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Happy Friday everyone, I hope you had a great week and even better weekend ahead of you!

I’m heading to Seattle this weekend for a quick girlfriend getaway with my Napa ladies. My friend Lindsey recently moved to the area so Natalie (my fellow shortie) and I are heading out to help her explore and get to know the place. My heart’s already breaking thinking about leaving Lincoln for a few days, but I’m also very, very excited. Can’t wait to show you what we get into!

Seattle-ites: What do we need to see/do/eat/drink/experience? I haven’t been to Seattle since college and can’t wait to rediscover this cool (literally,) laid-back city. Got my layers packed! ; )

I hope you’ve got something fun on the agenda too, and in the meantime please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites. Have a GREAT weekend!

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Favorite classic: The Best Carrot Cake. The minute I saw this recipe from Ali @ Gimme Some Oven, I tweeted her just one word: WOW! This may be the most perfect-looking carrot cake I’ve ever seen!


Favorite find: BEpaperie. My cousin recently opened an Etsy shop featuring handmade paper goods including flowers like the ones she had at her wedding, stationary, and these HIGH-larious cards for every occasion. This girl is crazy-witty. I laughed like a maniac at every single one!


Favorite photo: BLT Lettuce Wraps. This photo and recipe is absolutely amazing. The pops of color against the black background and low-carb take on the classic BLT makes me want to dive right in.


Favorite find: Omission Beer. Thanks to the recommendation of several people on last Friday’s post I picked up a 6-pack of Omission gluten-free lager and was BLOWN AWAY. It tastes exactly like regular beer…because it is! This beer is brewed per usual then a special enzyme is added to take the gluten out. Don’t know how it works. Don’t care. It is perfection.


Favorite bite: Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Mini Blender Muffins. Mini peanut butter + chocolate chip muffins made in a blender? I am not mad at that!


Favorite funny. Story of my life. No bag left behind!


Favorite crunch: Honey Garlic Crunch Chicken Tenders. And I quote. “…crunchy, sweet, sticky and totally irresistible…” Ummm, yes.


Favorite fun: Chalkboard Wall. Awesome project for the kiddos!


Favorite snack: Snap Peas + The Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedges. I’ve been snacking on super-sweet sugar snap peas like it’s nobody’s biz lately. I tend to only eat them alone because I like to crunch them very loudly. Ahem. Anyway, they’re divine when dipped in The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges, especially the Light Garlic & Herb flavor. Love the combo of crisp and creamy!


Favorite upgrade: Mini Pretzel Dogs. Like pigs in a blanket except way, way better. Bravo.


Favorite truth. Workin’ on it!

If you're going to be weird be confident about it_mini

Favorite twist: Fried Mozzarella Stack. I thought I’d seen all the caprese combos that existed in the world but this fresh/fried/creamy/crunchy take is a new one for me. Totally mouthwatering.


Favorite DIY: Alphabet Wall Art. This would be so adorable in a kids room, right? If you didn’t want to highlight I (heart) U, you could pick out your child’s initials instead. Either way – too cute!


Favorite sweet treat: Chai Ginger Ice Cream Sandwiches. I. Can’t. Even. Dana @ Minimalist Baker wins at life!


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  1. Jessica Rose 03.21.2014

    Have a great weekend…with your friends….;)

  2. Bryn 03.21.2014

    Ugh, those peanut butter muffins are ridiculously good and take like 15 minutes start to finish. Weird thing…we freeze them for quick breakfasts, and they are soooooooo good slightly frozen. Amazingly delicious.

  3. Jasmine 03.21.2014

    I’m not from Seattle, nor have I ever been, so my recommendation comes with no experience behind it. BUT! If I were going to Seattle, I would definitely make a stop at Delancey because I adore Molly Wizenberg and her blog Orangette.

    No idea if they have a gluten-free option…

    • Jamie 03.21.2014

      I’m right there with you Jasmine. If Delancey doesn’t offer g-f options, go to their bar Essex next door – cocktails are gluten-free, right? = )

  4. amy 03.21.2014

    I would HIGHLY recommend having dinner at the Purple Cafe & Wine Bar. Excellent selections and great food and service!!! I can’t wait to get back there later this summer.

  5. amy 03.21.2014

    ALSO….you have to get your hands on some WONDERFUL cupcakes from Trophy cupcakes that are by far the best I have ever had…..

  6. Chicago Jogger 03.21.2014

    I need those Chai Ginger ice cream sandwiches in my life!! Two of my favorite flavors. Great list, as usual. Have fun on your trip!

  7. Kelly Mitchem 03.21.2014

    I just moved from Seattle! You must go to Portage Bay Cafe while there! It’s the best french toast I have ever eaten, they use fresh local ingredients, simply divine! They have 3 locations!

  8. Rachel 03.21.2014

    Go to Rachel’s Ginger Beer and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Pike Place Market! I just came back from Seattle and went to both a few times.

    • Shannon 03.21.2014

      Ohhhhhh ~ so many wonderful places to dine in Seattle. If you can get yourself to The Whale Wins. Simply amazing food.

      Go to Ballard (the neighborhood) and wander the shops & restaurants. Cannot go wrong down there. Molly Moons for ice cream. Pikes Place Market – of course! The Beechers mac & cheese is to die for but not at all gluten free. Their cheese is fabulous. Skip Starbucks in favor of some smaller, local places. Too many to even begin listing. Portage Bay Cafe is amazing and they have a nice selection of gluten free meals too.

      Have a great trip!

      • Carrie 03.21.2014

        I can vouch for all of these suggestions (except for The Whale Wins, I haven’t been there). As an aside – I too am an Iowa gal – I’ve been in Seattle since 2001, having moved in my mid-20’s…

  9. Rachel 03.21.2014

    If you’re looking to try more gluten free beer check out Lakefront Brewery’s New Grist. It’s brewed in Milwaukee, WI and is available in almost every state in the US.

    Have a great weekend in Seattle! :)

  10. Jeni Flaa 03.21.2014

    Have a wonderful weekend in Seattle! Two of my good friends live there and I love visiting them. The Thai food is sooo good! I always like stopping in the International District for food and bubble tea. All those independent coffee shops with scratch made food, and my friend’s family took us to Revel for brunch. We also visited the Theo chocolate factory. You can take tours, but we just visited the store and bought more than we expected. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  11. Chai-ginger ice cream? Shut. Up.

  12. kelsey 03.21.2014

    Seattle is a great city, we might even be able to show you some sunshine!

    I second the nomination of Purple Cafe (they have one in Woodinville which has great wineries surrounding it too)! their lobster mac and cheese is to DIE for!

    For cupcakes… well Trophy is great but Cupcake Royale is better! seriously amazing and adorably quirky shops!

    • Shannon 03.21.2014

      Totally agree with you on the cupcakes! Trophy is pretty but Cupcake Royale tastes WAY better. And yay on our sunshine!!!

  13. Jessica 03.21.2014

    The Pink Door! It’s an Italian place in Diagon Alley across from Pike’s market. It is sooo good!

    • Carrie 03.21.2014

      Pink Door is fun and tasty, but it is in POST Alley.

  14. Giustina Miller 03.21.2014

    I love your list!
    Thanks for including my Fried Mozzarella Stack!
    Hope you have a Happy Friday!

  15. Val 03.21.2014

    Ha! Adorable Harry Potter nerd alert. The pink door is in Post Alley. Definitely enjoy Seattle’s diverse food options, best Thai, Sushi and Korean! The Great Wheel is worth a ride on nice day. And getting a coffee and walking on a ferry is a good way to pass a few hours and see things from a different perspective.

  16. that chalkboard wall is my favorite. i love it and think i need one in my apartment.

  17. Anna 03.21.2014

    Ah I’m so jealous! I grew up in Seattle and miss it so much!

    -Purple Cafe
    -The Matador
    -Portage Bay Cafe (without question)
    -Soscio’s Produce at Pike Place Martket
    -Paseo Caribbean Restaurant
    -Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

    Try to make it out to Bainbridge Island if you can! And ride the Great Wheel!

  18. Dawn 03.21.2014

    What Shannon said…..there are some great things happening in Seattle these days. Airfield Winery in Woodinville. Love their Tempernillo. And you have to get your baby a Seahawks Superbowl Champ t-hirt!

  19. That BLT does look so fresh and yummy! Thanks for the laughing cow pairing recommendation, I love snacking on their wedges!


  20. Sara 03.21.2014

    Here are some places that we liked, in Seattle. Have fun.

  21. Kim 03.21.2014

    LOVE these posts Kristin! Your cousin’s cards are hilarious. Family will be enjoying them for birthdays, etc. this coming year. The flourless PB muffins are amazing and quick. A favorite weekend treat in our house. Just texted my husband about the GF beer and he immediately replied back – Yepthatsmyfav! And you better believe I attempt to carry every grocery bag into the house on the first trip. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  22. dana 03.21.2014

    Thanks for the share friend! I love you.

  23. Carrie 03.21.2014

    A Wine tasting tour in Woodinville
    Ballard Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning
    Delancey IS tasty
    Of course Pike Place Market – with Beecher’s right across the street.
    Molly Moon’s Ice Cream AND Full Tilt Ice Cream. Yumm!
    Ray’s Boathouse – eat in the ‘cafe’ upstairs for pretty much the same menu. The food is good and the view is amazing.

    It looks like I might be in the minority, but I’m not a huge fan of Purple Cafe & Wine Bar. I’ve been there a few times and it’s always just been meh.

    • Leah R. 03.21.2014

      Ha, I just used “meh” to describe Purple before I read your post. I totally agree with all your suggestions. I’m trying Delancey for the first time this weekend, can’t wait!

  24. Can I have one of each? Please? Loving the grocery bag quote. So true.

  25. Jen 03.21.2014

    Woot Seattle!

    So many great options for you to try!

    *Any Tom Douglas restaurant.
    *Lots of fun new places in South Lake Union
    *Barolo (they have the BEST happy hour in town)
    *Also The Gerald & Hot Cakes if you are in Ballard. The Gerald has the best cocktails and a sweet mad men vibe.
    * I agree on the Trophy/Cupcake Royale Debate. Cupcake Royale wins and they now have icecream.

    Have fun while you are in town.
    I love your blog and am excited for all the new gluten free recipes in the future.

  26. Jennifer 03.21.2014

    I am a Seattle-ite! Check out Din Tai Fung in either Seattle near UW or across the lake in Bellevue! World famous and there are very very few in the US at all. Get the soup pork dumplings for sure and enjoy the pop of flavor in your mouth!

    • Jennifer 03.21.2014

      Ah shoot, I forgot the new celiac diagnosis. Din Tai Fung won’t be a good option as everything has gluten mostly. Sorry.

  27. I love that you have A Friday Favorite Beer! And I just moved to Seattle two weeks ago from LA. It’s been really amazing so far, and the sun is even out today.

  28. I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle, but haven’t made it there yet. Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  29. Jenny 03.21.2014

    We are taking a family vacation to seattle this summer so this info is super helpful! Cannot wait to see all you do and love reading these recommendations. Any tips for a 9 year old celebrating her birthday in Seattle? Looks like I know where to get cupcakes!

    • moorni 03.21.2014

      @Jenny – If its going to be summer then I suggest celebrating at a lovely park in seattle. Carkeek Park in the seattle broadview neighborhood is perfect. Carkeek has lovely views of the sound and a fun playground with a big open field to run around like crazy. Plus you can take short walk over a bridge to the beach to play in the surf or find shells.

  30. Ally 03.21.2014

    I love Seattle. Some must do’s- a Cuban sandwich at Paseo’s and dinner at Cascina Spinasse (do the chef’s tasting menu. Also stop in World Spice Market just outside of Pike Place Market and stock up on spices.

  31. Katie 03.21.2014

    You have thee best taste. I always love your Friday Favorites!

  32. Leah R. 03.21.2014

    It’s supposed to be chilly but gorgeous this weekend in Seattle, good timing! I totally agree with the Portage Bay Cafe recommendation – delicious brunch and they have lots of GF options. Apparently I’m the only one who has had a bad experience at Purple, but I thought it was pretty meh. I would recommend Pink Door and Tavolata for Italian food, Poppy and Joule for Asian, Rock Creek for seafood, and the Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday for people watching. So many amazing options, have fun!

  33. Love Seattle, had a girls weekend there myself a few years back.

    Loved the ferry ride and wineries on Bainbridge Island.

    Loved staying downtown, taking in the cafés and local flare around the market.

    Enjoy and know that your little man will manage to survive while you are gone,

  34. Megan 03.21.2014

    You can’t miss Hot Cakes in Ballard. Absolutely DEVINE.

  35. Micole 03.21.2014

    I live in Seattle and it is supposed to be sunny all weekend! All great suggestions listed! If your going to brunch I would highly suggest Cafe Campagne in Pike Place Market! Also any Ethan Stowell restaurant is worth a visit, i believe he has 5 or 6 in the Seattle area, Tavolota being right in downtown seattle. Can’t wait to read your review and see what you and your friends did in Seattle.

  36. Jess 03.21.2014

    Not sure if anyone’s mentioned it but a great idea to go along with the chalkboard wall is magnetic paint. Paint a coat of it underneath the chalkboard paint & you get double the fun!

  37. OH MY GOODNESS, that carrot cake… I can’t even handle it <3

  38. Kath 03.21.2014

    Wild Ginger in downtown Seattle is incredible (and has been for years). Great atmosphere, great drinks, AND they indicate on their menu which items are GLUTEN FREE!

    Tulio (also downtown) has long been one of my favorite Italian restaurants. It has GLUTEN FREE lunch and dinner menus available.

    Ray’s Cafe (or more expensive Ray’s Boathouse) is the perfect place for NW seafood and they also indicate GLUTEN FREE items on their menus.

  39. Vicki F 03.21.2014

    Definitely Pike Place Market with all its funky ethnic bistros. I love the variety of food you can get in the little hole-in-the-wall places tucked away in there. Don’t miss the waterfront wharfs if you can help it. Belltown was the up and coming area when I lived there in the 90s, but now I understand Ballard is the hot place to go. Enjoy it all and don’t forget an umbrella! :-)

  40. that fried mozz salad idea is outta control, i need that in my life!

  41. Lauren 03.21.2014

    I have only visited Seattle once, but some locals recommended that we take the underground tour. It is definitely a unique experience!

  42. Debbie 03.21.2014

    Yard House downtown on 4th has the best Chicken Tortilla soup ever!!! It’s creamy and has big chunks of roasted chicken. I get it every time I’m in Seattle. And have the creamy butterscotch pudding dessert. It will make your tummy smile!!!

  43. Elizabeth 03.21.2014

    I LOVE every single thing about this post. Right after I hit “post” I will be finding out how to make some of them mine! Thank you! And hope you have an amazing weekend!!

  44. Wild Child 03.21.2014

    Being Celiac for four years, I had my first cinnamon roll at Coffee and Specialty Bakery in October. They are located one street over from Pike Place Market. The ENTIRE bakery is GLUTEN FREE! It’s a small bakery, but the cinnamon rolls are heavenly! Here’s a link to their website Enjoy your trip!

  45. Hannah 03.21.2014

    in seattle come to Le Panier (a french bakery in Pike Place market) and get a gf macaron!

  46. Michelle 03.21.2014

    If you like Indian food, check out Tandoor in the University District. I wrote about it

    If you like Greek food then check out the Byzantian in Capital Hill. Was just there for dinner myself today actually.

    The pretty pink and white cherry blossoms are in bloom at UW I heard!

    Gas Works park is nice.

    Check out Freemont and Wallingford for art and shopping!
    There’s lots to see and do in Capital Hill~

  47. Anela 03.22.2014

    * Yes to Cupcake Royale- they have a great chocolate gluten free cupcake
    * Yes to Portage Bay- there’s a topping bar that’s great on their oatmeal.
    * I always recommend checking out the downtown library- the red hall, the view from the top of the elevator, and architecture in general is really interesting
    * I think Bauhaus Coffee in Capitol Hill is the most Seattle-esq hipster coffeeshops (with a view of the needle)
    * There’s a Starbucks in the Columbia Tower on the 40th floor that has a great view
    * Take the water taxi to Alki- that’s fun
    * I’d recommend Cafe Flora over Purple for more interesting dinner.
    * Cinnamon’s Bakery just outside Pike Place has an awesome wheat/gluten/dairy free oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

  48. Have a great weekend. Love those wedding cards!!! Too cute.

  49. Stephanie 03.22.2014

    1) PASEO – hands down, the best sandwich I’ve had in my life – I lie awake at night thinking of this place!

    2) DAHLIA BAKERY – tiny tiny place with amazing breakfast sandwiches, giant fig newtons, and tons of other goodies.

  50. Andrea 03.22.2014

    Tacos Guyamos at Greenlake!! Best margarita ever!!

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