Denver Vacation Day 3, Part 2: Into the Mountains


After receiving the news that weather would cut our Denver vacation a day short – we strategized. What, we thought, did we HAVE to see in our short time left in Colorado? We had done the city, we had done the breweries – we needed more uniquely Colorado VIEWS! Stuff…

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Denver Vacation Day 3: Views & Brews


Ben and I couldn’t have been more excited to get Day 3 of our Denver vacation started (me because it started with another Starbys) but also because we were headed to beautiful, unique Fort Collins, Colorado! Fort Collins, located 57 miles north of Denver, was founded as a military outpost…

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Denver Vacation Day 2: Snoozefest!


I’m back – literally – at home in Iowa! Our Denver vacation was cut a day short because of some nasty storms snaking through eastern Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa, that could have potentially kept us in Colorado for Christmas! :( I will say I was incredibly bummed, but after getting…

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Denver Vacation Day 1: Tap the Rockies!


Greetings from Denver! It is absolutely gorgeous out here and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. It’s been clear blue skies for two days, and the high yesterday was 57 degrees. Take that, freezing cold tundra that is Iowa! ;) We arrived via plane Saturday morning and were absolutely…

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Goodbye, Dolly + FSTG Giveaway Winners!


Sad news on the nostalgic doll front. I’ve just learned that Kirsten, my favorite American Girl doll, has been “retired”. :( I think the sub-head on this article pretty much says it all: “Parents and young adults left upset, while kids move on to newer dolls.” It’s so true –…

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