My Mommy Mind: 6 Month Update


I know I said Lincoln at 5 months was the best yet, but 6 months is definitely snagging the coveted spot. We’ve seen SO many changes, both physical and developmental in our little guy this month, it’s unbelievable. Here’s what’s on My Mommy Mind!


Lincoln is now able to sit up by himself for long stretches of time. It was crazy. We worked and worked on it with no luck, then one day, just like that, he was sitting! It just goes to show that babies will do things when they’re good and ready.


Along with sitting comes a new found sense of independence. While it’s nice that I can plop Lincoln down with a basket of toys to entertain himself with for 20 minutes, I find myself missing him needing me. Then I realize how insane that sounds and go do something productive with my life.

_DSC8684 copy

Seriously Mom? Can’t you see I’m busy over here?!


I had my first “I’m failing as a mother/wife/small business owner/human being” meltdown a few weeks ago. It involved a crying mama holding a crying baby and was, well, ugly. Please tell me I’m not the only one? I’ve been trying to cut myself some more slack since then.


So much worrying comes with being a Mom. I’m constantly asking myself if my baby is happy enough, if I’m playing with him enough (or too much,) if he’s learning enough, if he’s having enough experiences, if I’m doing the right things at the right age. I’ve heard many women express fear about becoming a Mom. News flash: we’re making it up as we go!

Lincoln is our snuggle bug and putting him down for naps and to bed are actually my favorite parts of the day. He’ll snuggle in chest to chest, let me give him lots of kisses, and then I’ll let him lay there probably a little too long because IT’S THE BEST FEELING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.


I’ve come to accept the fact that my house will be cluttered and un-tidy for the next 18 years. I never thought I’d be that person with baby gear/toys all over the house, but I am. And I don’t even care.

It’s crazy to me that, as parents of an infant, we’re making 99.99% of the decisions for another human being. Where they sit, when they eat, what they eat, where they go, what they wear, etc… This kind of feeds into the worrying – I have so many important decisions to make for this tiny fragile life. I don’t want to screw it up! BTW, is making your child wear a fedora indoors while you vacuum with him strapped to your chest because it makes you so happy ok??


We started solids this month. For about a week after we began Lincoln was EXTREMELY cranky, to the point where we stopped because he was just a completely different child (ie the catalyst to my Mommy meltdown!) Our doctor encouraged us to try again, and he’s doing just fine now. We think it was just his digestive systems getting used to a different type of nutrition.

Right now he gets oatmeal twice a day with a rotation of avocado, butternut squash, sweet potato, pears, prunes, and peas, so far. Peas are his favorite – go figure! (I hate ’em!)

A WONDERFUL side effect of starting solids (the second time)? He’s finally sleeping through the night! I know they say the two aren’t related, but since the night we started solids (again, the second time) he sleeps from 7pm to 7:30am, with feedings at 9pm and 6am. He’s had a couple of random 1am wake ups since then, but I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to go to bed without the dread of not knowing what’s coming in the overnight hours.

Lest you think it’s all sunshine and rainbows, his naps are back to being all over the place. Ay yi yi. These babies are lucky they’re so darn cute!!


Lastly, at 6 months Lincoln’s personality is really shining through. He’s the absolute happiest when he’s got the attention of both Mom and Dad – like, limbs flailing around, happy – and is never without a smile when I call his name. Unless it’s after 5:30pm. Then, well, he doesn’t. ; )

At least once a day I still marvel over the fact that he’s ours to keep forever. Other women need not apply! (Seriously, what am I going to do when he starts dating? I can’t even!)


Ooo, lastly lastly – we cannot WAIT for warmer weather! Walks, walks, walks! #alldayerrday

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  1. What a cutie! And you know what? You are going to keep saying the next age is your favorite. I promise you will, because it really does just keep getting better and better. :)

  2. Joanna Gehrke 02.18.2014

    I so agree, every age will be the perfect agree! It’s so funny how that works! And YES, you are not the only one to have a mommy meltdown! I have them routinely. I’d say you are doing an A+++ job. I mean, L is THE cutest baby ever (with the exception of mine of course ;-) ), YOU are adorable and your blog is the BEST! I personally don’t know how you do it! I can hardly function on a normal day. :) XO

  3. jen 02.18.2014

    I constantly worry about screwing up my children and have had many such meltdowns over the years. But I did read some article…somewhere…I wish I could refer you to it, but they did some sort of study and found that in the end parenting choices have very, very little to do with how a person turns out as an adult. I’m not sure how exactly they measured it but reading that made me feel a lot better. And after having our second kiddo it seems to make sense to me because even as a tiny baby, the baby’s personality is so much different than his older brother’s personality.

    • Jan 03.13.2014

      As a mom of 4, grandmom of 6, and 71 years old, yes you are correct. I was the same mom to all of mine and they are all totally different. We have all heard the stories of the most perfect parents having a child who just couldn’t grow up right.

  4. nicole 02.18.2014

    i love your blog – and your baby is so so cute!

  5. Jen 02.18.2014

    Gah! those eyes! those expressions! he is so stinkin cute. I love when you update the mommy page :)

  6. JennP 02.18.2014

    Every age provides something wonderfully unique from all of the other ages, but I really did love 6-8 months with my girls. They were sleeping soundly through the night and sitting independently but weren’t mobile yet. I found that to be kind of the “lull” between the exhausting early infant days and the crazy, chasing-them-all-over-the-place age that comes quickly after!

  7. Jill 02.18.2014

    Kristin, he is just precious!

  8. Sara 02.18.2014

    Mommy meltdowns…mine happened after a snarky lady at Target told me I was doing everything wrong with my then 4 month old. (Really-like you can make that assumption after a 30 second encounter?!) It was probably just a wrong place/wrong time moment but, like you, I questioned everything and started uncontrollably sobbing in the Target parking lot. And then cried harder because I was crying in the middle of a Target parking lot! Between stress, hormones and sleep-deprivation I think every mom has a breaking point.

    So, let me tell you that you are doing a great job. You really can’t ever hear that enough as a parent and moms need to support and encourage each other as much as possible.

    And Lincoln is adorable. :)

  9. i just love these updates. although i must confess that the sleep stuff gives me the hives thinking about what i’m headed toward in 6 short months…i’m already trying to breathe deeply about it. just from how happy he looks in the photos you post, you are undoubtedly doing a great job!

  10. Melissa 02.18.2014

    My gosh, he is adorable! I’m due with a little boy at the end of April, and I love reading these updates…it’s nice to get a realistic look at what’s to come! Thanks for giving us a peek into your world! :)

  11. Beverly 02.18.2014

    I love your updates! My “babies” are no longer babies – I have a 21 year old and almost 17 year old. I loved all the ages up until my youngest became a teenager. Holy hormones! Enjoy each and every day and don’t worry so much! In 20 years you’ll look back and wish you hadn’t worried so much and just enjoyed the time with him. My husband and I are constantly saying that the days are long, but the years are short; we can’t believe we’re almost done! Sigh! Happy Tuesday!!

  12. Kim 02.18.2014

    Welcome to the Mommy Meltdown club! Know that you are definitely not alone in this adventure. My kiddos are 4 and 6 now. Looking back, I sometimes stressed over the smallest things that in the end really didn’t matter. Sleep and exercise were biggies for my sanity. Know that you are doing an AMAZING job with your little guy. He is loved and well taken care of and lucky to have you as his mommy.

  13. Seriously, that boy is SO darn cute! Love the hair. Mommy meltdowns are normal. It’s good to admit them, they also make us better because we realize we can’t do it all. And who “wants to do it all” anyways, that’s exhausting. Enjoy each day, each minute with those cuties, next thing you know, he’ll be 1 and you’ll wonder “what the heck.” He’s happy, so you are definitely doing something right!

  14. So beyond cute! I think you are doing a great job as a mom! He looks like a super super happy baby!

  15. Allison 02.18.2014

    My son is 2 wks old today. I love getting a little preview of what is to come with your blog!!

    I’ve already had a couple meltdowns. I am having a rocky start with breastfeeding and struggling with health issues, currently mastitis. And, of course, I am tired. Having a baby isn’t easy!

  16. Angela 02.18.2014

    Love, love your mommy posts! I remember how exciting it was to read you were pregnant and then I was pregnant shortly after that. It has been fun ‘growing’ along with your blog. I love to hear how everything is going since I’m a couple of months behind you–it’s encouraging to hear you started solids at 6 months. It’s my own mommy support. Thanks and as always, love the blog!

  17. Lindsay 02.18.2014

    You probably get this every day, but your little is the cutest kid on the planet. Baby Gap and J. Crew crewcuts needs him.

  18. Nicole 02.18.2014

    Seriously, your child is too cute for the internet! Can I just say I love this post (and your blog in general)! I became a mom 3.5 years ago and have loved the way it changed me. I love seeing and reading about your experience. You capture it so well and I just wanted to tell you that I am nodding, smiling and laughing along with you as I read. Thank you for doing what ya do!

  19. Cari 02.18.2014

    Lincoln is so adorable! Yes, every mom has meltdowns about whether you’re doing everything right! There will be days when you feel like an awesome mom and other days you’ll feel like you’re not doing anything right. Clearly Lincoln is loved–that’s what matters!

  20. Melinda 02.18.2014

    Totally not a Mom, but I read your Mom posts and wanted to say first, thanks for sharing your fears/meltdowns/thoughts that you are responsible for shaping a human and future adult. I know a lot of Moms and only about 25% are willing to share the reality, which I always find refreshing and helpful. Perfection can never be achieved on anything in life and it’s nice to hear that, even when the baby is born, those thoughts of “am I getting this right” are normal. Also, thanks for not turning this into a baby blog. I like when you sneak bits of Lincoln and life into the food section but I love that you keep the two separate and didn’t lose your identity when you became a Mom. Kudos!

  21. Sandy 02.18.2014

    I gotta tell you that I love, love, love the Lincoln updates! You can tell that he is one happy, well loved little guy. Thank you for sharing him with us!

  22. Brooke 02.18.2014

    This made me laugh out loud. I’m right there with you in everything. We have a 4 month old — seriously the best thing ever! I’m definitely looking forward to him sitting up on his own, though!

    Your posts are just great… they make me realize we really are all going through the same thing and that I need not be paranoid about every decision I make :) Love your posts and recipes!

  23. Hayley 02.18.2014

    Wow, I cannot believe he is 6 months already! What a cutie!! I am so impressed you made it to 6 months before your first ugly cry meltdown. I think it would be strange NOT to have at least one of those by 6 months :)

    My son just turned 20 months and I am still saying all the time “This is the best stage yet!” It just gets better and better (though I really miss the gummy smiles!)

    I love your mommy posts! I have read your blog for years and years, so it is very fun to see (hope that’s not weird to say?!)

  24. Karly 02.18.2014

    He is such a DOLL! I have really enjoyed these posts every month and how you’ve incorporated talking about Lincoln into your normal blog content. You are an adorable little family – best wishes!

  25. Ali 02.18.2014

    Funny you should write about having a mommy meltdown and about making 99.9% of the decisions in a baby’s life because that’s exactly what my post was about today! It’s the fun part of parenting but it’s also the overwhelming scary part too! Check out my post to feel better.

  26. Andrea Campbell 02.18.2014


  27. Margene 02.18.2014

    He is the most darling little guy! What gorgeous eyes!

  28. Donna 02.18.2014

    Lincoln is so cute. Thank you for sharing the pictures. He just made me smile all through the pictures. Isn’t being the MOM the best thing ever?????

  29. Christi 02.18.2014

    As a Grandma of 4 under the age of 3 I so enjoy your posts about your sweet Lincoln.

  30. Emily 02.18.2014

    He is SO cute. He is really growing! I know what you mean about the sitting. I worked with my baby girl (8.5 months now) on sitting and she kept hunching over and putting her weight on her hands. then one day, she was able to just sit up unassisted for like 15-30 seconds, then a week later she was doing it all the time. Awesome.

  31. Gwen 02.18.2014

    Lincoln is such a beautiful little boy!
    Thanks for sharing him with us.
    I enjoy reading your blog.

  32. Urban Wife 02.18.2014

    Lincoln is such a little stud! I love these updates. Give yourself plenty of grace as a momma. Us mommas are usually the ones who expect ourselves to be all, do all, and have all. Yes, meltdown(s) are totally normal. At the end of the day, you have a happy and healthy baby. Clearly, you are doing something right! ;)

  33. Peggy 02.18.2014

    I know my three boys were pretty darn cute but Lincoln might top the list of cutest-ever babies!!! And you are an incredible mama!!!! Wow!!! The love you have for this kiddo (totally understandable) shines through every awesome post you write and every great picture you share! My babies aren’t babies anymore (they are 20, 20, and 17) but the rush of memories makes it seem like it was just yesterday when they were! Like others have said, mommy meltdowns are part of the territory. I believe that if you are truly attached to your kid, the whole emotional terrain throws you for a loop every single day. And just when you think you’ve figured out one stage, another comes along and you (and your baby and your husband) hit a re-set button. So savor now for what it is. You don’t have to be his entertainment center and he won’t always be happy (b/c, seriously, who is?) but he clearly will always know he is loved. How lucky he is to have your blog to know that love started before he was born and has deepened every day since.

  34. Each stage does get better and better. Even in the bad moments of each stage there is something to celebrate. My youngest is in the midst of her terrible 3’s but ya know what? I can shower when I “want”, no more diapers, and the interactions between her and her sister are pretty damn cute. I question myself pretty much every day. In all the decisions I make: homeschooling, house keeping (yes its never clean), blogging, and just spending time with my kids. It gets to be a lot but remember, the days are long but the years are short :)

  35. Connie 02.18.2014

    Mommy meltdowns – I can’t count how many there have been. Letting them date one day? petrifies me! I’m enjoying all the updates on Lincoln :-) We always expect to much from ourselves as moms and you have to be able to roll with the punches and forgive yourself because NOBODY is perfect and you know Lincoln loves you regardless. Whether or not you managed to do things “perfectly” doesn’t matter – whether you manage to do your best despite all the things going on at one time, that’s what matters.

  36. Brooke 02.18.2014

    I love your blog, I stumbled across it only about a month ago & am so glad!! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all of your posts since then & have added LOTS of recipes to my “to try” pile thanks to you! I just received my latest issue of Fitness magazine & wanted to say congrats to you for getting such a great mention from them. I think they were right on!! So congrats & keep up the fantastic work! Only the best things can be found in Iowa!

  37. oh my goodness, what a handsome little man!!

  38. I can’t focus on anything you’re saying in this post because of how stinkin’ cute he is! Ahh, baby fever!

    You are definitely going to be in trouble when he’s old enough to date.

  39. Leslie W 02.18.2014

    Lincoln is beyond adorable & certainly looks like a very happy, intelligent, well-adjusted baby. Don’t worry about the melt-downs, that’s normal & will happen again (sorry). It’s ok to put him in a safe place or hand him to someone else for a little bit & go beat the snot out of your bed if you must. I’m sure you’ve already heard this 10 zillion times but the coolest thing EVER is watching your child grow up & enjoy it! It really does go by in the blink of an eye!

  40. young 02.19.2014

    Great pics! What a cutie! Glad he’s sleeping through the night for you – it’s easier to appreciate their cuteness when they’re sleeping through the night, lol!

  41. […] {New on the Family Channel: My Mommy Mind 6 Month Update >>} […]

  42. When it comes to be a mummy, I think we will always think the next stage is better than the last. Lincoln is such a cutie!

  43. AmberLynn Pappas 02.19.2014

    I think we’ve all had that Mommy Melt Down at one point or another. I’m pretty sure that I’ve had at least one for each of my kids!

    The photo of Lincoln in playing the piano made me both smile and feel sad. We had that same sleep and play outfit for both of our boys and it was one of our favorites to see them in. However, it was newborn size and our kids were both over 8lbs at birth. It was a sad day when I gave it away and knew that there would never be another little one of mine to hold in that little green suit.

    Enjoy your beautiful boy!

  44. Melody 02.19.2014

    Good morning! Being a fellow Iowan and the mother of 2 grown boys, I have so enjoyed your blog. Right after reading your post today I read a devotional from a mother reflecting on the changes of her son as he has grown. I thought you might enjoy her perspective:

  45. Jenalee 02.19.2014

    I absolutely love your posts about your little man. So handsome! I am not a mom quite yet, but have hopes to be one day. Thank you for the small glimpses into motherhood. Love your insight!

  46. Lincoln is just the cutest little guy ever! I wouldn’t ever want him to date either, haha! What a fun age :)

  47. His eyes are so huge and blue and adorable! He is so precious :) I can’t wait to one day have one of my own to keep forever, your stories really make me look forward to one day being a mom :)

  48. Nichole 02.19.2014

    Thanks for the update! I have a little girl that is two-ish months. It’s been really cool to see our progress through pregnancy and now through parenthood. “One day at a time” has been my mantra ;-D

  49. Jodea 02.19.2014

    I am NOT usually a baby person but Lincoln makes me broody! If I was guaranteed a cutie like him I’d be all over motherhood!

  50. Katie 02.19.2014

    Your son looks happy and healthy. Try not to be so hard on yourself, trust your decision making skills and have faith.

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