So Much MORE To Say


I’m just bursting with news this week! Lots to tell you, so let’s start from the top. :) 1. The 3-Day Workout Challenge has started off with a bang! I marched straight to the gym after work and completed this 60 Minute Mix-it-Up Cardio Routine. 10 minutes elliptical @ level…

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Missed That Train…


It appears I missed the milk replacement train a long time ago! Sounds like many of you prefer soy or almond milk to regular cow’s milk – which has piqued my interest in trying out some of the brands you all mentioned. We know that getting enough calcium is crucial…

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So Much To Say


I feel like I have so much to tell you! 1. I’m still cavity free! :D 2. Since I have been absolutely frozen to the bone at work lately, I bought a tiny little space heater to put at my feet. I was toasty warm all day today – bliss. 3….

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More Then You Wanted to Know


Hot dang – we got some snow up in here! Those pesky flakes started falling around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and didn’t stop until well after I went to bed last night! I woke up at 5am this morning to my neighbor’s snow blower. Errreeerrrrrrrrr. How’s that for an alarm clock?! ;) Thankfully, the snow…

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What’s Your “Thing”?


The Hawkeyes did it! Our boys pulled off a 24-14 victory against Georgia Tech, in the coldest Orange Bowl in history! Seeing as how they’re coming from the frozen tundra that is Iowa, I’m positive the guys thought it was practically balmy out there. :) GO HAWKS – I can’t…

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