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My name’s Kristin and I’ve lived in and around Iowa for the better part of 20+ years. While it may get a boring rap, Iowa’s a fabulous place to live! Great food can be found locally which lets me eat well, trails are abundant which allows me to run free, and the cost of living is low which encourages me to travel far.

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My Philosophy

Eat Well

Eating well is tough, isn’t it? Eating well with a major sweet tooth, plus a curiosity to try everything, is reallytough!

I love to cook, and I love to eat even more. I am always up for trying something new (except if it contains mushrooms, bell peppers, or cooked carrots!) and feel the absolute best when I eat nutritious and healthy meals. That said, I am a self-proclaimed junk food junkie. Give me a bag of Doritos and Thin Mints, and a happy girl you will find.

Obviously junk food does notdo a body good, so I try and live by the 80/20 rule: 80% clean and healthy eating, 20% sanity-keeping splurges. Some days it’s more like 60/40 – but, hey, we do the best we can!

On this blog you’ll find easy recipes, healthy recipes, family-friendly recipes, and in-season recipes. As of February 2014, all recipes posted are gluten-free due to my Celiac Disease diagnosis. Most nights you’ll find me in the kitchen whipping up a tasty meal for my husband, baby, and me – always leaving room for dessert, of course!

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Run Often

I “became” a runner when I moved to Minneapolis after graduating college, and was able to take advantage of the incredible trails and lakes that Minnesota has to offer. They don’t call it the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” for nothing! It was on these trails that I was able to slowly increase my mileage from barely one mile at a time, to more than six.

After moving back to Iowa, I continued running on the trails near my home and eventually took those runs from six miles to 13 miles. All my training culminated in the Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon in September 2008…on the rainiest day in Chicago’s history. Finishing that race gave me one of the biggest feelings of accomplishments I’ve ever had, and is something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I absolutely love the feeling that running gives me, and I am proof positive that if you stick with something – it will get easier!

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Travel Far

I’ve got the travel bug and it cannot be cured!

Some people work to get the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos, I work so I can travel. I absolutely love exploring new and unfamiliar places – learning the history and mystery behind every new discovery.

Whether it’s poking around European churches that are hundreds of years old or trying to figure out the intricacies of the mysterious Japanese culture, I want to do and see it all. Every place I go I consider a “favorite”, but my favorites among favorites include Japan, the Amalfi Coast, New York City, and ALL of California.

Destinations on my must see list include: Greece, Morocco, Alaska and India!

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  1. Your blog is beautiful. I found my computer screen deceptively bland tasting.

  2. Kristi 05.04.2012

    Just made the Buffalo Chicken Quinoa mac and cheese. Oh. MY. WOOOOOORRRRDDDD! I had to remind myself that ‘serves four’ mean four PEOPLE. Not four servings to ME. thank you, thank you for that one.

  3. Dietrich 05.05.2012

    I can’t believe I love your page! Thanks for all the great recipes that really seem to delight us. Ironically, my wife hates to cook but LOVES it when I cook so…here I am. We love to travel the world, as well, so your page is entertaining as well as informative.

    All the best on your adventures: both culinary and otherwise!

    Dietrich, Tonya, & Savannah from the beaches of sunny Southern California

  4. Tom Raher 05.07.2012

    I just stumble into your world and my, how refreshing. I’ll be back!

  5. i’m really loving your site!! So much variety! I will be coming back :)

  6. Alesha 05.24.2012

    WOW! I am so excited to make your granola bars and frozen breakfast burritos!!!!! I am going to the store RIGHT now!!! :D

  7. normajean dreessen 06.05.2012

    I too am an Iowa girl and I just love your blog Your Friday favs make my week thank you for all the gooody receipes they are delish keep up the gr8 work

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  9. Jessica 06.06.2012

    Found your blog this morning and I am IN LOVE. I can’t wait to dig into it this summer and cook some of your delish recipes.

  10. Leah 06.07.2012

    Discovered your blog this week and LOVE it! I made your green smoothie this morning and it was a hit with my family, thank you! Can’t wait to try all your recipes! I’m trying to eliminate processed foods and incorporate more whole foods in my family’s diet. Many thanks : )

  11. Erika 06.09.2012

    Hey Iowa Girl! I love your blog, so much in fact I have been inspired to start my own blog. I am a fellow midwesterner who also loves food & travel. Keep the great recipes coming and thanks for the inspiration!

  12. agustin 06.10.2012

    very nice Girl & Blog!
    good luck! agustín

  13. bethsaida ryer 06.12.2012

    i happen to bump in your site .. find it interesting .. i loved to cook ( my line of work in PREP cook in the salad bar,, since im not workin right now i always find something new that is cheaper ang healthy to cook .. I have to take advantage to buy seasonal veggies and fruits according to my budget,, thanks much for sharing your palatable menus. REGARDS and best wishes .. MRS. BETH RYER of COLUMBUS . OHIO

  14. I just found your blog while searching for a recipe for maid rites :) I spent about 9 years in Iowa, and I was pretty happy to find a beautiful blog from a fellow Iowan who shares many similar philosophies! I’m looking forward to reading more :)

  15. Scharre 06.19.2012


    Love your site.

    Thanks for a few great recipes.


  16. Robyn G 06.20.2012

    Hi – stumbled upon your blog and love it! I am totally with you on your top three – eat, run and travel!

    Noticed you have Alaska on your list…I live on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

    If you plan an Alaskan trip e-mail me for the right way to do it – i.e. NOT A CRUISE!

  17. Jan Baldwin 06.21.2012

    I grew up in Iowa so your blog caught my eye for that reason and upon perusing, I thoroughly enjoyed your fresh take on everything. I repinned those cute tiny cinnamon rolls and got a kick out of your visit to Dallas. I moved to the metroplex many, many years ago after graduating from ISU.

    • Claire 08.17.2012

      Jan if I hadn’t read your name I would have sworn that was my mom writing that. She grew up in Iowa and we moved to DFW when I was almost 4. She also graduated from ISU. :)

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  19. Kirstie 06.26.2012

    I ALWAYS come across your blog when I’m perusing recipes on Pinterest and have finally added it to my toolbar. Just wanted to send some love from someone with a mutual love for food, travel and healthy living! Keep doing what you’re doing :)

  20. Love your blog! I found it thanks to Fitness magazine. I too love to travel, eat well and stay healthy. In fact, I’ve been doing a series of posts all month on staying healthy while traveling!

  21. Jamie L. 07.06.2012

    I love your blog! I love that you have a great balance of healthy eating/living, and still enjoying the fun things in life! You’re an inspiration!

  22. Meg 07.08.2012

    I just found your blog and cannot wait to follow along :D You are NOW in my Google reader xoxoxoxoxo

  23. LOVE your blog. I too work to travel! I also saw you had a picture of Lake Calhoun up. I just got back from a long-weekend trip to Minneapolis and was able to kayak there, (which I blogged about here: http://www.aroundtheworldfood.com/2012/06/21/lake-calhoun-kayak-rentals-minneapolis). It seemed like a great lake for running as well. Can’t wait to keep following your travels.

  24. Sarah 07.16.2012

    LOVE your blog! As a fellow Iowa girl myself (however, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any University of Iowa stuff…go Cyclones!), I enjoy your perspective that I think is unique to midwesterners. I’ll certainly be following you…and attempting to make the chick-fil-a bites very soon as chick-fil-a is sorely missed in our house (we live in Hawaii). Best wishes!

  25. Kristin, I’m really enjoying your blog. You have some great posts, and I especially like how you use photography. The detail in your photos is amazing. I was wondering what type of camera you use. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  26. Aleks 07.31.2012

    I should have gone to bed an hour ago, but I stumbled upon your blog while on Pinterest and its SO AMAZING!!! You just single-handedly answered ALL my running questions/concerns by the way. I’m not much of a blogger, and I usually never return to the same sites but you’re SO going straight to my bookmarks bar!!

  27. Mary Lewis 08.07.2012

    I came across your blog today and LOVE it. I subscribed. It first caught my attention because of the “Iowa” part and I am from Iowa (now living in Texas). We definitely have a lot in common with the love for food, running, and travel! Your recipes look yummy, healthy (most of them), and easy and I have already printed some off (cannot wait to try the Chili Chicken Lime Burgers!). Your blog is very “clean” and easy to read, VERY organized, and I’m looking forward to reading more of it :)

  28. Staci 08.09.2012

    I stumbled on your website searching for a granola recipe and ended up making the mini cinnamon rolls and green smoothie. They were both delicious. I love your site and recipes, and cannot wait to discover more!

  29. Holly 08.12.2012

    Good Morning Kristin! I found your website when I googled “homemade chipotle”. You are darling. Your positive attitude and zest for life radiates from the computer screen. Thank you for sharing your self, experiences, and recipes. You are a definite “day brightener”! PS I am going to cook your chipotle recipe tonight.

  30. Edith 08.13.2012

    I think I am in love with you and your blog (not in a creepy way :D)….’Eat Well. Run Often. Travel Far” That is a killer motto that everyone should have :)
    Have a lovely day :)

  31. T 08.16.2012

    Love your site! I’ve been searching for recipes for my teen son to eat before hockey practice. He’s going to have to eat on the bus each day on the ride to the rink (with no microwave or fridge)- so looking for things that are appealing to a teen, healthy and easy to eat – that can be kept in insulated lunch bag or thermos. So far, I’m thinking the mini-corndogs, mini ham and cheese quinoa and roasted potatoes would fit in the thermos!

  32. Vicky 08.17.2012

    Hi, Kristin! I happen to know your website through Pinterest.
    I recently moved to the U.S and finally got married to my husband that I have been with for almost 6 years. I am from South Korea by the way. We both love love traveling. I am with you! I work to travel the world. You should definitely check out Europe and Korea too! If you liked Japan, you may like Korea too :) Thanks for the great recipes and I love how you look at things and health. Now obsessing with calories, just eat happy and healthy and workout! :)
    Thank you so much!

  33. Taryn 08.18.2012

    Kristin I think you are the American version of me! I have a massive passion and curiosity for food. It is hindered slightly by my ridiculous amount of food allergies, but it just makes cooking all the more creative! I love that you’re a runner, as I am have started getting into it myself and there is no better feeling than completing a long sweaty run and coming home to indulge in a delicious healthy meal. I cannot wait to try your thai fried quinoa YUM!

  34. Elizabeth 08.24.2012

    The mini corndogs brought me to your site and now I’m hooked. All of my favorite pastimes in one place!

  35. Ginni 08.26.2012

    It was the mini corndogs that snagged me as a follower too. I love what I’ve seen so far. Right now I’m at Okoboji and if you’re a true Iowan, you’ll know where I’m talking about. :)) Keep up the great work…I’m loving it!

  36. Kelly 08.30.2012

    Great blog. Love the recipes. But Shhhh….we don’t want everyone to know how amazing Iowa is.

  37. puff de led 09.01.2012

    Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that
    over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!

  38. Erica 09.06.2012

    Just found your blog. I’m originally from Iowa and miss so much about the great state! Looking forward to following…thanks!

  39. Susie 09.09.2012

    Hi, from one Iowa blogger to another. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You can find out more about it here: http://flexitarianfilly.wordpress.com/
    Blessings! Susie

  40. Karin 09.11.2012

    Great recipes! Always looking for something to eat that isn’t too complicated for an idiot to prepare….(that’s the part I play..ha!) Thank you for sharing all your adventures too…keep up the good work with this fab site 8^)

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  42. Piper 09.21.2012

    I am loving the 80/20 rule. I am a junk food junkie too, but this has given me hope!
    Thanks for sharing, great site. I’ll be back for sure!

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  44. Hello!

    I am new to your site but I see that you have an interest in visiting India. I plan to visit India & Nepal of January 2013 if you’d like to tag along! It’d be fun to meet with other blogging travellers along the way :)

  45. Tarah 10.18.2012

    I love your blog!! I stumbled upon your site and I love it. I made your Goyzas last week and right then, I was hooked! I made your chicken fried rice tonight and it was also super- duper good!

  46. Carla 10.22.2012

    Girl! You are a genius! If I saw today’s Martha recipe I would have never tried it…however if you do it I will! I LOVE your recipes and your blog. My family just grins when I say “we’re having Iowa Girl Eats tonight!” They are always game to try something new and I love to, so I’m cooking your recipes every week right now! We loved the mac n chees with broccoli and sun drieds over the weekend….oh and ANOTHER pot of kale soup! Keep em coming!

  47. Kristen 10.30.2012

    I am also an Iowa girl named Kristen (different spelling, obviously). I have transplanted myself in the chill and not unlike Iowa weather of Montana. I have just discovered your page and am inspired by your zest for life and trying new things! I will be trying your monster green smoothies this weekend and browsing other recipes on the site! Thanks so much!

  48. Mariana 11.03.2012

    I was trying to find an easy pasta recipe, and through the wonders of Pinterest, landed on your blog!Since I’ve been in college, I’ve stopped dancing and I probably wouldn’t even fit into the leos and tights I wore every day in high school. Your blog has such healthy recipes and I absolutely LOVE that you post step by step pictures (I’m new to cooking, and the pictures are a huge help!). Loveee your blog :)

  49. Robin M. 11.25.2012

    I was wandering around today and ran across your blog. I’ve known your brother since he was a baby at Hope but I now see the true talent lies in you!!! ;) (Don’t tell him I said that). I’ve been printing off recipes for the holidays when my own 3 are all home (2 boys and a girl). For some reason, I’m drawn to the “mini” items (cinnamon rolls, corn dog muffins). Not sure what that is about except anything they can eat with their fingers means less dishes. I think your photos are remarkable and give depth to the blog…there is a very comfortable vibe here and your layout is spectacular…Keep up the good work and I’ll keep feeding my family ;) Robin

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