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My name’s Kristin and I’ve lived in and around Iowa for the better part of 20+ years. While it may get a boring rap, Iowa’s a fabulous place to live! Great food can be found locally which lets me eat well, trails are abundant which allows me to run free, and the cost of living is low which encourages me to travel far.

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My Philosophy

Eat Well

Eating well is tough, isn’t it? Eating well with a major sweet tooth, plus a curiosity to try everything, is reallytough!

I love to cook, and I love to eat even more. I am always up for trying something new (except if it contains mushrooms, bell peppers, or cooked carrots!) and feel the absolute best when I eat nutritious and healthy meals. That said, I am a self-proclaimed junk food junkie. Give me a bag of Doritos and Thin Mints, and a happy girl you will find.

Obviously junk food does notdo a body good, so I try and live by the 80/20 rule: 80% clean and healthy eating, 20% sanity-keeping splurges. Some days it’s more like 60/40 – but, hey, we do the best we can!

On this blog you’ll find easy recipes, healthy recipes, family-friendly recipes, and in-season recipes. As of February 2014, all recipes posted are gluten-free due to my Celiac Disease diagnosis. Most nights you’ll find me in the kitchen whipping up a tasty meal for my husband, baby, and me – always leaving room for dessert, of course!

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Run Often

I “became” a runner when I moved to Minneapolis after graduating college, and was able to take advantage of the incredible trails and lakes that Minnesota has to offer. They don’t call it the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” for nothing! It was on these trails that I was able to slowly increase my mileage from barely one mile at a time, to more than six.

After moving back to Iowa, I continued running on the trails near my home and eventually took those runs from six miles to 13 miles. All my training culminated in the Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon in September 2008…on the rainiest day in Chicago’s history. Finishing that race gave me one of the biggest feelings of accomplishments I’ve ever had, and is something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I absolutely love the feeling that running gives me, and I am proof positive that if you stick with something – it will get easier!

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Travel Far

I’ve got the travel bug and it cannot be cured!

Some people work to get the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos, I work so I can travel. I absolutely love exploring new and unfamiliar places – learning the history and mystery behind every new discovery.

Whether it’s poking around European churches that are hundreds of years old or trying to figure out the intricacies of the mysterious Japanese culture, I want to do and see it all. Every place I go I consider a “favorite”, but my favorites among favorites include Japan, the Amalfi Coast, New York City, and ALL of California.

Destinations on my must see list include: Greece, Morocco, Alaska and India!

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  1. LOVE your blog! I’ve seen it on a few others’ blogroll and finally took the time to check it out – so glad I did! I did your 5-4-3-2-1 treadmill workout today and it was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amber J. 12.05.2012

    I’m so glad I found your blog! Thank you SO much for posting step-by-step pictures (reminds me of The Pioneer Woman…who doesn’t love her??)…I have no clue how to cook, but your pictures and explanations make it look easy and like something even I can do. :)

    Anyway, just wanted to say, GREAT blog (love the design, very easy to navigate and share content via social media), and I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes!


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  4. Mary Margaret 01.08.2013

    Love your vitality, writing style, philosophy and virtual space Kristin! Re favorite spaces, I would add the Iowa byways to mine as well as New Caledonia and Figi! Happy eating, running and traveiing, Mary Margaret ¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
    (¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•* *•♪♫•*¨*

  5. Jess 01.14.2013

    I stumbled on your blog looking for a peanut butter frosting recipe. Your description of the way you eat is very similar to mine! So much in fact I have posted something very similar to your 80/20 – 60/40 ways! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it – ha. Your recipes and pictures are lovely! Can’t wait to try some out!

  6. trish 01.27.2013

    Hey Kristin…
    I’m a “former” Iowa girl now a Tennessee girl. My home will always be as a Hawkeye tho! Found you via Pinterest and will keep an eye on your blog from now on! :)

    Stay warm and keep cooking!

  7. Kelsey K. 02.05.2013

    Just came across your blog and I already love it. Looks like we have the same priorities! :)


  8. Maichoua 02.10.2013

    Hi Kristin. I was looking at Pinterest recipes and that lead me to your page after scrolling through your Roasted Potatoes recipe. I love potatoes and I was also happy to see there was a side dish of mango included as well. Mango is absolutely one of my favorite fruits ever. I just wanted to share that with you. :D

  9. Hi there Kristin,

    Fantastic blog you’ve got going here! I too love running, and find that it’s such a rewarding and challenging sport, but the more you do it, the more you fall in love with it.

    It’s lovely to find other bloggers that share my passion about fitness, running and healthy living; and most importantly, MODERATION and living life to the fullest!
    Completely agree with your 80/20 rule (or 60/40… sometimes definitely me aswell!)
    We all need to be okay with enjoying all the things we love and not deprive ourselves.
    Because hey, isn’t that what life’s all about?!


    Kloe x

  10. AMANDA P. 02.19.2013

    Love the blog!! I am also an Iowa girl, rather Iowa State, as I graduated from ISU. Thank you for sharing your recipes and stories!

  11. Oh my goodness, I never find other Iowa bloggers! And I never find ones that are actually serious bloggers! :) So glad to have found you! Are you on G+? I started a group there just for Iowa Mom Bloggers. I’d love get to know you there!

  12. Laura 03.11.2013

    Hey Kristin! I love your blog and I just moved to Des Moines. I was wondering if you could share with me a few good running trails in the area and in West Des Moines?

    Thanks, and congrats on the baby!!


  13. Renee-Lucie Benoit 03.23.2013

    Hi Kristin, I am an Iowa Girl, too, even though I don’t live in Ioway anymore. You can take the girl out of Iowa but you can’t take the Iowa out of the girl. I grew up there and my brother still lives there. I think Iowa people are special and so did Gertrude Stein. Since I left I’ve become a Californio health nut but I still love Maid-Rite’s and dinner plate size pork fritter sandwiches. We do eat, don’t we? Love your blog. Keep up the good work. – Renee

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  15. Michael 04.12.2013

    Great Blog. :-) Michael from Germany

  16. Sarah Larson 04.21.2013

    Your blog is my homepage. I look at it more than facebook. With that being said, please friend me- it’d be an honor.

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  18. Meg 05.15.2013

    Just linked to your blog for the first time today. Looking for healthy-living ideas and can’t wait to see what a fellow Metro girl will have to say.

  19. google 05.20.2013

    My brother suggested I might like this website. He used to be totally right.
    This submit truly made my day. You cann’t believe simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  20. Sandy 05.25.2013

    Hi Kristen!

    I was looking for new (tastier, eye-appealing) vegetarian dishes and came across your blog. I saw a picture of “Healthier Smothered Sweet Potato Fries” and wondered how fries can be healthy? One click swooped me into a visual food fest (but there’s so much more to your blog!)and I was hooked! I am not a vegetarian by any means, but my doctor says I need to eat a whole lot more veggies. So thank you for your delightful and insightful blog!

  21. Jonni 05.31.2013

    Just found your blog thru pinterest. I’m an Iowa City gal who went to college at the College of Charleston in SC. It was fun to see all your trip photos. It was fun going to school down south. But Iowa is still home. :)

  22. Ani 06.04.2013

    Your blog is so inspiring for all the healthy tips and wonderful recipes you post! I have nominated you for the Shine On award, which can be found here http://milesforthought.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/shine-on-award/ Thank you for your great posts!

  23. Tina 06.14.2013

    Holy cow. You’re me. Except you’re prettier. And I live in Minnesota. Can’t wait to read the archives! :D

  24. Brandi 07.12.2013

    Hi! I’m so glad there’s a food blog for Iowa. I just recently started reading your blog:) Have you done posts on local restaurants? I think that’d be a great idea! I look forward to keeping up with your blog! I am also from Iowa and blog about my life, I’m just starting out!


  25. Hi! Found your blog just now while looking up a spinach smoothie recipe (drinking it right now – thanks!) I love your philosophy, I would love to travel more and run further! I too battle a sweet tooth. Hope you’ll check out my blogs too!

  26. Robin 07.20.2013

    Great recipes, fun tidbits – thanks! I came across your blog and enjoy reading what you post.

  27. Courtney 12.12.2013

    I tried your recipe for the spinach smoothie, and it was incredible. Kristin, I am so excited to have found your blog. Keeping running and eating well!

  28. Ken Michael 12.16.2013

    As a major foodie, I thought it important that there be a token male following your site. So, put me on your update list and wow me with your creativity.

    I have accumulated over 3000 recipes from the best restaurants in the world (they have to be extremely good)and I look forward to including some of yours….hopefully.

  29. Kristin Porter 01.09.2014

    Wow. I just happened to come across this website because I am all about cooking and finding wonderful recipes that are healthy for you and taste amazing. Much to my surprise we also share the same name not just first name but also last name as well. Nice to meet you Kristin – keep up the amazing recipes and information.

  30. Sarah Crock 01.10.2014

    Very exciting to find a “blog” site from another Iowan!
    I’m from Tipton. Thank you for sharing your recipes. My family loves to cook and are always sharing recipes we find on-line with each other.

  31. Paul Smith 01.21.2014

    I’m sorry Kristin but you are the hottest girl from Iowa I’ve ever seen!!! Great blog!

  32. Tina 02.13.2014

    I was reading my Fitness magazine at lunch waiting for a friend. I read the shout out about you in there and knew I needed to check you out…

    FYI I have been to India, amazing

  33. Francesca 03.11.2014

    Your blog rocks! Awesome work, girl… Looking forward to following and making some of this deliciousness :)

  34. Patricia 07.19.2014

    Hello! So happy to run across your blog! I am a native of Iowa and moved to Minnesota two years ago. I look forward to exploring more of your blog :)


  35. Judy allen 08.17.2014

    Was born and raised in DBQ Iowa. Now live in AZ and work in CA., but my heart is in IA, so glad to have found your blog.

  36. Beth Dahleen 09.05.2014

    I nominated you for the one lovely blog award:

  37. karen 09.22.2014

    We have a big family… and it’s hard to please everyone all of the time but I have to say your recipes are super delicious and win over most of the family, most of the time. Thanks for sharing!

  38. mari mendoza 11.17.2014

    Hi. I enjoy your blog so much but the most that captures my attention are the amazing pictures that you put on your blog. I need your help and recommendation. Which camera do you reccomend or use that i can buy. Please help me?
    mari from California

  39. nati aranguiz 12.08.2014

    Hey! great blog! i just found it! Regards from Chile

  40. Brian Cohen 12.31.2014

    Great copy and eye-popping food photography!

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  42. Kelly 03.21.2015

    I was just diagnosed with celiac disease a couple weeks ago. When I came across your blog today, I was super excited to read your recipes are gluten-free! Also, I can relate to your remarks about Iowa getting a rap about being boring but really being awesome – I feel the same about Ohio.

  43. Vana Dolce 03.23.2015

    I found this post to be very informative and helpful. I will have to recommend you to my friends.

  44. Judy Freedman 03.29.2015

    Just found your blog and love your recipes and photography. Well done. I signed up for your newsletter. I’m gluten free too and always looking for interesting recipes.

  45. Alistair 05.01.2015

    good site interesting recipes (I love good food.

    bit cold on my side of the Atlantic but He Ho.

  46. Gert 06.09.2015

    I’m on the other end of the spectrum, I’m from western Iowa and am retired! I love your blog! Look forward to more posts!


  47. June McLeod 07.11.2015

    You are SO organized – I love it! I happen to find your list of recipes and it was so very easy to print a copy!
    I am definitely not a cook but do my best to put a good, wholesome meal on the table every night for my husband and I. We live in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.
    Thank you.

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