The Most Beautiful Thing in the World…


I’m an Auntie!! I left work at 3:00 yesterday afternoon when I got the call that “it was time” and by 3:52 I had a beautiful, sweet-as-pie NEPHEW! Finnegan William They always say you love your baby the instant you see it’s face. Can it be the same for an…

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Three Question Thursday + Poll!


Hey, hey, hey – good morning! Today I have an all day meeting – we’re talking sitting from 9:30-3:30 with no meaningful movement – wretch! Therefore, last night I made the commitment to getting up early this morning and running. Unfortunately when my alarm went off today, that commitment went…

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese Done Right…and Light!


Ohhh my gosh you guys, I just had the BEST dinner! I was zipping around the ‘net today and stumbled on an amazing recipe for macaroni and cheese…with bacon…and it’s healthy…it’s Cooking Light’s Bacon Mac! This recipe is way healthier than your standard Mac ‘n’ Cheese because it uses the…

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5 Pieces of Advice from Obama’s Health Gurus


Good morning all! I feel like I just had a feast! I busted out a big plate (I usually use small plates) and had Almond Butter & Jelly Toast, Scrambled Eggs & a Sliced Peach. That’s two slices of whole wheat bread, slathered in Sugar-Free Raspberry Jam & Almond Butter….

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Use It…or Lose It!


Do you ever find yourself with an impending workout staring squarely into your eyes and your head is saying “no, no, no!” while your body is saying “yes, yes, yes!”? That was me. This afternoon. It was 4:30, I was exhausted from staying up late last night, it was hot…

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