Now Go Mop the Floor


I am the luckiest woman aliiiiiive. :) Ben only had to work a 1/2 day today, so he played the roll of kept man the rest of the day and did all my bidding muwahahaha! Just kidding, he only had to run one errand for me and the rest of…

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IGE Takes San Francisco!


I had an oatmeal breakthrough this morning! I didn’t end up making 3-minute chocolate mousse last night, but still wanted to find a way to eat some of my ricotta cheese. As I was making my morning oatmeal, I thought to myself – hmmmm, I wonder what it would be like…

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Warm, Crispy, Crunchy Dinner!


Gosh I hate coming up with post titles sometimes! ;) Glad you guys are pumped about the giveaway(s)! I am pumped about my daffodils – do you even recognize them as the same ones from last night?! They spent all day basking in the sun 8) on the bump out…

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Open Letter to Rain + Giveaways!


Dear Rain: Can you please stop gently falling from the hours of 5-6am every day? It makes getting out of bed really hard when you make staying in it so cozy. Thanks. Love, IGE Seriously, I cannot get out of bed these days! Darn rain makes me want to burrow…

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Best Day Ever + 3-Minute Chocolate Mousse!


This has been the best day ever! 8) In honor of the Spring-like weather we’ve been having, today I donned a light jacket that I hadn’t worn since the Fall. I put it on, reached my hand into the pocket and pulled out $3! I LOVE finding money in clothes…

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