Easy Homemade Sushi Wrap


Do you want to hear the saddest little story (and see the most epic photo montage?) Not once during the entire 4 months I was a camp counselor in Japan did a sumptuous piece of sushi ever cross my lips. Sushi. In Japan. Where it was friggin’ invented. I could…

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Homemade Nutty Bars: 3 Ways


Ben and I have several nature trails nearby that we like to take our nightly strolls on. One has a short detour to a grocery store where we often stop to get mid-walk treats at. My treat choices range from the good (a fresh peach) to the bad (split a…

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New (To Me) Product Alert!


First a quick skin-care back-story: High School/College: As I once told you, I had the best skin growing up. I hardly ever washed my face at night (I know) and rarely got a blemish. Mid-20’s: Adult acne arrives with a vengeance. My once-perfect skin suddenly turns on me, becoming unbearably…

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Summer Chicken & Eggplant Pasta


I have a confession to make. Sometimes I go to the Farmers’ Market and don’t buy anything, then turn around the next day and buy the same fresh produce I could’ve gotten there, at the grocery store. I know – SHAME! I obviously want to support my local farmers, but…

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Inspiration From Unlikely Sources


People ask me all the time where I get ideas for what to make for dinner. Inspiration comes from far and wide. From other bloggers and food websites, to meals I’ve had on vacation, and what’s on sale at the grocery store or in season at the Farmers’ Market at…

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