My Mommy Mind: 10 and 11 Month Update


The fact that I missed last month’s update speaks volumes. What hasn’t been going on lately?! These past two months Lincoln’s been busier than ever between teething (finally!) crawling, standing, cruising, eating, dancing, waving, and hi-fiving. Oh, and being obsessed with dogs. More on that in a minute. Here’s what’s on My…

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My Mommy Mind: 9 Month Update


We hit the nine month mark – muwahaha! This month has really marked a turning point in both Lincoln’s and my life. Lincoln is turning into a full-fledged boy. A BOY! From the way he now guffaws instead of giggles, to his hands turning into giant bear paws, I am truly seeing…

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How To Make Homemade Baby Food


Hey-o! Let’s talk about how to make homemade baby food! I freely admit to knowing next to nothing about babies before having one my own, but one thing I did know was that when the time came I wanted to make my own baby food. I prepare Ben’s and my food everyday,…

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My Mommy Mind: 7 Month Update


Holy buckets, we’ve arrived at the 7 month mark! Well, technically the 7-1/2 month mark. I am so awful about taking Lincoln’s photos on time – I barely squeaked his 6 month shoot in before I had to turn around and take his 7 month photos! Anywho, here’s what’s on…

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My Mommy Mind: 6 Month Update


I know I said Lincoln at 5 months was the best yet, but 6 months is definitely snagging the coveted spot. We’ve seen SO many changes, both physical and developmental in our little guy this month, it’s unbelievable. Here’s what’s on My Mommy Mind! Lincoln is now able to sit…

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