The Most Important Meal of the Day



It was another beautiful, albeit humid, morning for a quick run, so I whipped out a speedy mile and half after my morning Mom walk.

I wasn’t really feeling it, as my Mom and I rounded the final corner of our walk, but I thought to myself, ‘eh, it’s roughly 13 minutes of my life. I think I can spare it!’ Glad I did too, because when I run short distances, my body bypasses conservation mode and lets me run much faster than I usually do. I think I was home in 12 minutes and some change!

I recharged with another well rounded breakfast. :D


A potatssium-packed banana, which helps prevent muscle fatigue.


A High Protein Post-Workout Glo Bar, rich in muscle repairing hemp & chia seeds.


Ok, this morning’s workout wasn’t the most strenuous or hardest one I’ve ever done, but this is my last Glo Bar ( :( ) and I thought it seemed fitting to have it!


Finally, some healthy fat & MORE protein in the form of a Barney Butter packet!


I’m taking this all on the go, to eat at work, but I forsee this Barney Butter making it’s way onto both the banana AND the protein bar…if it’s lucky enough to bypass going straight into my mouth. ;)


I think the Glo Bar sums up this breakfast – Renewing!


I’ve got salad #2 of my chop once, eat twice efforts on Sunday. A massive Kitchen Sink Salad!


In the mix:

  • Mixed greens
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Roma tomato
  • Green onion
  • Peppered, baked ham
  • Mozzarella cheese


Yum, right?! Sorry, but I love ham. It’s my favorite deli meat, I think. It’s just SO flavorful! Do you eat a lot of deli meat?


Rounded out by a Pink Lady Apple.


Yeesh, my lunches are so predictable! I just find that these big, mixed salads + hand fruit combos keep me going all day! Do you find yourself eating a lot of the same things everyday?


With that, I must skiddadle. I am running late and have an insane day ahead of me. Here’s hoping I come out alive on the other side – ahhh! ;)

Have a great day!


Do you eat breakfast everyday? Is it usually something to quickly grab and go with, or do you sit down and eat?

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