A Jamaican Dinner, Mon!


Hello! Monday’s ovah! It was too gorgeous of a day to be stuck inside a gym, so after work I took it outdoors! I followed the same 1.5 mile loop as I did last night, which contains steep hills to really challenge myself and nice dips to recover. I ran…

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Cougar Alert!


Good morning – and happy Monday! I’m a wee bit tired this morning… Ben and I went to bed at our usual time, but around 10:15, just as we’re just drifting off into snoozeville, we hear this giant CRASH coming, unmistakably, from inside our house!! 8O We bolted up, Ben…

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Divinity in a Bowl


Ahh, it’s been a perfectly cozy Sunday so far! This morning I woke up to the soft rain outside, transferred over the couch and hunkered down to watch some HGTV with a big blanket and hot carbs. :) Ah yes, a toasted Multigrain Bagel smeared generously with rich almond butter…

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The Invention of Lying


Evenin’! I feel like I’ve been here, there and everywhere today! I lounged in bed for awhile this morning, ocassionally doing laundry while listening to the rain pitter patter, then headed over to my parent’s house to make Gyoza with my Mom. I have a post in the works with…

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A Taste of Japan: How to Make Gyoza


I’ll never forget the summer I spent in Japan. I was 19, working as a day camp counselor on an American military base and had the entire beautiful, mysterious and eccentric country at my fingertips. Everything about Japan, from the culture, to the food and history struck a chord with…

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