They Were Hanging from the Rafters


Hello! Ahh – my afternoon off has been super productive so far! I hit up the grocery store on my way home, to pick up a few items for the dishes I’m making for tomorrow, and it.was.chaos! Half the city must have waited until the last minute to do their…

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Bringing More Than My Appetite


TGIAT – thank goodness it’s almost Thanksgiving!!! I’m so excited – I can SMELL the baked yams! Do you say yam or sweet potato? In honor of the feasting that’s about to take place tomorrow, I tackled another morning workout today. Stats: 10 minutes elliptical @ 5.0 resistance 10 minutes…

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I’d Marry This Soup


Good evening! MY, my, MY – when it rains it pours! The sky has not shut since I left my house at 5:15am! I’m actually quite pleased that it’s so gloomy out, as it fits in perfectly with my plans for dinner – Italian Wedding Soup! I don’t know how…

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Wake Up, Sleepy Head!


I knew this day would come! I completed a terrific, morning workout routine today in a speedy, yet effective 35 minutes: 10 minutes elliptical @ resistance level 5 18 minutes treadmill @ 6.5 mph 2 minutes treadmill @ 7.5 mph 5 minutes elliptical @ resistance level 5 with an all…

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Because People Like to Say Salsaaah


Hey guys! Tonight, Iowa Boy Eats was in the kitchen! On the menu: Grilled Ham & Pineapple Salsa. The minute he told me what were were having, I thought of this classic Seinfeld clip…salsaaaahhhh! For a good laugh, play seconds :08-:11 a good four or five times. Hilarious!!    Ahh…love…

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