Random Acts of Kindness


Mornin’! It’s gray and drizzly outside, but I got to wake up to the sound of the rain which was so nice! It certainly made it hard to get up and get going though and I actually contemplated going back to bed for 15 minutes after brushing my teeth! I fought…

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A Jamaican Dinner, Mon!


Hello! Monday’s ovah! It was too gorgeous of a day to be stuck inside a gym, so after work I took it outdoors! I followed the same 1.5 mile loop as I did last night, which contains steep hills to really challenge myself and nice dips to recover. I ran…

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Cougar Alert!


Good morning – and happy Monday! I’m a wee bit tired this morning… Ben and I went to bed at our usual time, but around 10:15, just as we’re just drifting off into snoozeville, we hear this giant CRASH coming, unmistakably, from inside our house!! 8O We bolted up, Ben…

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Divinity in a Bowl


Ahh, it’s been a perfectly cozy Sunday so far! This morning I woke up to the soft rain outside, transferred over the couch and hunkered down to watch some HGTV with a big blanket and hot carbs. :) Ah yes, a toasted Multigrain Bagel smeared generously with rich almond butter…

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The Invention of Lying


Evenin’! I feel like I’ve been here, there and everywhere today! I lounged in bed for awhile this morning, ocassionally doing laundry while listening to the rain pitter patter, then headed over to my parent’s house to make Gyoza with my Mom. I have a post in the works with…

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