow too fast!

  22. I am very happy to hear you are doing so well. Lincoln is so cute and you look great. Keep on being amazing!!

  23. Wendi Hansen 08.07.2013

    SOOOOO incredibly happy and excited for you hon, and your growing family! Your little guy is adorable, a real-lady’s man in the making. Enjoy this time with your family girl, and make the most of every moment :)

  24. So precious! You look so, so happy and it sounds like ya’ll are doing great! Congratulations! (:

  25. nosogirl 08.07.2013

    Congrats to you and Ben! Lincoln is adorable – what a big name for such a little guy! And you look amazing already!

  26. Erin 08.07.2013

    Oh my goodness, Lincoln is just too cute for words! I’m glad we had such great timing for your little bro to be in town already for my wedding, perfectly coinciding with little Lincoln’s arrival. Congratulations!

  27. absolutely priceless… #ohsoprecious!

  28. Jes 08.07.2013

    Kristen, what a beautiful baby! Congratulations to you and Ben! Don’t worry about all of us out here in blog-land… enjoy your time getting to know one another. Its experiences like these that really put life into perspective. Cheers to you and your beautiful new family!

  29. Lara 08.07.2013

    Congratulations! Lincoln is perfect. I’m so glad for you all!

  30. Christy 08.07.2013

    Lincoln! I love the name and he is beautiful! I understand the overwhelming feeling of love -that’s why I have SIX! My uterus still aches whenever I see or hold a newborn. I’m not sure ill ever get past the feeling of wanting more. You look extremely fabulous for one week postpartum!

  31. So glad to hear that you all are doing well! Lincoln is SO cute and you look incredible for just having a baby! It’s wonderful that you’re all settling into life as a family of 3! I’d love to hear more about how you guys decided on the name, it’s so unique–I love it!

  32. Brooke 08.07.2013

    Gah! He is soooo cute! And, my gosh! You look absolutely fantastic! Don’t worry about us, we’ll be here when you’re ready. In the mean time enjoy every baby snuggle you can :)

  33. carrieob 08.07.2013

    Congratulations on your son! He is gorgeous. I have two boys (now ages 5 and 7) and they are the lights of my life. Each stage is wonderful (and challenging)! It is hard to see the trees through the forest sometimes, esp. those sleepless nights, but a great support system and partner make all the difference. Enjoy and congratulations again. It is so heart warming to see a beautiful and caring family in the making.

  34. Linda 08.07.2013

    Lincoln is just so adorable! Glad you are settling in. Don’t fret, the first is always the teaching model; you’ll all learn together what works for your family. You are the sweetest people and have supportive family and friends; you are truly blessed. Take your time and enjoy these special days.

  35. Greg Hankins 08.07.2013

    Enjoy – the time does indeed fly by from today to high school graduation and beyond.

  36. Kimberly Hampton 08.07.2013

    Absolutely precious! Take your time and enjoy every moment of this. They don’t stay small forever!

  37. Lincoln is one of the most handsome newborns I have ever seen and you are looking amazing as well, mama! Congrats to you and Ben – you have a gorgeous family :)

  38. Callie 08.07.2013

    He is the sweetest! And so, so handsome! These moments are so precious.

  39. Maureen Gribble 08.07.2013

    Congratulations! He is just too adorable and you all seem to be settling into the non-routine routine of being parents! :) Now, feel free to spend his nap time cooking up some yummy new recipes for us, you can sleep later! ;)

  40. Congratulations! He is so sweet!!

  41. Michelle 08.07.2013

    Lincoln is so precious and darling! Love “Dr.Google and Nurse YouTube”! HA! I can imagine they are helpful as ever.

    Enjoy it!! So happy for your little family <3

  42. Katie 08.07.2013

    This post brings back so many happy memories for me. Those first few days and weeks at home with a new baby is such a special time. Who needs sleep anyway?!

  43. Heather 08.07.2013

    So excited for you, Ben, and Lincoln!!!

  44. JoAnn R. 08.07.2013

    Suck up that new baby smell, there is nothing like it when they are so new. My kids all thought I was weird (well, weirder than usual!) when the grandbabies were born and I would smell their heads!

  45. Sue 08.07.2013

    He is so cute – all that hair. You should just enjoy your baby boy and Ben. You look great. Don’t overdo – just be happy for any extra help you can get. You guys make a great looking family !

  46. Ahhh the cuteness is overwhelming! Glad you got some fresh air today and are enjoying your few week as a family!

  47. Kathleen 08.07.2013

    OMGoodness but your little bundle of joy is absolutely adorable :). Congrats!!!

  48. DawnK 08.07.2013

    I don’t think my husband would have done too well at “monitor watch.” He can’t even stay awake for movies that he tries to watch. Babies are good at letting you know they need assistance, especially if you fall back to sleep after they cry and you dream that you already got up and fed them. It was a good fantasy. Soon enough she cried again and I did get up that time.

    Hubby did take turns holding babies when they cried, though. It took both of us sometimes.

  49. Lindsay 08.07.2013

    Love everything about this post! Lincoln is so very precious! Thank you for sharing pics of him! And, girl, you look absolutely amazing!! Looking forward to Friday’s survey!

  50. Lynn 08.07.2013

    You and your little Lincoln are just adorable! I am a mom of a 13 year old boy and my advice is to hold him close, cherish EVERY moment, because he will grow up in the utter blink,of your eye! Congratulations from Ohio mom to Iowa girl mom!!!

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