Bob Said It Best


I ran outside today!!!!!!!!!!! It was me, the trail, the creek, the birds, the frogs, the sunshine and the cloudless sky – for 4.2 glorious miles! I even saw a cardinal – yes! You all must seriously think I’m bi-polar after this post… eek! :D

So I’ve narrowed down my Egg Casserole recipes down to two choices:

  1. Farmers Casserole: classic casserole of hash browns, eggs, milk and cheese. I think I’d beef this one up with some asparagus or broccoli and omit the ham, as my option is supposed to be meatless
  2. Spring Asparagus Strata: incorporates cubed bread with milk, eggs, cheese, asparagus and basil. I would of course omit the mushrooms in this recipe – as mushrooms are one of my arch nemeses!

If you were coming to the shower, which one would you rather be served?

On to dinner! Tonight is TT – Taco Tuesday…actually TTT – Turkey Taco Tuesday! I decided to make a couple of small adjustments to our tacos to make them a little more healthful.

  1. I used 99% extra lean, ground turkey breast. Don’t be fooled into getting just “ground turkey” – that can have just as much fat and calories as regular ground beef!
  2. I subbed shredded lettuce for taco shells and made taco salads!

And, call it “Semi Homemade with Kristin” because I get help from pre-made seasoning packets for my tacos. The mix I use has no weird ingredients – it has everything that I’d normally use if I made it from scratch, except it’s all pre-measured and ready for me to use. There’s even directions on the back of the packet. How nice.

Turkey Tacos

The base:

  • Shredded lettuce
  • Ground turkey breast (my spoon says hello :) )


Our topping lineup:

  • Fresh cherry tomatoes
  • Green onions
  • Salsa
  • Black beans
  • Cheddar Cheese


Everybody in the pool:





Oh, how I love taco salads. Spicy, filling, satisfying and a meal you can feel good about eating. Even if you choose to use ground beef, you’re still getting tons of veggies in by eating your tacos via a bed of lettuce and all the fresh and fabulous toppings. So easy too. Taco Tuesday was definitely a success!

Well friends, it’s seriously miraculous what a little sunshine and exercise can do for a person. I was actually in a pretty crummy mood when I left work today, and now…I’m feeling alllllllright. With that, I’ll leave you with this…


Happy Tuesday everyone!

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