The Sickness


Hi everyone – unfortunately, I’ve succumbed to the sickness I felt coming on earlier this week. I’m in bed for the day, but will re-emerge later tonight. Hope your Friday is going great. :)

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Insert Dirty Joke Here


Hola, all! The ice knocked out our cable and internet last night – which meant it was a blog-free morning for me! I still took pictures, natch. ;) For breakfast I sliced up a large banana into a bowl of Cheerios with some ice-cold, unsweetened vanilla breeze almond milk. I…

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Ice, Ice, Baby


I’m happy to report that I fought Murphy’s Law – and I won! :D   After a debacle filled morning that could only go uphill – it did! A Starbucks latte was enjoyed, a two mile walk on the treadmill was had, and since everyone stayed at home today due to…

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Murphy’s Law Strikes Again


You’re familiar with Murphy’s Law, right? The law which states that everything that can go wrong, will? Enter my Murphy’s Law morning! 8O I decided I needed a kick-butt, morning workout to get my day started today! :) I was wide-eyed and bushy tailed when my alarm went off at 5am, looked out…

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My Must-Have Kitchen Item


It’s been gray, foggy and drizzly for three days now. I don’t know how much more I can take! Luckily, things are much more cheery inside. :) Probably because there’s dried apricots involved. After work, I savored a handful and put the bag away before I had apricot-gate 2.0 on…

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