Guest Post: Chili Verde


This recipe comes from Courtney & Whitney @ Two Teens Eat! ~~~~~ This is an easy secret family recipe our Aunt created. It is so simple, yet so delicious. Chili Verde Ingredients: 1 package of about 6 small pork chops 1 cup of water 2 Brown Gravy Packets 1 Large can…

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Guest Post: Easy Peanut Butter Cookies


This recipe comes from Allison @ Post College Kitchen! ~~~~~ These peanut butter cookies, in their most basic form, have four ingredients that you most likely have at home. FOUR! That’s it! The recipe is so simple I have it memorized. They take no skill and practically no time to prepare….

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Epic Bon Voyage Dinner!


Apparently, I have lost my mind! This morning, exactly one line after wishing you a happy hump day, I proclaimed it Three Question Thursday! Problem is – it’s Wednesday! I’m as confused as you are. My mind has clearly already gone on vacation. How’s the weather down south, mind? At…

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Veggie Diet Secret & TQT!


Good Heaven’s, the birds were chirping so loud this morning, I could hear them all the way in my bathroom as I was getting ready! 8O If you could be an animal, what would you be? I think being a bird would be a pretty good choice. Chill out in…

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If You Find Yourself Temporarily Blinded…


Hello! Did you make it to Starbucks? What’d ya’ get? I got a slice of Pumpkin Bread and it was everything I could have wished for. Moist, spicy, amazing. AMAZING, I tell you! Makes me want to start every morning with a delicious, free pastry! ;) In other news –…

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