Two Minutes to Happiness


Good grey morning to you! Yep, it’s raining which = no Mom walk or run…nuts… This might be a blessing in disguise though, as I’ll probably hit up the gym after work. While running in the morning is SUPER nice, in that I get my exercise done for the day…

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Finding That Last 40%


Good morning everyone – welcome to a brand new week! :D Dinner last night was great and dessert was even BETTER. We had a Dairy Queen Tagalong Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream Cake!!! Can you say rich cake, layered with gooey chocolate fudge crunch, peanut-buttery Tagalong cookies and creamy vanilla…

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To-Do List = Done


WoooaaAAHH! I have had the most productive Sunday ever – and it’s not even 1:00! Check out my to-do list, which is now my DONE list! Paid bills Wrote some letters Did laundry Picked up house Cleaned kitchen Visited my parents Went to the post office Went to Super Wal-mart…

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Hello Toucan Sam!


Good morning everyone! Last night Ben and I went and had ourselves a good ol’ fashioned date night! We went to a Japanese/Asian restaurant here in town – Wok in Motion. For those of you who know of it – their sushi is good and their main dishes are GREAT!…

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Three Question Thursday: Summer Edition!


Good morning guys! WHEW – feeling GOOD this morning! It is so nice outside and I got a morning work out in! After my Mom walk, I circled our walk route two more times for a total of 4.5 miles. (1.5 walked with my Mom, 3 running). I literally cannot…

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