A Summery, No-Heat-Required Dinner!


I’m better!! :mrgreen: The results from my iron test today showed completely normal levels! Oh generic-Flinstones-chewable-vitamins-fortified-with-extra-iron – I could kiss you! Instead, I’ll continue to take you twice a day until further notice. ;) Seriously though, I feel so much better than I did just a few, short months ago….

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A Fun Alternative to Running


I’ve told you before that while I love to walk and lift weights with other people, running is generally a solo sport for me. I was feeling a little dangerous today, though, and randomly asked Ben if he wanted to join me on my afternoon jog! Unfortunately, he did not…

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All-Natural Bug Defense


Does anyone know when hedgeapples come into season? I have been finding these disgusting little spiders near my outside doors recently, and it needs to stop pronto!!! Spiders are pretty much my number one fear and I literally want to move to a new house every time I see one….

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Iowa Grown Bellies


It’s been another beautiful day in the Midwest! The Farmer’s Market was BUMPIN’…and HOT! So hot! Luckily these belly dancers performing at the market were wearing next to nothing and were able to stay cool. 8O Home-grown, baby! ;) Ohhh, anyways! Today’s produce was bountiful and the samples plentiful. Our first stop…

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!


Last night Ben and I went to the ol’ ball game with some friends! The Iowa Cubbies! (PS: don’t you ever wonder about the people inside the mascot costumes? How old are they? What do they look like? What do they really want to do when you’re taking pictures of…

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