Ice, Ice, Baby


I’m happy to report that I fought Murphy’s Law – and I won! :D


After a debacle filled morning that could only go uphill – it did! A Starbucks latte was enjoyed, a two mile walk on the treadmill was had, and since everyone stayed at home today due to the ice, my commute home was a breeze. Booyah. 8) 

It basically poured all morning and the rain has now solidified itself into a good, quarter-inch thick ice shield, literally covering everything.



It actually looks really cool!


All the trees are glimmering white, and it feels as if time has frozen. I’ll tell you what wasn’t frozen though – me. It least not to the ground, as I slipped about a million times trying to get the mail! My driveway is a skating rink! 8O


During lunch I hopped down to the gym and walked 2 miles on the treadmill while finishing A Thousand Splendid Suns. I liked the book so much that I read all but 40 pages the first day I bought it, and finished her up on the treadmill lickity split. :)


Final verdict: it was sort of the “female” version of The Kite Runner, in that it told the story of a relationship between two women, whereas Kite Runner was about the relationship between two men. Amazing attention to detail, sad, enlightening, makes you appreciate what you have, and overall, a very compelling read. I highly recommend it!

In keeping with the frozen theme of the day, tonight I reached into my freezer, whipped out the last of my frozen homemade butternut squash ravioli, and whipped up a couple plates for dinner!


Saute the frozen ravioli in some peanut oil until golden brown on the bottoms. Splash in enough water to come halfway up the ravioli, pop on the lid and let them steam for ~2 minutes. Give them another minute without the lid to crisp back up, and plate!


Drizzle with a light, yet flavorful, sauce made with a tad bit of butter, a splash of chicken broth, some garlic powder, S&P, a pinch (we’re talking pinch) of cinnamon and some nutty pecan pieces.



Absolutely incredible!


Even Ben, who hates nuts, squash and cinnamon – LOVES these ravioli. It’s something about the sweet squash, savory sauce and squishy wonton wrappers that all just works.


I’ve made this with and without bacon – and I have to say – although it’s a treat, I don’t miss the bacon!


I’m semi wrecked over the fact that all my raviolis are now gone! Having these babies in the freezer is unbelievably convenient – dinner is literally ready in 10 minutes! Looks like another ravioli making sesh might be in order. :D 


I’m baking cookies tonight! Going to try and keep quality control taste testing down to a minimum by chewing some gum. Works every time! ;)


What’s your favorite thing in your freezer right now?

I’ve got another Amy’s frozen entree that I can’t wait to dig into!

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