Smashing Pumpkins


There’s a plethora of pumpkins up in here! I finally (FINALLY!) had a free Saturday, so this morning my Mom and I bundled up against the 45° chill, grabbed a hot Starby’s to keep our paws warm, and headed down to the Farmers’ Market where there were pumpkins at every…

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How Time Flies


It’s hard to believe that just two short years ago, this little guy entered our lives. My mop topped, goofy, sweet and silly nephew Finn turned TWO today. My oh MY how time flies!! This morning my Mom, Dad, Ben and I drove a couple hours over to Omaha, NE,…

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The Ultimate Home Tailgate


Since Ben and I didn’t have tickets to the opening game of the Iowa Hawkeyes’ football season yesterday, we brought the game, and the ultimate home tailgate, to us! Instead of huddling in a tiny tent somewhere in Iowa City while it was poured nearly the entire game, we setup…

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Silent Saturday


          ~~~~~ What did you do today? How do you cook an eggplant? ;)

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Celebrity Sighting!


I knew things were going to be alright when I walked up to the conference registration line yesterday and ran smack into The Pioneer Woman. O.M.G!!! Ben was with me and was all – what the hell is wrong with you?! – when I started geeking out. The Best Chocolate…

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