My Mommy Mind: 2 Month Update


It’s my two month birthday, y’all!  Well, almost. ; ) Tomorrow actually marks the big milestone for my baby boy whom I’ve spent nearly every waking moment with since the day he was born. Lincoln brings me so much joy. At least once a day I lean down, smell the…

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Packing List for the Hospital


I feel like a broken record saying this, but there are so many things I didn’t, and couldn’t, know about having a baby until I actually experienced them myself! For example, having never given birth before, I had no idea what all I’d need for the hospital stay after my…

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5 Must-Have Items for New Moms


Well it’s been 5 weeks since our little bundle of joy arrived, and I think we’re finally hitting our stride. Each day is getting easier and more predictable (which is a good thing when you’ve got a newborn!) and we are adjusting well to the new normal. Don’t get me…

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Nursery Tour + Babi Italia Crib Giveaway! – CLOSED


When Ben and I started planning Lincoln’s nursery we found ourselves with, well, no plans at all! Not huge fans of traditional nursery designs and color schemes, we both could agree that we wanted a neutral-toned, calming room with light-colored accents that would send Lincoln straight to dreamland while we…

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10 Things Nobody Told Me About Having a Newborn


Before Lincoln turned our party of two into a family of three, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. I’d been told about the 3am feedings and not showering until 2pm (or let’s be real – not at all) but no matter how many parents I talked to, nor…

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