Summer Inspired Dinner Day 4: Summer Classics


Ooooo contender for best Summer Inspired Dinner Series dinner yet!!! Read on… :) So tonight’s dinner got moved indoors because once again it’s raining…AND it’s cold! I’ve been saying the past couple of weeks that I’m getting quasi excited for Fall to get here, but when I actually got a…

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Three Question Thursday & Final Running Tip!


Hey hey, whaddya say? Will you guys do me a favor? If you’re subscribed to my RSS Feed – will you make sure you’re subscribed to That should be the last piece of the blog move puzzle – after that, we should be allll good :) So my morning…

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Summer Dinner Series Day 3: All American Cookout


Hi everyone! Today has been rainy, cool and cloudy – all I’ve wanted to do is curl up with a blanket, some warm soup and stare out at the grey clouds…but alas, I had to work. You too? Bah… :) Despite the rather un-summery weather, I stuck to the plan…

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The Light at the End of the Jar


Well – as you know, I’ve been stressing about my decreasing almond butter supply lately. Each time my knife goes into the jar and comes out with less and less almond butter is a little pin prick to my heart. There is, however, one ray of light at the end…

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Summer Dinner Series Day 2: King of the Grill


Hey everyone! How was your day? I was finally able to breathe and catch up at work – which was so nice. I also managed to make it out for a quick 20 minute walk and got a preview of what was to come during my run this evening…humidity levels…

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