Do You Know What Today Is?


Well, do ya’? :) First of all, praise Heaven, this is the last day I will be hand washing dishes. The part to fix our dishwasher came in the mail! Albeit, with the wrong colored handle, but Ben is going to try and swap just the handle part with the…

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Tofu: Not as Scary as You Think


Hello! Thanks for being so supportive about the NYC trip! I promise, I shall reveal (and show) all when the time is right. Eeek – I’m so excited/nervous! More nervous, actually… Anyways, it won’t be too long. Bear with me! :) So, I must tell you, it was so warm…

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Living the Fabulous Life


Is hard work!! But fabulous, nonetheless. ;) Let me start from the beginning! My hair and makeup call was at 9:00 on Tuesday morning, so I arrived a little bit early to get settled in, sip some coffee and eat a few pieces of fruit for breakfast before the madness…

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Amy’s Kitchen Giveaway!


Hello friends – it’s giveaway time again!!! Amy’s Kitchen is the nation’s leading natural frozen food brand. Their delicious and exciting vegetarian meals are made with only the finest ingredients, and you can taste it! I’ve never had a bad experience with any product I’ve tried, and have had everything from their…

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A Whirlwind Day!


Good morning from the Big Apple!   Yesterday was a whirlwind day that started with a VIP pick up in a Lincoln Town Car at the airport! I literally walked right off of the plane and into the car – too cool. :D We drove into the city and directly…

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