48 Hours in Denver!


Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend!

As I mentioned on Friday, we headed off to my cousin’s wedding this weekend…in Denver! I can’t tell you how many days I sweated the plane ride there – Lincoln’s first – but thank the Lord, the little man slept the entire way. Hallelujah! (I cannot say the same for the return flight…)

The 6:30am take off time on Friday was absolutely brutal but at least he thought it was still time to sleep which saved the day –  and our sanity.


My parents, older brother and sister-in-law went a few days early so we met them straight from the airport at one of our favorite Denver breakfast joints – SnoozeMy little brother, who lives in Denver, sent Ben and me there a few years ago and no trip would be complete without a visit. This place is insane.


I mean, any restaurant that offers pancake flights is definitely worth a try!


That’s right, pancake flights. I stuffed myself with a Carrot Cake Pancake, Pineapple Upside Down Pancake, and a Cinnamon Roll Pancake, then jittered out the door. Totally worth it. The Pineapple Upside Down Pancake (center) is hands down one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.


Ben enjoyed Snooze’s Corned Beef Hash, his usual, along with a signature Bloody and side of baby. Multitasking at it’s finest. Ay yi yi!


Afterwards we walked off our breakfast with a cruise along downtown Denver’s 16th Street Mall, and reunited with our Larimer Square BearReunited and it feels so go-ood! I can’t even begin to explain this.


It was a gorgeous, 60ish degree afternoon so we stopped by Ted’s Montana Grill for a light lunch a little while later. None of us had heard anything about the place but their outdoor patio looked fun and fresh.


And it was!



We snacked on Teds’ complimentary, bottomless “half sours”, aka cucumbers that are lightly pickled but really salty (and really good) with some cold drinks.


Soon enough our entrees arrived. My Ted’s chopped salad was just ok, but Ben’s “Canyon Creek” burger – a bison patty with cheddar, bacon, fried jalapenos, an over-easy egg, and blackberry jam was outstanding. Think I’m going to recreate it for you later this week. That good!


The wedding rehearsal followed later that evening then we were back out eating breakfast early the next morning at Sam’s No. 3! (Recycled pic.) Denver is FULL of amazing restaurants, many of which we’ve tried, but it’s hard to resist going back to our favorites, which definitely includes Sam’s.


The same Snooze crowd was in attendance plus my cousin Jason and his wife Ellen whom we love catching up with!


Lincoln did great…until our food arrived, naturally. (Who, me?!) ; )


Breakfast quesadillas were scarfed at record speed, but omg they were just as delicious as last time. Bacon, eggs, and cheese smothered in Sam’s No. 3’s famous green chili. The chili that’s so good I made a copycat recipe!


Ben also got the same thing as last time, a Colorado Burrito, but unlike last time he did not finish it all. The same cannot be said for my brother who did…and suffered.


The wedding was later that evening, so we all stopped by a local bar to watch the Iowa game after breakfast (hey, it’s always 5:00 on vacation!) then my Mom and I decided we couldn’t come to Colorado without seeing the mountains so we drove about 25 minutes outside of the city to walk around Golden for a bit!


Ben and I toured the Coors brewery in Golden several years ago, but at the time had just driven by the historic “main street”. Oh my gosh, it is so cute. Very wild, wild, west-feeling. Makes you feel like you stepped back in time for a bit. Wouldn’t that be cool? : )


I say it every time I visit Colorado – I could so move here. So, so beautiful.




A sign advertising gourmet pupusas (squee!) almost made us stop for a bite, but we had a wedding to attend so we put Golden in our rearview mirror and Denver in our sights.


Pausing for a little photo shoot on the balcony of my parent’s 14th floor hotel room at the Warwick Hotel. The place was really nice!!


Great views of the city, within walking distance to the 16th street mall, and close to lots of bars and restaurants. I would definitely return.


The main event, my cousin Elyse’s wedding, was held at the nearby History Colorado Center. So pretty at night.


Ben and I sat in the back during the ceremony to make a quick exit with Lincoln if need be, but we got a perfect view of my cousin and Brett on the way in as fiancees, and out as husband and wife. These two were made for each other!


Afterwards, while the couple were taking photos in the atrium, the family got to chit chat for a bit before the start of the reception which was just in an adjoining room. LOVE when wedding ceremonies and receptions are held in the same place.


Most of my cousins, with the exception of Elyse and her family who live in Colorado, live in Ohio and the chance to get together is very few and far between. Lindsay and I are the same age and despite not growing up anywhere near each other, it is shocking how alike we are. Mannerisms, the sound of our voice – everything!


Family photo opp! Can I just tell you that Lincoln was wearing a collared plaid onesie and I almost died he was so cute?!


Brett and Elyse met at Barnes & Noble so the reception decor was all book themed. So cute and clever.


Plus there were bags of candy at each table. They really didn’t need anything else beyond that, if you ask me! ; )


Dinner was catered by the center’s restaurant and everyone agreed it was one of the best wedding meals we’ve ever had.


Thick and rich mashed potatoes, a super sweet corn and squash medley, and really rare roast beef (my favorite) was all on point. My plate was piled ridiculously (rocky mountain) high. ; )


The little dude was tuckered out and we needed to leave before cake (traveling with a 3 month old was challenging, but I sort of feel like if we survived that, I can do anything now!) but we did manage to cheers to the happy couple. Although our 48 hours in Denver went insanely fast, it was full of fun and, most importantly, family time!


Speaking of family – my littler brother had to be back home to be in a friend’s wedding while we were in Denver. Horrible timing! The silver lining was that our flights matched up in such a way that we got to see each other as we arrived/departed and swapped cars for the weekend. I’ll take it! (Nice photo bomb, Ben!)


Well guys, that’s what we were up to this weekend! I hope you had a good one yourself, and have a wonderful week!

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  1. Sara G. 11.11.2013

    I love that you’re doing more of these types of posts now! Love hearing about your little family!

  2. Melissa 11.11.2013

    Great post! I’ve always wanted to visit Denver and those pancake flights look absolutely incredible!

  3. C. 11.11.2013

    Lovely photos! Looks like you had a great short trip :)

  4. Ah.. you were at one of my favorite places in the world! I went to school down there once my oldest started kindergarten. It was so fun to be urban hipster by day and suburban housewife by night. Larimer Square is one of my favorite hang out spots to stroll around with a nice hot coffee ;) However, I haven’t eaten at Snooze yet. What is wrong with me?!

  5. Sally 11.11.2013

    I love Denver, although I’ve never eaten at Snooze or Sam’s No 3 – definitely on my list for next time. BTW, that BR dress looks gorgeous on you! Might take advantage of their 40% off sale and snag one for myself :)

    PS – Lincoln is such a cutie!!

  6. Oh my gosh, Lincoln’s faces are beyond cute!! :) Looks like an amazing weekend and the black dress looks fab!

  7. you are BRAVE for traveling with a little one! it looks like a fun trip, makes me miss denver!

  8. I could move to Colorado too. It looks like such a beautiful place! I’ll definitely be making a stop by Snooze when I’m there,

    Such a beautiful wedding! I agree with the reception/ceremony having to be in the same place. It’s so much nicer that way. Lincoln looked adorable, as always., and you looked amazing in that BR dress!

  9. Laura 11.11.2013

    What a fun trip! I’m an Iowa City girl, but I grew up in Colorado in the Rockies and I love seeing fellow Iowans enjoy the mountains as much as I do (and definitely Denver’s food!).

  10. Nichole C 11.11.2013

    We have three or four friends who visited Colorado ONCE, and moved there. Gah, all your photos make me want to visit, stat! Your brother’s wedding looked beautiful :)

  11. Lizzie 11.11.2013

    I have definitely met your cousin – so bizarre! I went to college at BGSU. My friend Sean was from the Dayton area, and his family was family friends with Elyse’s family. Elyse used to visit Sean at college and we’d hang out! Congrats to Elyse!

    Looks like it was a beautiful wedding! Mine is this coming Saturday the 16th in Bowling Green! :-D

  12. You have a beautiful family. Little guy is adorable!

  13. Caitlin T 11.11.2013

    Snooze is amazing! My parents live right by one so whenever my husband and I are out visiting we always make a breakfast stop. I love their benedicts.

    Lincoln is such a cutie! He seems like a really easy going baby, too. Thanks for sharing these little glimpses into your family life.

  14. StarvingDiva 11.11.2013

    Lincoln is one of the happiest and cutest babies I’ve seen in a long time!

  15. I’m glad you had such a great weekend in my state :) You definitely picked some great spots to eat (mmmmm Snooze!), and that wedding looks gorgeous. When I went to the history museum a few months ago I remember thinking what a great wedding venue it would be!

  16. Carla R 11.11.2013

    I am a Denverite and all these spots are in my hood. Thanks for sharing your wonderful time in our great city. P.S. Your family is beautiful and it is a blessing to be able to share happy times.

  17. Darcie 11.11.2013

    You seriously have one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen (and mine was pretty adorable)! I’d love to try those cucumbers if you ever think about recreating the recipe.

  18. Jennifer D. 11.11.2013

    Really enjoyed this post! Lincoln is such a cutie! We are looking at maybe moving to Denver so the pictures and restaurants were interesting! Pancake flights sound amazing!

  19. It makes me so happy to see new parents out and enjoying life with their little one – it’s amazing how many people will tell try to convince you that your life will be over when you have a baby, but I’d like to think our bambino (joining us early February) will simply add to our adventures. I know it won’t be as easy as it was when we were just a couple, but I think it’ll be worth it :-) Is there a traveling with baby post on the horizon? (please say yes!)

  20. What a great trip! I’m partial to Denver which is a good thing since I live here. You went to a lot of my faves! Just wanted to say that baby is over the top adorable but then the rest of you are, too!

  21. Lauren 11.11.2013

    I got so giddy reading this post. I just love hearing that visitors love Colorado as much as us natives do :) You had the perfect weather for a weekend trip! There are a billion great breakfast (and Bloody Mary) restaurants in Denver but I’m pretty partial to Snooze too. It’s just so fun! Glad it was a good trip.

  22. Breanna H. 11.11.2013

    My husband and I used to live in Bozeman, MT where there is a Ted’s Montana Grill and we agree that the Canyon Creek burger is to die for! On another note, I am SO doing the pancake flight the next time I am in Denver! Thanks for the tip!

  23. tiffany 11.11.2013

    omg i LOL-ed so hard at the picture of you and ben imitating the bear (?) so cute and hilarious!! :D
    lincoln is getting cuter every day!!!!

  24. Marissa 11.11.2013

    I’m headed to Denver this weekend! So excited to try some of those restaurants. Thanks

  25. Sally G. 11.11.2013

    We have a Ted’s Montana Grill near us and it’s our favorite place to go kick back when we want to get out of the house. Their bison chili nachos are amazing, and for the D.C. area they have really good happy hour specials (which run every day of the week, Saturdays included!)

  26. Tracy 11.11.2013

    I say the same thing every time I visit CO…wish we could move there!

    Congrats on surviving travel with Lincoln. Now you’re a pro!! The first trip is the hardest!

  27. Ashley 11.11.2013

    We just went to Snooze in San Diego for the first time last weekend! I had the pancake trio also and I definitely agree my favorite was the pineapple upside down pancake. I had the cinnamon roll and the blueberry danish one also, but pineapple won, hands down :) Your little man is so cute!!

  28. Your babe is darling. :)

  29. lisa 11.11.2013

    Arrrrgh. That green chile on EVERYTHING out there. I miss it so.

  30. Chelsey T. 11.11.2013

    I was in Denver the first weekend of Nov. and went to Golden to get in a hike and check out the cute downtown. We saw the sign for pupusas and I knew I had to have one. So good! Definitely stop to eat there next time you visit Golden.

  31. Awww, Lincoln’s getting so big already – and I love his formal onesie. And of course, you look beautiful as always, IGE :)

  32. Jeanne 11.11.2013

    Great pictures! Looks like a fun weekend. Lincoln is absolutely adorable and so photogenic! Y’all are blessed!

  33. Emily 11.11.2013

    SUCH a SWEET family!

  34. Jenny 11.11.2013

    I love seeing your posts of traveling with Lincoln. We have a 4-month old little guy that we have taken a few road trips with (9 hour one coming up in Dec!) but haven’t braved the airplane quite yet. We have always said that we want to keep up with traveling with him but it can be overwhelming so I appreciate seeing you brave it out! I’d love to see a post with suggestions on traveling with an infant!

  35. Cynthia 11.11.2013

    Lincoln’s expressions are too funny!! OMG, Ben’s photo bomb cracks me up :)

  36. what a fun weekend! ya’ll are seriously the cutest family, love hearing about your adventures!

  37. Heather 11.11.2013

    I remember freaking out right before traveling with my first child as an infant….and then she became a one year old. It’s amazingly easy with an infant…it’s those older babies and toddlers that are hard. But traveling with an infant is good practice. Congrats!

  38. Debbie 11.11.2013

    Love Snooze! Been to the one in Boulder as many times as I can!

  39. Wow! I can’t believe Lincoln did so well at the wedding! That’s impressive for a 3 month old!

  40. Lauren 11.11.2013

    Love the pictures thanks for sharing! As a Denver transplant, I agree, it’s hard not to fall in love with the city. I say, move here! :)

  41. Cherie 11.11.2013

    Teds is famous for their Bison burgers. Don’t bothrr with a salad there! We love their Bison burgers! Love the onion rings too.

  42. Tr 11.11.2013

    I’ve never even been to Denver, but I’ve always said that I could totally move there. That pancake flight may have just sealed the deal!
    I adore this post!

  43. CRrie 11.11.2013

    Lincoln sure looks like Daddy. Love Denver. I live out west and there is no better place than the mountain West. Love it.

  44. Courtney 11.11.2013

    Any way for you to recreate the squash/corn medley? I had something similar at a rehearsal dinner this past weekend in Lawrence, KS, except it was with cubed sweet potatoes instead of squash. Really yummy, but I have no idea how to make it.

  45. Andrea 11.11.2013

    Awwwww a wonderful post about Denver, my home! Love it here and you hit all the best spots! Glad you enjoyed yourself Kristin!

  46. Elizabeth 11.11.2013

    My husband and I met at Barnes and Noble too! I was his boss…oops! :) Love the decor and such a beautiful bride!!!

  47. caslyn 11.11.2013

    Thanks for sharing so much with us..i love these kinds of posts (although, not as much as your Friday favorites!)!!!

  48. Beth 11.11.2013

    First of all, Lincoln is beyond adorable! Second, your cousin’s wedding dress was stunning! Fun weekend! I’ll have to remember these spots for when we visit Denver.

  49. Courtney 11.12.2013

    Looks like such a fun trip! I love that the bride and groom met at Barnes and Nobles. By the way, your skin looks awesome!! What have you been doing?!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.12.2013

      Praying! No seriously, I got adult acne at 24 (shoot me) and it miraculously cleared up when I got pregnant. So far my skin has stayed clear post pregnancy so I’m just praying it stays that way!!

  50. ShaNae 11.12.2013

    I live in UT and the fall colors especially in the canyons have been gorgeous this year. I saw the LBD in the Friday favorites and you looked beautiful in it. Lincoln is adorable, and you have a beautiful family.
    Stay Blessed!

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