Meatless Monday Recipe!


We’ve gone from grey to blue, from rain to shine – it ended up being a beautiful day and I made it out for my run, yahoo! It was magical, too. Hard, but magical. I really do miss running when I haven’t made a lot of time for it! I…

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Chicago: A Grown Ups Disneyland!


HOW-dy! I’m back from another faaabulous weekend spent in Chicago!   I made record time and got to Chicago in about 5 hours and 15 minutes. If construction and traffic in the city (the only reason I couldn’t live in Chicago) weren’t an issue, I think I might have made…

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Dem Genes


Aren’t genes funny? Today (don’t ask me how) I realized that my thumbs are different from each other. I literally have one thumb from my Mom’s side of the family, and one thumb from my Dad’s side. Dad’s side (left thumb) = normal enough. Regular thumb width and length, topped…

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Iowa’s 5 Types of Rain


Well, at least you can’t call Iowa wishy washy. When it snows, it snows. When it’s hot, it’s hot. When it rains, IT RAINS! 8O It has been pouring and storming the entire day, and I’m pretty sure I went through at least 5 distinct types of rains on my…

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Channeling Jessie Spano


To quote Ms. Spano: There’s NO time! There’s NEVER. ANY. TIME! source  Remember Jessie’s caffeine pill addiction?? I remember thinking it was SO SCANDALOUS!! I was very…sheltered…when I was young. ;) Seriously though, between a Mom walk and 45 minute yoga sesh, there was just no time for blogging this…

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