Have Your Breakfast, and Eat the Bowl Too!


Brrrrr! Omg you guys, it’s cold. Real cold! My Mom and I were freezing our tootsies off during our walk this morning! There was even a guy out scraping his windshield. Really, April? Really? Breakfast went better. Who needs oats in a jar when you can have oats in a…

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Jelly Bean Domination


Hi! I loved hearing about what you guys were into growing up! Tennis, piano, roller skating, horse back riding…cool! It reminded me of the fact that, for many years, I took piano lessons from the music director at my church and just when he was about to teach me how…

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IGE: Dancing Queen


Fellow LOSTies: Who? What? Where? WHEN? I seriously need a guidebook for watching that show! I miss when they used to show the previous week’s episode with little captions at the bottom to explain what was going on, before showing the new episode. Why I even watch shows that need…

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Cajun Shrimp & Corn Maque Choux


Oh my gosh you guys, what a beautiful day this has turned out to be! We were supposed to have terrible thunderstorms all day long but, around 11:00 this morning, the clouds parted and the sun came out. Wheee! 8) To honor the weather, I went for a 2.5 mile…

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The Rookie Mistake I Made


Good morning everyone! Ooo, I did not sleep well last night. I couldn’t fall asleep! Then I made the rookie mistake of looking at the clock. When having trouble falling asleep, one must never look at the clock! It always sends me down the “Oh crap, it’s now XYZ o’clock….

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