Fantastic Fall Dinner


So – I have literally just died and gone to culinary Heaven. Dinner tonight was off.the.charts. and I have AngieinAtlanta to thank! Last week I saw her recipe for Apple & Turkey Sausage in Acorn Squash and knew I had to have it as soon as possible. Based on Angie’s…

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Just Walk Away


All hail the Homemade Burrito Bowl! I feel so much better – a remarkable difference from yesterday morning. I’m still having some breathing issues, but physically I feel a lot better! Seeing as how I didn’t move much at all yesterday, I didn’t really have an appetite this morning. So…

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Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowl


Thanks for all your well wishes today! I laid on the couch, napped, worked and in general – was a complete LOAF. I’m ready to get better simply so I don’t have to sit around all day! Call me crazy, but I couldn’t think of anything that sounded better for…

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No Rest for the Weary


Hi friends :) Kind of feeling like I got ran over by a truck this morning, so I stayed home from work. I don’t know what’s up, as I never – NEVER – get sick! :( I made a Green Monster (yay, it’s back) to help rejuvenate myself – hopefully it…

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Feeling a Little Like This…


Oooo, it’s been a rough day my friends, a rough day indeed. I’m feeling better now, but after a trip to the doctor, more work than I could do in a year and some rotten asparagus, I’m feeling a wee bit like this: It could be worse though…it really could….

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