Double the Breakfast, Double the Fun


Last night we had my little brother’s going away dinner :( I’m sad! He had been living in Chicago for the past couple of years and then decided that he wanted to move to Denver. This summer he lived at home in between moves and just when I got used…

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Two Minutes to Happiness


Good grey morning to you! Yep, it’s raining which = no Mom walk or run…nuts… This might be a blessing in disguise though, as I’ll probably hit up the gym after work. While running in the morning is SUPER nice, in that I get my exercise done for the day…

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Finding That Last 40%


Good morning everyone – welcome to a brand new week! :D Dinner last night was great and dessert was even BETTER. We had a Dairy Queen Tagalong Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream Cake!!! Can you say rich cake, layered with gooey chocolate fudge crunch, peanut-buttery Tagalong cookies and creamy vanilla…

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To-Do List = Done


WoooaaAAHH! I have had the most productive Sunday ever – and it’s not even 1:00! Check out my to-do list, which is now my DONE list! Paid bills Wrote some letters Did laundry Picked up house Cleaned kitchen Visited my parents Went to the post office Went to Super Wal-mart…

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Hello Toucan Sam!


Good morning everyone! Last night Ben and I went and had ourselves a good ol’ fashioned date night! We went to a Japanese/Asian restaurant here in town – Wok in Motion. For those of you who know of it – their sushi is good and their main dishes are GREAT!…

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