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My name’s Kristin and I’ve lived in and around Iowa for the better part of 20+ years. While it may get a boring rap, Iowa’s a fabulous place to live! Great food can be found locally which lets me eat well, trails are abundant which allows me to run free, and the cost of living is low which encourages me to travel far.

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My Philosophy

Eat Well

Eating well is tough, isn’t it? Eating well with a major sweet tooth, plus a curiosity to try everything, is reallytough!

I love to cook, and I love to eat even more. I am always up for trying something new (except if it contains mushrooms, bell peppers, or cooked carrots!) and feel the absolute best when I eat nutritious and healthy meals. That said, I am a self-proclaimed junk food junkie. Give me a bag of Doritos and Thin Mints, and a happy girl you will find.

Obviously junk food does notdo a body good, so I try and live by the 80/20 rule: 80% clean and healthy eating, 20% sanity-keeping splurges. Some days it’s more like 60/40 – but, hey, we do the best we can!

On this blog you’ll find easy recipes, healthy recipes, family-friendly recipes, and in-season recipes. As of February 2014, all recipes posted are gluten-free due to my Celiac Disease diagnosis. Most nights you’ll find me in the kitchen whipping up a tasty meal for my husband, baby, and me – always leaving room for dessert, of course!

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Run Often

I “became” a runner when I moved to Minneapolis after graduating college, and was able to take advantage of the incredible trails and lakes that Minnesota has to offer. They don’t call it the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” for nothing! It was on these trails that I was able to slowly increase my mileage from barely one mile at a time, to more than six.

After moving back to Iowa, I continued running on the trails near my home and eventually took those runs from six miles to 13 miles. All my training culminated in the Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon in September 2008…on the rainiest day in Chicago’s history. Finishing that race gave me one of the biggest feelings of accomplishments I’ve ever had, and is something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I absolutely love the feeling that running gives me, and I am proof positive that if you stick with something – it will get easier!

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Travel Far

I’ve got the travel bug and it cannot be cured!

Some people work to get the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos, I work so I can travel. I absolutely love exploring new and unfamiliar places – learning the history and mystery behind every new discovery.

Whether it’s poking around European churches that are hundreds of years old or trying to figure out the intricacies of the mysterious Japanese culture, I want to do and see it all. Every place I go I consider a “favorite”, but my favorites among favorites include Japan, the Amalfi Coast, New York City, and ALL of California.

Destinations on my must see list include: Greece, Morocco, Alaska and India!

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  1. lindsay 08.18.2010

    How did I not find your blog before?? Love to travel, be healthy, and RUN! yea!

  2. Alysha 09.22.2010

    LOVE your blog! I have that same sweet tooth and I’m trying to get back into shape so I think your blog is going to become my new friend!

    I tried pulled pork 1 with my fiance and we LOVED it!!!!

    thanks :D

  3. Kath 09.24.2010

    I just discovered your blog through Project Food Blog, and I’m glad I did! Congratulations on being the Readers Choice–and I can see why. Your blog for Challenge #1 is totally charming. Good luck with the upcoming challenges!

  4. Love your blog and your food ideas! I’ve never heard of a tofu press! What kind of vegetarian am I?! Where did you get yours?

  5. Paige 10.03.2010

    Whoo hoo for Iowa girls! Although I didn’t live there as long as I have in other places, I still tell people I’m from Iowa–great place to live. Your blog is fab and yes, making me hungry haha :)

  6. Elicia Pandolfo 10.06.2010

    powerful luck for you

  7. Sunday {1o.1o.1o} 10.10.2010

    […] I started my morning off with a bowl of oats that was inspired by Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats. One of my g/f’s actually starred a post of hers (IGE) and shared it via […]

  8. saraL 10.14.2010

    I’ve studied food science in Iowa, just started running, and have traveled far (Europe, Africa) for the same reason ( I can afford it because I live in IA). Just discovered your blog. Love it.

  9. Yasmine 10.24.2010

    totally in love with your blog.. I love food and travel and recently just picked up running, and started blogging about adopting a healthier lifestyle…

    Training for my half marathon in December :)

  10. Kgann 11.10.2010

    I absolutely Love your Blog. I was born and raised in Texas and currently living in Germany(3 more years here!)..no where near Iowa..BUT I can absolutely relate. Eating Great Food. Having Great Company. Taking advantage of the sights to be seen in this world. Loving your Family and Friends. And Keeping your Body Healthy! Love it all!

  11. Ursula 11.12.2010

    Wow! A wonderful blog from another Midwesterner who appreciates the value of good eating and good living. Just recently moved back into the central time zone and I am regaining my midwestern roots. Your blog has been great fun to read so far!

  12. I found your blog through Chobani – some of my pictures were posted in their facebook album, so I flipped through the others and found that I thought each of your pictures was so pretty that I had to check your blog out – I’m so glad I did! I’m adding you to my reader. :)

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  14. TJOC Jessica 01.03.2011

    I’m a native Iowan too and cooking my way through The Joy of Cooking :) I spent a summer in Japan a couple years ago and blogged about it–it was so different and so interesting.

  15. Tonja 01.05.2011

    What a great site! I just stumbled across it in my googles searchs for my job. The photos are fab and the food! Wow….

    Keep up the incredible work!


  16. Amy 01.10.2011

    I LOVE your blog. I’m trying out a few of your recipes this week. Thanks so much!

  17. Tara 02.08.2011

    I love your blog. I stumbled across it tonight looking for healthy recipe ideas. I am so impressed by your ability to create a variety of healthy meals and am just curious…how did you learn to cook and how do you come up with your recipe ideas? I am just embarking upon a journey to make a health a priority in my life and needless to say I don’t have a very good relationship with food. I also like to eat healthy but I never grew up in the kitchen and just don’t know what food goes with what, etc… Even just seeing your simple salads makes me realize I would never think to put those foods together and yet they look so good and appetizing. Usually what I make is boring and dull thus it doesn’t take too long before I turn to “bad food.” Anyway, I’d just like to hear your opinion b/c I think you have such great ideas and balance.


  18. Kimberly 02.08.2011

    I just found your blog and am so glad I did! I look forward to reading more about your food, fun, & travels! :)

  19. Eleni 02.22.2011

    I stumbled upon this blog and I absolutely love it! I’ve lived in Iowa my whole life, currently attend ISU, and I’m obsessed with food and healthy living. I feel like this blog was written for me!

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  23. susie 03.07.2011

    Iowa girls unite! It has been many years since I called it home (grew up in QC and am an IA grad), but I have done RAGBRAI 5 times, and love to visit my family in Bettendorf, Waterloo and Okoboji….thanks for doing us Iowa girls proud!

  24. Claire 03.13.2011

    Hi Kristin! Wow, you sound exactly like me (except I’m from California)! :) Food, running and travel – yep, those are three of my favorite things! Your philosophy completely sums up how I feel. Looking forward to reading more!

  25. Steph 03.18.2011

    Hell to the yeah to your philosophy! and here I thought to be the only girl in this world to think like that. Appearantly not!
    Currently living in Italy… wanna swap some recipes and ideas on food… running and yes, travelling!!!!???
    My first run is on sunday 27th… a 10k little run, but bouncing back from a cold and it’s not easy. Any tips on how to live the coming week???
    Baci from Milan – Stephanie

  26. Destiny 04.01.2011

    Stumbled upon your website while looking for a green monster recipe. I love your blog! I live in Texas now to go to school but I miss my homestate of Iowa something fierce. Your site provides not only great advice but a taste of home.

  27. Candace 04.08.2011

    Hey Iowa Girl,

    I stumbled across your blog the other day when I google searched how to cook stove-top oatmeal (I’m ashamed to say), and have been loving what I find so far. In fact, we (at my household) were going to cook your slow cooker curry chicken dish from a few days ago, until I noticed it takes at least 4 hours to cook (and it was already 7pm).

    Anywho, the point to this comment is to ask you if there is an easier way to navigate you posts. I wanted to start from the beginning and move forward, but I can’t seem to find your first post and I didn’t want to click “older posts” all the way from today back to day 1. It may just be my web-surfing incompetence, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could add a table of contents sidebar or link (or something of the sort). Or, if you could inform me where I could find it if one already exists.

    Thanks for posting, and keep up the great blog.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.08.2011

      Thanks so much! If you click the “archives” dropdown under the Facebook box in the right hand column, you can navigate by month. :)

      • Candace 04.11.2011

        Thank you, sweetheart.

  28. I just found your blog and absolutely love it! Plus, I saw your travel page and saw you were near Positano, Italy. I’m going there in 3 months for my honeymoon!

  29. I’m loving your blog and looking forward to more posts. Greece was great; you’ll love it!

  30. Heather 05.25.2011

    I love your blog!!! Are you in the Des Moines area? I am from Alaska but visit Iowa frequently to see family so I’ll have to check out some of the places you’ve highlighted!

  31. Denise 06.07.2011

    A co-worker introduced me to your web site, and I absolutely love it! I’m working up to running a 5K, and with that, becoming a much healthier eater (more foods that come from the earth and less processed foods), but still have that pesky sweet tooth! I also have the travel bug! Thanks for your fun, high-energy, informative web site!
    From a Midwestern “neighbor” in Kansas….

  32. Gabby Bladdick 06.09.2011

    Hi! I am absolutely in love with your blog! I am moving to Iowa in two weeks after living in St. Louis my whole life. I can’t wait to explore Des Moines!

    I found your blog by connecting with some other Iowa people and I have to say, I’ve had a pretty unproductive day at work. Love your whole philosophy and outlook. I actually printed your “kitchen essentials” post and am making that my to-do on Saturday!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, recipes and wonderful travel adventures.

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  34. Jenn 06.17.2011

    Hi! I came across your Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups on Pinterest and just had to make them. Little did I know I was going to find my newest favorite website! I have just spent hours reading over all your old blogs, jotting down recipes, and enjoying your posts. My husband and I are truly picky eaters, but I have definitely found some foods I want to try totally based off of your pictures. Anyways, here’s to happy eating! :)

    Fort Worth, Texas

  35. MJ 06.22.2011

    Im so excited to find your blog! Im from Iowa, but have been living in NYC for last 5 years. I miss the people and food along with so much else that is wonderful about Iowa! New Yorkers just dont get it!! Thanks for writing! :-)

  36. Meredith 07.03.2011

    I just found your blog and I love it! I just started running recently and I’m trying to increase my mileage.. your story is motivating!

  37. TheCookieBoss 07.04.2011

    Hey there! Nice blog! I definitely agree with you on letting yourself have junk food in moderation. I bake for my blog, but most of the food I eat is healthy, whole foods. I exercise as well.

  38. illinoisevans 07.08.2011

    I usually don’t follow blogs but I found this one while searching chicken noodle soup recipes. Really great blog! I enjoy reading it. I saw a picture from Japan that looks exactly like one I took 5 years ago. I also love good food, travel, and running. Look forward to reading more, thank you.

  39. Taylor 07.28.2011

    I just discovered your blog today, and I feel like I have never related to anyone’s story quite like I do yours! I love your blog, running, traveling, EATING (yes, I also have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth myself) and I love Iowa and all it has to offer as well! Keep it up =)

  40. Kiah 08.13.2011

    I like your life philosophy! My husband and I just drove cross-country, and made a coffee-top book full called “Haybales Across America.” Iowa certainly gave us a lot to work with! (-:

  41. Brittnee Henry 08.21.2011

    I love it all! Iowa girls do know how to cook, as well as excel in many other areas! So happy I found your website, and can’t wait to check back often for more Iowa girl food and philosophy! As a fellow Iowa girl, I salute you for the pride and love you hold for our state, and the deep roots that can only be found in the Midwest. Many blessings.

  42. Madelyn 09.09.2011

    I’m a vegetarian, runner, and traveler too. I lived in Europe for 3 years and have traveled all over the US, Mexico, Europe, Singapore, and Malaysia. I just got my passport renewed and cannot wait to plan my next trip sometime this winter.

  43. Kaci 09.10.2011

    LOVE your blog! I’m a fellow Midwestern girl (Missouri) with a passion for cooking, travel, and staying in shape. I made your no-yeast cinnamon rolls this morning and they were awesome! I keep a travel blog (www.kaciclairest.com) and as soon as I learn how to take better pictures of food, I’m going to add a cooking blog onto it as well. Your site is very motivating! Keep it up :)

  44. Ariffa 09.15.2011

    you’re my new fave!

  45. Wendi 09.23.2011

    Hey girl! I just stumbled across your blog and absotively-posatutely LOVE it! I love your zest for food, travel, running and overall living a great life! I can’t wait to keep reading! Keep doing your thang hun! xoxo

  46. Crystal 09.26.2011

    I came across your blog while searching for places similiar to Savannah, GA to visit. Once there, I was entranced by the Washington DC post since I am going there in December with my mom. I told my mom that I think we were separated at birth. I absolutely love reading your blog. I love to run, I try to eat healthy often, and there is nothing I love more than to travel. I wish I could do it for a living. I don’t know how these people who host travel shows got to be so lucky. I enjoy reading your blog as often as I can. You do an awesome job. Thank you!

  47. Excited about your blog, just found it! We are neighbors…both in amazing states! Looking forward to reading more!

  48. Bridie Sellers 09.29.2011

    Hi! Was just referred to your blog by a co-worker. I am an Iowa/foodie blogger/runner as well. http://www.iheartveggies.net

    Are you in the metro area?

  49. Laura 10.27.2011

    Hi Kristin – it’s Laura M (formerly Laura P) from Meredith. Just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. http://wheninoz.com/2011/10/28/the-versatile-blogger-award/

    Keep up the great work and hope all is well back in Des Moines! Laura

  50. Jody 11.02.2011

    Hi Kristen,
    I found your website while searching for traditional food from Iowa. I love your site and made your Maid Rites and Sweet Potato Fries for our Iowa dinner. I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. I have never been to Iowa but your website is convincing me to go.

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