Caprese Pasta Skillet


Caprese Pasta Skillet is a delicious light and fresh vegetarian dinner to enjoy all year-round. Oh my gosh, I LOVED hearing about your celebrity run-ins! Made me feel better about being such a spaz on Saturday. :) Can I also say how envious I am? I mean, Duchess Kate?! Giada?…

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Luann’s Kale Salad


Luann’s Kale Salad is a crunchy, sweet, savory and delicious way to eat your greens! There’s something about a personalized recipe title that always makes me sit up and pay attention. It’s like saying, this recipe is so good we’re going to honor the genius that came up with it…

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Jerk Shrimp with Caribbean Quinoa


Jerk Shrimp with Caribbean Quinoa features spiced sauteed shrimp over fluffy quinoa, studded with pops of fresh, Caribbean flavor.  Dang, it’s been a red hot minute since I last posted a quinoa recipe up in here. Whaddya say we change that with Jerk Shrimp with Caribbean Quinoa?! Jerk Shrimp with Caribbean Quinoa is one…

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Grilled Potato Packs


Grilled Potato Packs are an easy side dish for any grill out! Happy Labor Day, everyone! I hope you had an awesome weekend full of hot food, cool bevs, and tons of fun in the sun. How did I spend the last weekend of the summer? Indoors, painting my kitchen….

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Mini Fruit and Bacon Kabobs with Sugared Lime Zest


Mini Fruit and Bacon Kabobs with Sugared Lime Zest are fresh, bite-sized appetizers exploding with flavor.  Honey, I shrunk the fruit kabobs! (And added bacon, too – muwahaha!) It seems Mother Nature was not pleased with my fall soup shenanigans last weekend, and took her revenge by handing us a…

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