There Wasn’t a Seal!


Yo, ho ho! I’m in a terrific mode on this Monday morning. How about you? I woke up and went on a 52 degree Mom walk – brrrrrrr – and then ran another 1.5 mile loop after we parted ways. This is the loop that has all the hills, so…

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Zucchini Bread


Hola! Lunch over at the ‘rents’ house was fab! We had Mignon Burgers, Pasta Salad and Grilled Peaches. Said pasta salad included: “wacky pasta,” fresh tomatoes, black olives and green onions dressed simply in some Italian dressing. Burger toppings which included the reddest, freshest, beef steak tomatoes from my Mom’s…

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If I Were 17 Again


Hey BB (blog buddies!) My Saturday night looked like this: No wait, it gets better…I was at my parent’s house too. YEAH, rockin’ Saturday night for IGE! In all honesty, it was great – 17 Again may be my new favorite movie. I feel like if I was 17 again,…

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Let the Good Times Roll


It was so cold this morning I had to wear socks! First pair to touch my toes since Spring… My sock footed self had some delectable zucchini bread for breakfast. (Recipe coming soon!) I was going to have “just a corner” but you know how “just a corner” usually turns…

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The Good, The Bad & The Zucchini Bread


The good: 1. I got off of work at noon today! I had a “free” Friday at work that I had to use before the end of August, so I randomly decided to use it today! 2. I came home to find a package in my mailbox: It was a…

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