A Great Harvest


Good morning everyone! I feel SO much better today – I went to bed at 9:00 last night (yes, that G in IGE occasionally stands for Grandma) and awoke feeling like a million bucks. Thanks for your well wishes! Story! Yesterday afternoon during lunch, Ben and I paid a visit…

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Finding an Un-Known Funny Bone


Hi friends :) I had to leave work a little early today because I was feeling slightly ill :( What’s happening? I literally go years without getting sick, and then I get struck down 2 times in one month? I’m hoping an early bed time and a good night’s sleep…

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How Are Your Choices Affecting Your Goals?


Good morning everyone! Can you believe it’s already Wednesday?! Where does the time go, I ask you!? :) After a small hiatus…Green Monsters are back! Today’s isn’t just any green monster though, this is a green monster with Pumpkin! As soon as she spotted an open pumpkin can on the…

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My Fairy Tale Life


Hola friends! I am tuckered out! I didn’t feel like running after work today so I came home and let Jillian beat me up a little…aka, I shredded! 20 minutes at Level 1 and my arms were shaking, my breathing was labored and I was a schhhhweaty lady. Ben laid…

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Attack of the Abominable Speed Walker


Isn’t personal taste funny? I loved hearing what you guys “won’t even eat roasted” last night. Do you think taste is nature or nurture? I think it’s a little of both. I happen to hate cooked carrots because I was forced to finish my pot roast dinners when I was…

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