Lighter Kung Pao Chicken


Lighter Kung Pao Chicken is healthier, and even better than the traditional take out dish!                   I’m feeling so much better today! Neverending appetite and eye twitch be gone. Possible cures: 1. Sleeping in ’til 8am, which meant I got NINE hours of…

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Caprese Baked Eggs


  I am out of control. Let me rephrase that – my appetite is out of control. I have been an eating machine the past two days! I’m still all messed up from not sleeping well earlier this week and my eating habits always get out of whack whenever I’m overly…

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Roasted Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Roasted Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich is creamy and spicy – a grown up grilled cheese recipe! Of all the jobs I’ve ever had in my life, I can definitely pinpoint the one I liked the most. My high school job slingin’ joe at the local coffee shop. True, being…

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Cheeseburger Pizza with Secret Sauce


Cheeseburger Pizza with Secret Sauce is the yummy combo of classic cheeseburger meets pizza!  Somebody had a birthday today! My dear Mom – aka Shirls, Ma, Skip, Iowa Mom Eats and/or the. best. Mom. ever. :) Last Friday my whole family got together to celebrate with dinner and drinks, but…

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Too Excited to Sleep


Between near constant tossing, turning, and checking the clock – I think I only slept for a total of 4 hours last night. I was too excited to sleep! BEN CAME HOME TODAY!!!! :D ↑ Stud (sorry – I’m into captioning pictures now for some reason?)  I have been a…

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