Spanakopita Turkey Burgers


Spanakopita Turkey Burgers are light, healthy, and totally satisfying. I’ve been cooking a wee bit differently over the past month or so, as Ben recently found out he has…dunh, dunh, dunh… High cholesterol. Eek! It’s true, and it sucks. For him. For me. But mostly him. Gone are the days…

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Mashed Potato Pizza


Mashed Potato Pizza is the best answer to your Thanksgiving mashed potato leftovers!  I’ve got a crazy idea for Thanksgiving leftovers! Backstory: I had the misfortune of working above a hopping pizza shop when I lived in Minneapolis for several years right out of college. It was unfortunate because while…

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Copycat Yoshinoya Beef Bowls


Copycat Yoshinoya Beef Bowls taste just like the popular fast food beef bowl recipe from Japan! Remember that time I got paid to spend the entire summer in Japan in college (Camp Adventure, woot!) and gained like, 15lbs from drinking too much Peach Chu-Hi and eating WAY too many gyoza?…

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Beef & Barley Soup


Beef & Barley Soup is full of savory goodness and hearty vegetables — guaranteed to warm you from head to toe! Whoops. I had some extra time after grocery shopping and weekly meal prep this afternoon, so I said to heck with it and dragged the rest of my Christmas…

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Sweet Potato Stuffed Baked Apples with Toasted Marshmallows


Sweet Potato Stuffed Baked Apples with Toasted Marshmallows have been a holiday tradition in my house for over 30 years. Perfectly sweet and delicious. Get your stretchy pants ready! They’ll only need to be mildly stretchy though – somewhere between yoga bottoms and full on sweatpants – as today’s final…

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