Eating in the Killer Zone



I took a short hiatus from the blog yesterday, because well, I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot! It was one of those cold, winter days where all you want to do is hunker down with a big blanket, and watch the Discovery Channel. It’s true – I heart the discovery channel.

After watching yesterday’s programming, I now know how our planet was formed (by billions of meteorites sticking together over billions of years,) how water came to earth (drop by drop from water inside meteorites,) and how life formed (from amino acids within meteorites.) Knowledge is power!

I took a brief break from being a giant nerd relaxing to go pick up some killer sandwiches from B&B Deli for lunch!


This place is a no nonsense, old school Italian deli and meat counter.



They’re famous for their “Killer” sandwiches and I get Zach’s Killer every time I go. It’s got all the salted and cured meats on it – aka hypertension in a French roll. I don’t eat this stuff everyday, obviously, so I go all out when I’m here!


You order at the meat counter/deli…


And eat in the “Killer Zone.”


See, no frills! Places like this don’t need it when their food is as fresh and delicious as it is. :)


My sandwich did NOT disappoint!!!!


I savored each salty, spicy, savory bite. This sandwich is KILLER!!!!


This morning I got up, and decided not to be such an oaf. Grocery shopping and light housework is already done, and Ben and I are off to have brunch with my family.

Be back later this afternoon, friends!


What’s your favorite “hometown” non-chain restraurant to eat at? What makes it special?

Flip it Good


Howdy! This day has stretched on foreeeever (love that!) – I can’t believe it’s not even 4:00 yet! I got up at 8am and despite my best intentions to hit the gym…I watched shows on house flipping for 2 hours instead. :( FYI I used to want to flip houses….

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