$1,000,000 Cookie Recipe


You’ve heard the expression “tastes like a million bucks,” right? Well the cookies I made last night not only taste like a million bucks…they’re also worth a million bucks! I’ll never forget the first time I bit into a Double-Delight Peanut Butter Cookie. I was at my parent’s house last…

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French Dip a la Crock Pot


The crock pot strikes again! Tonight it greeted me with French Dip Sandwiches – wheee! Ok, it was an 80/20 effort – crock pot/me. :) Last night I trimmed all the fat off of a 2lb chuck roast and cut it into big hunks. This morning I added it to…

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Do You Snooze?


I slept in today! (ahhh – angels singing!) My alarm went off at 5:05 to get up for my morning Mom walk, but I just…couldn’t. You know the feeling! So I texted “skip” to my Mom and hit the snooze button. Forty-five glorious minutes later, I woke up feeling so…

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Strange Encounters of the Gas Station Kind


Evenin’ friends! Cold, shmold – this afternoon was gorgeous! I got out during lunchtime and took a stroll around the nearby sculpture garden that opened up a couple months ago. It was just as nice out today, November 11th, as it was the last time I went at the end of September…wild!…

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7 Facts About IGE


Morning! Ok…it’s cold now. 8O All that bragging I’ve done the past couple days has finally caught up with me! I think this clearly calls for a Starbucks run. For me, cold = Starbucks. No-foam Skinny Vanilla Latte, here I come! First, breakfast – a Fruit & Yogurt Parfait!  …

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