My New Favorite Food!


Fun Fact: Every time I hear the theme song to the NBC Nightly News, I think of my Mom cooking dinner at home. Growing up, I remember getting so annoyed when 5:30pm rolled around, and I had to turn off whatever I was watching (probably Daria) so she could watch…

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A New Addition to the Bucket List


Good morning! Happy Monday and welcome to the start of a beautiful week! I am in a fantastic mood. My Mom and I walked in the cool, humidity-free, 70 degree morning air and witnessed the most beautiful, pink and orange sunrise. Then, Ben text messaged me a picture of a…

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Creating My Own Blue Bunny Ice Cream Flavor + Free Ice Cream Giveaway!


Good morning! 8) Some early bird thunderstorms rained out my morning Mom walk (again!) but they’ve since cleared up, and it’s actually shaping up to be a real dazzler of a day! I got it started with a nice breakfast, that I even tweeted my excitement about last night. Let’s see, what do…

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A Velvety-Smooth Breakfast Combo!


Good morning! After a warm and sticky Mom walk this morning, I dug into a brand new breakfast – Raspberry Banana Oatgurt!   WHATgurt? Oatgurt! Oatmeal + Greek yogurt! I first spied this concoction on Holly’s blog, and was confused. "Wait a second," I said to myself, "hot oatmeal and…

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Special Delivery!


Gooood morning! I had a work shindig after…work…last night, then had to finish up an extra curricular writing project, so guess who offered to bring me a succulent, summer feast, so I wouldn’t have to cook dinner? My Mom! Just another perk of living close to your parents. ;)   Included…

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