Breakfast Quesadillas (20 Minute Meal)


Breakfast Quesadillas pack all the best of breakfast into one piping hot, crispy tortilla – in just 20 minutes!

Breakfast Quesadillas |

Hey hey, hope you had a nice weekend!

Mine was full of good food (see above – WOW!) and sweet smiles from my little heartbreaker. Last Friday Lincoln started “talking” and it is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait until he can tell me what’s running through that little head and heart of his. :)


The heat continues to rage on here in central Iowa, and both Ben and I were itching for a cold brewski this weekend, so I dropped Lincoln off at my parents house on Friday afternoon and we met up for happy hour after work. Felt like old times!


We hopped to a few of our favorite places before the specials ended, and made sure to stop at Confluence Brewery which opened just after I got pregnant. The tap room is no frills, which is our favorite. Lets you focus on the beer, you know? Their selections are a bit hoppy for my tastes, but Ben enjoys ’em, and I like the atmosphere. Can’t wait to return when it’s not so hot and sit on the back patio facing a popular, tree-lined bike path. The foliage will be just beautiful here in a few weeks!


Oh my gosh, so the brewery has a big rack of games you can play, and among the usual players of Bingo and Battleship I spotted GIRL TALK. Remember Girl Talk?? My friends and I would play for hours during sleepovers. Ahhh, memories. :)


Saturday we celebrated this little fella – Finn, my nephew, who is turning 4 this week. So hard to believe.


The bash was Spiderman-themed, and made complete by a tower of banana cupcakes per his request. This kid is absolutely bananas for bananas. There are worse things! ;)


Finn made sure Uncle Ben was accessorized appropriately for the party.


Then put him to work putting together all his new toys. Good preview of what we’ll be doing in a few years!


Yesterday was the hottest day yet, but I’ve been dying for some exercise, so my Mom came over and we hit a nearby trail for a long walk in the early morning before it got too steamy.


We enjoyed the shady trail, company, and even came across a little family of deer. Aw! Kind of, I guess. I’m actually semi-afraid of deer. I always feel like they’ll charge or something. Eek!


I go in for my six week checkup this week and am hopeful I’ll be given the “all clear” to resume regular exercise again. I am nervous to start running again, but more excited than anything. I can’t wait to see how it will go!


We wound the weekend down with family time and an episode of Lincoln’s Many Faces featuring I sincerely doubt that, Whee! and, Watcha talkin bout Willis?


Now, back to those Breakfast Quesadillas! These babies were inspired by the quesadillas Ben and I had for brunch at Jethro’s a few weeks ago. They’re very easy, and great for a weekend breakfast or BFD (breakfast for dinner, y’all.) I whipped them up for brunch yesterday and Ben and I both devoured.

Breakfast Quesadillas |

Crisped tortillas encase a hearty filling of scrambled eggs, bacon, smoked cheese, and green onions. Slathered with homemade guacamole – they are basically off the charts.

Breakfast Quesadillas |

Start by cooking 3 slices bacon then draining them on a paper towel-lined plate. Once they’re cool, crumble ’em up.

Breakfast Quesadillas |

Drain the fat out of the skillet then discard (or keep if that’s your preference.) To discard, I line a bowl with foil then pour the fat inside and toss when it cools. Easy, and no cleanup!


In the same skillet pour 3 eggs whisked with salt and pepper then scramble. This will take under 30 seconds. Awesome!


Now spray a separate skillet or griddle with nonstick spray and add 1 burrito-sized tortilla in the center. Sprinkle shredded cheese over the whole thing then add half the scrambled eggs on one half of the tortilla.


The breakfast quesadillas I ordered at Jethro’s had smoked pork which I don’t, you know, usually keep on hand, so to mimic the flavor I used smoked gruyere. Love, love, love this cheese, which I get right at the cheese counter in the regular grocery store. It is especially mind melting when paired with apple slices. The smokey-sweet combo is incredible.


Alright, add half the crumbled bacon then chopped green onions.


Fold the tortilla over then cook until golden brown on one side. Flip then do the same on the other.

Breakfast Quesadillas |

Slice with a pizza cutter and serve ’em up hot!

Breakfast Quesadillas |

Breakfast Quesadillas

serves 2


Breakfast Quesadillas pack all the best of breakfast into one piping hot, crispy tortilla - in just 20 minutes!


  • 3 slices bacon
  • 3 eggs
  • salt & pepper
  • 2 burrito-sized flour tortillas
  • 3/4 cup shredded cheese (I used smoked gruyere)
  • 1 green onion, chopped


  1. Cook bacon in a skillet over medium heat until crisp. Remove to a paper towel-lined plate to drain then pour out grease and discard. Whisk eggs together with salt and pepper then scramble in the same skillet as the bacon. Remove to a plate then set aside.
  2. Heat a skillet or griddle over medium heat then spray with nonstick spray. Add a tortilla then sprinkle half the cheese over the entire tortilla. Layer half the eggs, bacon, cheese, and green onion on one half of the tortilla then fold the other half over. Cook until golden brown on one side then flip and cook until golden brown on the other. Remove to a cutting board then cut into wedges with a pizza slicer. Repeat with remaining ingredients.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,

Breakfast Quesadillas |

I mashed up some Lazy Girl’s Guacamole to mound on top of the hot and cheesy quesadillas. I highly recommend you don’t skip this step. Enjoy – and have a great week!

Breakfast Quesadillas |

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  1. Kristin 09.09.2013

    Love the pics of Lincoln; what a doll! I just discard the fat in a can (usually tuna, it’s the perfect size). I always keep a couple under the sink so they’re handy when I need to pour off grease, and then refrigerate. Easy and neat.

  2. I love quesadillas– especially breakfast ones!

  3. These breakfast quesadillas are genius! mmmm, I want to whip some up right now! So cheesy.

  4. Madison 09.09.2013

    Those quesadillas look SO amazing! I haven’t had a breakfast one before but would love to try it out now.

  5. Maggie 09.09.2013

    Ok, GREAT tip on using foil to get rid of grease! I’m always digging around in our recycling bin for an empty can. Yuk!

  6. Brittany 09.09.2013

    These look amazing!! I am semi-fearful of gruyere but really feel like this might be the perfect recipe to try it on for size!
    Your child literally has me grinning every time I see his pictures…I just knew he was gonna be super good looking and adorable :D

    • Catherine Gaede 09.22.2013

      i had a four-cheese omelette this morning featuring gruyere, and it may have been a ‘best ever’! i grew up at a time when quiche was being introduced to america, and i’ve experimented for decades, and not found another cheese better suited for anything paired with eggs. if you’re still uncertain, you may want to cut it with something like jack to minimize the ‘bite’ but i’m hoping you’ll be convinced. cheers!

  7. Those faces, ahhh so cute!!! Whatcha talkin bout Willis has got to be my fave lol love it :)

  8. I adore his little faces! So, so cute. And you can never go wrong with breakfast for dinner…or Mexican food at any time of the day ;-)

  9. C. 09.09.2013

    His little faces are so precious!! That quesadilla sounds amazing. I’m always intimidated by getting the cheese to melt properly. Will have to give it another try!

  10. Jackie 09.09.2013

    Saw you last Tuesday morning on this exact trail. I was the sweaty mess with the cute German Shorthaired Pointer. Isn’t that trail awesome? And I love the deer. If you are lucky, you’ll get to see the huge buck that wanders around back there too. I always stop running and let him pass on by ;-)

  11. Mary Paine 09.09.2013

    Scrambies,bacon,cheese and onion you can’t go wrong any time of day.
    Lincoln is chunking up nicely. Getting that sweet little Buddah tummy in a onsie. Fun stage, enjoy.

  12. Haha- I love his “whatcha talkin bout Willis” face. He is too freakin’ cute.
    Ben looked great in that hat! I bet he’s thrilled about the win over the Gators too.
    I’m surprised you are scared of deer, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting attacked by one but I guess you never know.

    Love your idea for breakfast quesadillas, they look delicious!

  13. Sara Howe 09.09.2013

    Breakfast quesadillas…why didn’t I think of that!!! This will be the perfect breakfast for my Kindergartner before heading to school in the mornings!! I’d love it if you’d stop by and link up to my new link party, Feed Me Friday

  14. Wow, these look amazing! I will be trying them the next chance I get – maybe this coming up weekend! Thanks for the fabulous recipe. And, Lincoln is just perfect — such a cute little guy!

  15. Tom T. 09.09.2013

    I do breakfast burritos now, so why not breakfast quesadillas? Sounds great! Mmmm…beer tasting.

  16. I could definitely go for those breakfast quesadillas!

  17. Lincoln’s tummy is so adorable! He’s such a little man :) I bet he’s babbling about he can’t wait to be able to eat all of the yummy things that mommy creates!

  18. Cookbook Queen 09.09.2013

    These quesadillas have me questioning breakfast as I know it. I’ve been missing out!!

  19. Debtgirl 09.09.2013

    That is a seriously yummy looking breakfast! Lincoln is growing fast! He will be four before you know it! Your mom is the luckiest mom! Next to you!

  20. Sara 09.09.2013

    Girl Talk!! We used to play that game over and over at slumber parties…and then we would prank call our latest boy crushes. Ah, the days before cell phones and internet!

    Totally making those breakfast quesadillas tomorrow morning.

  21. Rachel 09.09.2013

    Genius tip re: foil-lined bowl. I’ve been meaning to make breakfast quesadillas ever since you mentioned your meal at Jethro’s. We may just have to find some pork to smoke, because I know my husband would be all over that in a heartbeat!

  22. Becky 09.09.2013

    I’m semi-afraid of deer, too. It’s the charging potential…I totally agree! If I come up to some, I shake my keys at them in some bizarre throw back to the original parent trap when the twins tell their dad’s girlfriend that hitting sticks together will keep mountain lions away.

    Oh, and those quesadillas look awesome! Smoked cheese is the bomb!

  23. Aww your little guy is just the cutest! And loving this mexican breakfast idea!

  24. Alli 09.09.2013

    I applaud you! I am an non-parent and I always encourage my new-mommy friends to let someone babysit and go out with their hubbies and enjoy themselves. NO ONE DOES IT! so finally I found someone who agrees with me…regardless of the guilt…just go out and do it!!!

  25. Lynn 09.09.2013

    When a six-week-old has that much animation….you KNOW he’s been talked to alot, and hugged and paid attention to. It really makes a difference! Absolutely precious.

  26. jen 09.09.2013

    Yum and great way to discard the fat. my friend down the street had girl talk and I would go over and we would play it all the time!

  27. 58Teresa 09.09.2013

    We made these at the Cafe with 3 eggs, cheddar, bacon and salsa. Oh they’re good, right?

  28. Amy 09.09.2013

    I can relate to your fear of deer — I’m absolutely terrified of cats! And then they always decide to come out and skulk around the neighborhood around dusk when I go on an evening walk. They pop up so unexpectedly, and it scares me every time!

  29. Lisa 09.09.2013

    So glad you’re feeling well post-baby, and getting ready to run again. I had a baby in July, and couldn’t wait to get back out there to jog again. Wanted to tell you if you haven’t already, invest in a great supportive sports bra. I couldn’t get through a run now without mine. Your chest feels so heavy while you’re running if you’re nursing! It’s no joke.

    Good luck! Enjoy your time with Lincoln!

  30. my husband and i have a tradition i like to call friday breakfast…where he makes me breakfast on friday mornings before i leave for work. it’s awesome. i have a request for this week now!

  31. Julie 09.09.2013

    OMG Finn is getting so big! He’s a little boy now (as opposed to a toddler)! Love Lincoln’s many faces! LOL!

  32. Samantha 09.09.2013

    Lincoln is such as cutie.. those faces! Ugh!

    These look easy and delicious. Great idea for one of those nights when I don’t have anything planned for dinner!

  33. Geri 09.09.2013

    Lincoln is such a joy! Seeing that happy baby gives me lots of hope for the future.. It is fun to see the changes as he grows.

  34. you and your mom look so alike in that photo!

  35. Candy 09.09.2013

    LOVE those many faces of Lincoln….adorable!!

  36. Melissa 09.09.2013

    I had the breakfast quesadilla with smoked pork last weekend at Jethro’s based on your recommendation. Yum! Just wish the cups of corn salsa were bigger….so good.

  37. Beth 09.09.2013

    Mmm, i love quesadillas but lately I’m becoming a tortilla snob!! I’ve found a love for Trader Joes homemade white tortillas, but its not convenient to always have them on hand. I’ve tried “healthier” versions at the grocery and they are chewy. Any recommendations? Ps- my sons name is Lincoln “LJ” James ;). I’m reliving his newby days through your posts. Sooo precious!!!

  38. karen downes 09.09.2013

    You are a superstar for keeping up with blogging and taking care of that precious little boy. He is soooo cute! I can’t wait for “Iowa Baby Eats” blog haha.

  39. Debra Mantey 09.09.2013

    Wondered if you would consider posting Weight Watcher Points with your recipes?

  40. Micah 09.09.2013

    I haven’t made it to Confluence yet, but I love 515 Brewery (on University Blvd.). Check them out sometime if you get a chance.

  41. Nicole 09.09.2013

    I remember when Finn was born, how is he 4!?! And Lincoln’s faces are so cute :)

  42. Bar 09.09.2013

    I just love seeing pic of Lincoln, he is getting so big. I wait for all your posts

  43. Kristi 09.09.2013

    Ok, I just have to say I rarely make comments on blog posts but my kids just happened to be sitting along with me when I read this and they so want me to make this for them (minus the onions) for their school lunch. Such a great idea for my picky eaters! Thanks! Been following your posts for a while now…love Friday Favorites and now that cute little baby of yours…so adorable!

  44. Bethany 09.09.2013

    Dying over those pictures of Lincoln. So funny.

    Also, I am so glad I’m not crazy. I share your same semi-fear of deer and for the same reason. I irrationally think they’re going to charge at me and get VERY nervous when I see them while I’m running on a trail.

  45. Lol omg Lincoln’s faces are precious! I especially love his “Wutchu talkin bout Willis”!

  46. Breezy Pointe 09.10.2013

    I had just made eggs and bacon when I saw this and decided to give it a try. I melted some butter in a skillet, added a tortilla, shredded 4 cheese Mexican blend and the bacon and eggs. It was delicious. So much better than a bfast burrito.

  47. ShaNae 09.10.2013

    Yumm! I can’t wait to make these. I will use sausage instead though since that’s what my 8 year old son likes, but these look awesome!

    Lincoln is absolutely adorable! You did awesome! :)

  48. LOVE quesedillas but haven’t had a breakfast one, ever. I have had breakfast tacos and burittos but not quesedillas. Why? good question. So thanks for the nudge.

    And oh my gosh can Lincoln be any more adorable?! Seriously!

  49. Erin 09.10.2013

    Yummy! After seeing this post yesterday, I went home and made them for dinner. I was bummed though that I couldn’t find the cheese you used at Fareway, so I opted for provolone. I was so looking forward to the smoked chesse. Maybe next time. Also, in effort to be healthy I switched out a white flour tortilla for a wheat for my hubby and I didn’t like the way it looked, so I made mine with the one you used, lol. I doubt he noticed. Lincoln is sure cute!

  50. susan 09.10.2013

    These look delicious! Thank you! I saw someone else asked about Weight Watchers points. I would love if you did include them. Also, is there any way to print your recipes without the pictures? They take a lot of ink.
    Thank you!
    Lincoln is adorable!!!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.10.2013

      Hey Susan! I don’t include nutritional info on my recipes because it can vary so much with the type of ingredients used. I do recommend this Livstrong recipe calculator tool though: Also if you click the “Print this recipe!” link in the recipe, then click “print” on the page it takes you to, the recipe will print with one small image!

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