Beef & Barley Soup


Beef & Barley Soup is full of savory goodness and hearty vegetables — guaranteed to warm you from head to toe! Whoops. I had some extra time after grocery shopping and weekly meal prep this afternoon, so I said to heck with it and dragged the rest of my Christmas…

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Beef and Barley Stew


Howdy from home! :D I flew in from LA late Friday night, so Ben and I spent the entire day yesterday unpacking, bumming around and catching up. I cough didn’t leave the house all day cough, while he only ventured out to pick up Jimmy John’s for dinner, and Bridesmaids…

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Butternut Squash Lasagna


Butternut Squash Lasagna is cheesy, chewy and so satisfying with pops of sweet, silky butternut squash. As a self-proclaimed comfort food connoisseur, I find it highly disturbing that I have never made one of the most classic comfort foods of all time: Lasagna. How is this possible? I blame others….

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Crispy Pesto Gnocchi with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese


Store-bought gnocchi is sauteed in a skillet until crisp, rather than being boiled, in Crispy Pesto Gnocchi with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese. This meal is fast and absolutely fabulous! If the couple that hits the mall, grocery store, and gym together, stays together, then I think Ben and I are…

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No-Cost DIY Decor


Hey-o! Hope you’re having a fabulous, fall Saturday! I woke up to the persistent, uber-annoying ringing of the doorbell at 8am this morning. Who, whaa, huuuh?? It was the chimney sweep company! Whoops, definitely forgot they were coming today. ;) Despite living in our house for 3 1/2 years, Ben…

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