Month of Holiday Giveaways: The Cook Books You Can’t Miss!


***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!*** My Mom and I are off to see Mary Poppins (can you say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?!) at the Civic Center tonight so in the meantime I present to you the second giveaway as part of the Month of Holiday Giveaways… The Great Cook…

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Better Than Takeout + This Week’s Menu!


omg I am so glad my Mom and I did our shopping at the mall yesterday because Ben and I went back this afternoon, and it was complete. MADNESS! Mass chaos I tell you! Merchandise flying, people elbowing, credit cards on fire…it seemed as though everyone in town was there!…

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Do Not Try This at Home!


Sooo you guys love Larabars as much as I do! Who knew?! ;) PS can I tell you how much it warms my heart to read things like: "I voted! (and have been doing so every day)" "I vote for your Breakstone’s giveaway daily!! Yours is definitely the best! Great…

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Month of Holiday Giveaways Begins!


I hit the gym HARD tonight for a couple reasons… 1. I wanted to test drive the new Champion Long & Lean Workout T-shirt I got at Target yesterday! You guys gave me a TON of ideas as to where and what I should buy for decent, inexpensive workout clothes,…

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Who Wants Free Pizza & Ice Cream?!


I try to eat well 70% of the time – which makes the other 30% a whole lot of fun (Peanut Butter Pie, anyone?!) :D Some of my favorite foods to enjoy when I’m throwing caution to the wind are probably the same as yours – Pizza & Ice Cream!…

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