Fingers Crossed!


Hello friends! I went AWOL this weekend, but I’m back! Hmmm, what have I been up to… Hanging out with oooold friends. The best kind :) The guy in the middle is Brian – who I just blogged about last week! I didn’t even know he was going to be…

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EAT ALL THIS, or just that


Mornin’ – TFIG TGIF! I had a very busy evening last night that included finishing up some cookies for a wedding shower this weekend (loved how they turned out – I will show you on Monday because I think the bride might be reading!) then attended my brother’s last Immersion…

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I’m Off the Waiting List!


I got an email from the library today informing me that my time on the waiting list was over – Prep finally came in! It is so insanely gorgeous outside right now, so I hopped on my bike to go get it. :)  Following my trail, I biked the 5…

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Why I Can’t Wait ‘Til 9pm


Hello! Had a TERRIFIC four mile run after work today! The hills trail was alive with the sound of music nature! The calling birds, the rustling leaves, the croaking toads – it was wonderful. :D 50% of the reason why I don’t listen to music when I run is so…

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The Sweetest Phrase in the English Language


All you can eat. Actually, I take that back. That phrase would be, all you can eat, on sale! Oh yeah! Ben and I had taken an unplanned hiatus from visiting our local grocery store’s (Hy-Vee) all you can eat salad bar, but we were back in full force tonight….

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