Friday Favorites + DOLE Yonanas Giveaway!


This might be the surreal thing I have ever said, but today is the day. The day Ben’s and my son is due! It’s hard to express how I’m feeling right now – nervous, excited, scared, nervous, happy…NERVOUS. I honestly can’t believe this is really happening but, ready or not,…

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Mini Salsa Turkey Meatloaves


Mini Salsa Turkey Meatloaves is a healthy and flavor-packed 30 minute meal.  Quick – what’s been the highlight of your summer so far? I for one cannot believe that June is more than halfway over. I’ve yet to do anything super summery (unless eating Culvers sundaes with double cookie dough counts?) since…

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Friday Favorites + Kitchen Favorites Giveaway!


Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been having day-later syndrome all week and sort of thought this day would never come. Hate when that happens! ; ) Ben and I are heading into a quiet weekend, which is a-ok with me as the next month or so is going to be crazy….

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Blue Moon Orange Chicken


Blue Moon Orange Chicken is a quick and easy skillet supper that incorporates sauteed chicken with an easy pan sauce including Blue Moon beer and fresh orange juice. Life is full of little stressors, isn’t it? Whether it be work, life, family, or a combo of the three, sometimes instead…

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Cashew Chicken Mango Salad


Cashew Chicken Mango Salad is a hearty, healthy salad drizzled with homemade Honey-Lime Vinaigrette. Well, it finally happened. My baby bump took down its first victim this weekend – a cheese sign at Whole Foods. I know. I was grocery shopping by myself and perusing the cheese section, when out of…

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