Wake Up, Sleepy Head!


I knew this day would come! I completed a terrific, morning workout routine today in a speedy, yet effective 35 minutes: 10 minutes elliptical @ resistance level 5 18 minutes treadmill @ 6.5 mph 2 minutes treadmill @ 7.5 mph 5 minutes elliptical @ resistance level 5 with an all…

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Because People Like to Say Salsaaah


Hey guys! Tonight, Iowa Boy Eats was in the kitchen! On the menu: Grilled Ham & Pineapple Salsa. The minute he told me what were were having, I thought of this classic Seinfeld clip…salsaaaahhhh! For a good laugh, play seconds :08-:11 a good four or five times. Hilarious!!    Ahh…love…

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Shopped ’til We Dropped


Good morning, happy Monday and welcome back! Mother-daughter weekend in Minneapolis was so.much.fun!! I picked my Mom up at 6:30am on Saturday morning (we’re serious about our shopping,) and set off in the cold, dark, misty fog. So foggy that ice even formed on my car’s side mirrors! It was…

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Road Trip: Shopping Edition!


Edward!!!! o…m…g. Ben stopped watching Twilight with me last night because I was grinning and swooning like a lovesick teenager the entire time! I LOVED the movie! Sure, as some of you mentioned, the special effects were a little low budget and there were a few corny parts in the…

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5 Minute, 5 Ingredient Dinner!


I’m so happy to report that I crushed my to-do list this afternoon – I even added a couple things on! Get new tires Bank Deep clean kitchen Deep clean bathroom Laundry Answer emails (only got a few answered) Work on blog (got too busy reading other blogs!) Start sorting…

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