Friday Favorites + Pampered Chef Giveaway!


Woo – this week has been a doozy! Between catching up from being gone last weekend, preparing to be gone again this weekend, and having a baby with a cold who wants to be held during all waking hours, I. Am. Spent. But, as they say, no rest for the…

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Honey and Balsamic-Onions Chicken Skillet


Balsamic-glazed caramelized onions and sauteed chicken breasts are topped with a quick, 1-minute pan sauce.  Happy Monday to you! What was the highlight of your weekend?  My Mom, Lincoln and I started our Saturday by bundling up then heading off to the downtown farmers’ market. No weekend is complete without a…

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Iowa Girl Eats Survey + $100 Gift Card Giveaway!


Hello! Thank you so, so much for all your kind words in my last post! It might be the hormones talking, but I was brought to tears by all your encouraging comments. Blasted ‘mones! At any rate – thank you.  Now about that survey! As I mentioned, this is a…

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Friday Favorites + DOLE Yonanas Giveaway!


This might be the surreal thing I have ever said, but today is the day. The day Ben’s and my son is due! It’s hard to express how I’m feeling right now – nervous, excited, scared, nervous, happy…NERVOUS. I honestly can’t believe this is really happening but, ready or not,…

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Mini Salsa Turkey Meatloaves


Mini Salsa Turkey Meatloaves is a healthy and flavor-packed 30 minute meal.  Quick – what’s been the highlight of your summer so far? I for one cannot believe that June is more than halfway over. I’ve yet to do anything super summery (unless eating Culvers sundaes with double cookie dough counts?) since…

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