New Cereal Review + IGE Milestone!


Malk lives! In case you are a newer reader, every morning in the Spring, Summer and Fall my Mom and I, who lives about 5 blocks away, go on a 1.5 mile walk in the morning! Mom walk = malk. :) It rejuvenates us both mentally and physically, and I…

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It’s Grillin’ Time!


Hola! Guess what Ben just said to me? Guess. "Will you bake me some tofu for my lunches next week?" HAAA!! Ben has officially, single handedly ruined all your excuses for not eating tofu. If he can like it – anyone can! He’s been snacking on a big big batch…

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New Orleans Day 4: Emeril’s NOLA & Final Recap


Seeing as how I completely forgot to pick up Starbuck’s mugs from the last two places I’ve visited, – New York & Denver – to add to my collection, I made sure I was on top of my game when it came to buying one from New Orleans! :D This gem reminds me of the…

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New Orleans Day 3: Plantation Tour & Bourbon St. Balconies!


FYI – I am channeling my inner, Garden District-residing southerner and writing this post from the luxurious front balcony seating area hard iron bench on my front porch!! It is 79 glorious degrees here in central Iowa and I am taking advantage of every warm minute of it. You never…

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New Orleans Day 2: Home Envy


Despite our crazy first night on Bourbon Street, Ben and I were both up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, early the next morning! We had a street car to catch! :D The St. Charles Streetcars, like many buildings and landmarks in New Orleans, have been deemed national historic landmarks and have…

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