My Mommy Mind: 6 Month Update


I know I said Lincoln at 5 months was the best yet, but 6 months is definitely snagging the coveted spot. We’ve seen SO many changes, both physical and developmental in our little guy this month, it’s unbelievable. Here’s what’s on My Mommy Mind! Lincoln is now able to sit…

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My Mommy Mind: 5 Month Update


“Who, me? 5 months old already?” HA! No seriously, it’s unbelievable that Lincoln is already 5 months old. It’s too close to 6 months, which is practically a year. WHAT?! Here’s what’s on my mommy mind this month! This has hands down been the best month so far. I feel…

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4 Month Update: A Day In the Life


My little boy is officially four months old. How did this happen?! Instead of a “My Mommy Mind” post to mark the occasion though, I thought I’d write a “Day in the Life” post so you can see what we’re up to everyday. Over the past month or so we’ve…

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My Mommy Mind: 3 Month Update


Did you hear that? It’ was a huge sigh of relief. We made it through the “fourth trimester”! Month three of little Lincoln’s life has been the best yet. We definitely have our challenging days filled with hooting and hollering (and a cold that will not quit – BLARG!) but…

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The Ultimate Baby Registry List


Oh hi, Family Channel! Turns out the notion of being busy all day but not having much to show for it¬†definitely¬†exists when you have an infant! But, thanks to an unprecedented 2+ hour nap (from the KING of catnaps!) that we’re currently rocking, I’m happy to bring you a highly…

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